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Over the years, MBA has become a widely sought-out degree because of the immense opportunities it unlocks. But why do students prefer to study an MBA abroad? Apart from the fact that some of the best business schools are spread across the world, studying abroad is a way to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to achieve more. 21st-century globalization has gotten all of us together and made the world an interdependent place. However, no country works the same way as another. And do you know what’s better than studying in one country? It’s studying in two!

Choosing a multi-country MBA program is a surefire way to double both your global network and the number of opportunities available to you because it allows you to become well-versed with the business dynamics of multiple locations. Although international business is one of the most common MBA specializations that encourages a dual-country education, there are other programs like finance and accounting that benefit from knowing about multiple economies. Here’s some info on five multi-country MBA programs and the B-schools that offer them.

  1. London Business School

    According to the QS MBA World Rankings (2019), the London Business School stands at 4th place. It is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world and students who graduate from there earn upwards of $120,000 on average.

    One of the advantages of studying in LBS is its customizable MBA program. Students are allowed to tailor the degree to their career requirements, interests and time frame. The Global Business Experience (GBE) is a transformational program that allows students to practically apply what they’ve learned to real organizations in developed and developing nations around the world.

    For a more enhanced international business experience, the exchange programs at LBS are a suitable opportunity. About 30% of LBS students spend a semester abroad at 1 of 30 partner schools, giving them a chance to develop their world-business perspectives and be part of a new culture. Students take up to 4 electives and join social events that majorly focus on global networking.

    Some renowned partner institutions are:

    • Indian School of Business, India
    • National University of Singapore, Singapore
    • IE Business School, Spain
    • SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy
  2. SP Jain School of Global Management

    SP Jain School of Global Management is one of Australia’s premier B-schools with campuses in the business capitals of Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore. It is the first institute to offer tri-city undergraduate and postgraduate management programs and known for having one of the best Global MBA programs in the world.

    The Master of Global Business program offers a multi-city learning experience to help students develop a cross-cultural understanding. This 16-month program trains students to adapt to different business environments and markets. Four months of this program are put aside for an internship, where students get a chance to work in the world’s top companies.

    The MGB program has two learning options:

    Students can choose to study for four months each at all three campuses in Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney, or they can start their first term in Mumbai and transfer to the other campuses for the two remaining terms (4 months each).

  3. HEC Paris

    HEC Paris has consistently been in the list of top 10 B-schools in the world. It has a first-class reputation for its curriculum and offers a top-tier learning experience to everybody who studies there. HEC greets over 300 exchange students every year to participate in a wide range of programs and courses.

    HEC Paris also has a great global network with over 114 partner institutions, with more than 30 of these being premier B-schools. International Exchanges happen throughout the year and are extremely selective, around 45 students are chosen each year.

    Some of the partners are:

    • London Business School (LBS)
    • IE Business School (IE)
    • Yale School of Management
    • University of New South Wales
  4. INSEAD-Wharton Alliance

    Two of the best business institutes in the world, Wharton and INSEAD have an integrated exchange program that provides students with unparalleled knowledge. This program is an opportunity for both Wharton and INSEAD MBA students to study for one semester at the other school.

    Both schools have multiple campuses, INSEAD (France, Singapore) and Wharton (Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Beijing), and this gives students a chance to study in their chosen destination, be it Europe, Asia, or America. The credits are transferable across the schools and students are allowed to completely access the career management services at both universities, thereby enhancing the global opportunities available to them and letting them choose the country they intend to work in.

    The INSEAD-Wharton alliance was formed in 2001 and has seen nearly 2000 students participate in it. However, it is an opportunity that comes with a lot of competition and students usually apply for multiple semesters before they finally get to go.

  5. Regenesys Business School

    The International Leadership MBA is a two-year program delivered by two Regenesys B-school campuses. The aim of this program is to provide students with international exposure and introduce them to multiple cultures and economies. As part of this program, students are supposed to complete a postgraduate diploma in business management (PDBM) offered by Regenesys, South Africa. Following this, in the second-year students can choose to pursue an MBA from Regenesys, India.

    The advantages of this program are that students receive two certifications (PGBM and MBA) and two internships to go with them. Regenesys also has a spotless 100% placement record with a money-back guarantee.

    Apart from free accommodation and free airfare, Regenesys offers its students the option to pick up additional specialization courses such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning or graphic designing to add a little extra value to their education and make them more desirable in today’s job market.

Education is not just about knowledge and business schools aren’t just about courses. The point of going to an elite school with students just as capable as you are is to develop skills that put you ahead of the curve. A multi-country business degree helps you develop more than just those skills, it adds value to you professionally and personally.

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