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February 2, 2016


Data Science

– What is it? Data science is about finding revelations in the historical electronic debris of society. Through mathematical, statistical, computational, and visualization, we seek not only to make sense of, but also provide meaningful action through, the zero and ones that constitute the exponentially growing data produced through our electronic DNA. While data science alone is significant capability, its overall valuation is exponentially increased when coupled with its cousin, Data Analytics, and integrated into an end-to-end enterprise value chain.

– Who can apply? Students with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Math, Statistics or Natural Sciences or related field can apply for this program . Prior quantitative coursework (calculus, linear algebra, etc.) and prior introductory to computer programming coursework is highly recommended.

– What are the job opportunities? Data scientists work in every industry – from the Defence Department to Internet start-ups to financial institutions – and tackle big data projects on every level. Some of the Industry employing data scientists are Pharmaceuticals ,Computer Software ,IT and Services , Biotechnology.

– Check out some programs: University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Columbia University, New York University

Application Deadlines

MS in Computer Science

15th Mar – University of Pennsylvania, Brown University

MS in Electrical Engineering

1st Mar – Texas A&M University— College Station, Ohio State University

MS in Mechanical Engineering

15th Feb – New York University
1st Mar – North Carolina State University, University of Pittsburgh



Holistic File Review: Getting the Greatest Value out of Test Scores

Lately, many graduate (and undergraduate) schools have been adopting “test-optional” policies in an effort to increase the diversity of their applicant and registered student pools, arguing that standardized tests are poor predictors of academic success and biased read more…


Potential Impact of the Trump presidency on US-bound students


The US Presidential Election might come just once in four years but, whenever there is a change of President, the entire world takes notice. The latest election, with its aggressive rhetoric and bitterly contested issues, has led to much discussion and concern worldwide. read more…

Tips (Sentence Completion)

Often Sentence Completion questions have complex names such as Yves, Du Bois, etc. Trying to read these names can be quite distracting. Read all the names as Ram or John or any other name that is simple. The time and effort that you will save will help you focus more on the question. Remember, in sentence completion questions, names of people or places don’t matter.

Top Scorer

Malvika Singh
GRE Score – 326

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