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Congratulations on getting accepted! In this journey you have crossed many hurdles, from getting a good test score, cracking the language proficiency test, getting accepted by the university and the nerve wrecking visa interview.

Now, what’s next? It’s time for the departure. As exciting as it sounds, can be daunting as well. Are you wondering about how to get study loans? Currency exchange? Managing finances? How to prepare for hassle-free transition & smooth living abroad? Finding a safe accommodation? To stay connected with your loved ones, what do you need?

We have got answers to all these questions and many more. Here, we have a checklist of activities that you must accomplish before moving abroad, and how Jamboree can help you with it.

Let’s start with study abroad 101: The Pre- Departure Plan & Checklist.


1. Apply for a student loan
2. Find an accommodation
3. Prepare a travel plan
4. Open a Bank account
5. Use FOREX for day-to-day expenses
6. Get covered by a student insurance plan
7. Stay connected – Get a local number pre-departure
8. Pre-departure Checklist

Most of the students are first-time overseas travellers; therefore, anxiousness is quite obvious. Even those who have previously travelled abroad, find it difficult to prepare for 2-4 years of living in a foreign country. To make things smoother, Jamboree provides full support and guidance to the students travelling abroad as a part of our value added services.  So, what are the things you need to do before you depart?

Study abroad pre-departure checklist Infographics

Apply for a Student loan

Thanks to the easy and flexible study abroad education loans, now getting quality education abroad is accessible to all. Jamboree supports your ambition by helping you secure study loans through education loan partners. We offer on-time, low-interest loans with easy payback options. Jamboree’s education loan partners like HDFC Credila, Avanse Financial Services, Prodigy Finance, Auxilo Finserv, MPower Financing, Nomad Credit and more are there to help you with financing solutions.

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Find an accommodation

The next step, as soon as you get accepted by the University, is deciding the accommodation. This could prove to be a tedious process, as factors like safety, security and affordability need to be ensured as per the needs of the student. Jamboree has partnered with several international accommodation providers like Casita, University Living, UniAcco, GoBritanya, and to make this process easy and safe for the students.

Prepare a travel plan – Ticket booking

Cost of travelling tickets and extra luggage cover are the biggest obstacles faced by the students after securing admission in their dream college. Thus, an efficient travel advisor and ticket provider is a must, who can facilitate discounts on bookings, alternate flight options, provide extra luggage coverage, etc. This is where we come in picture! Jamboree, with its travel partners, Travel money – FCM and Remitx provide much-needed support and guidance to the students.

Open a Bank account

As an international student opening a bank account can be a multi-fold massive hassle. Thus, opening an account beforehand could facilitate smooth fee payments, rent payments and expense management. Jamboree has partnered with Aeldra, which offers open pre-departure zero-fee U.S. bank accounts, just using your Indian passport and HSBC, which provides complete international banking support.

Use FOREX for day-to-day expenses

Having a FOREX card can manage your day-to-day expenses, helping you track your expenses. Jamboree provides FOREX options from partners like EbixCAsh, REMITX, and Travel Money – FCM, which fulfill all foreign exchange needs and offer a wide range of services abroad.

Get covered by the student insurance plan

Most universities require students to have a compulsory insurance plan. It safeguards students during unforeseen events within or beyond the University campus and provides effective health insurance covers. Jamboree has partnered with insurance agencies like TrawellTag and Juno (formerly LeverEdge) to help students with options in insurance plans.

Stay connected – Get a local number pre-departure

Keeping constantly in touch with your friends and family while studying abroad is essential to fight home-sickness and fatigue.  Getting a local number beforehand is cost-effective and could prove vital for safe travel. Jamboree provides a budget-friendly plan through our partners like Bigkarts Corporation, which offers prepaid solutions in the USA, Canada & UK.

Pre Departure Checklist for Study Abroad

a) Pre departure orientation to do list

  • Make sure your passport is valid for additional six months after the end of the course. If not, you must apply to extend the validity
  • Provide the required pre-departure documents to the University – official transcripts, language proficiency test score, etc.
  • Decide upon accommodation – Make arrangements for your accommodation whether you choose to live on-campus, rented apartment or room, or family-stay
  • Apply for a student visa as soon as you get accepted, a minimum of 2 months before you are supposed to fly out to your study abroad destination
  • Book for Airport pick in advance if you have chosen to live on-campus
  • Take up a student mentor program. Student councils at various universities arrange these programs to guide students during enrolment and help adjust to a new environment
  • Prepare a budget plan. Monitor your spending
  • Make sure you activate your student account
  • Apply for a University Photo ID card
  • Find out about the orientation program or fresher week that takes place at your university and plan your departure accordingly

b) Things to do before you depart –

  • Buy currency. Keep at least $1000 in currency and the rest can be carried in a FOREX card for managing day-to-day expenses
  • Wire transfer the tuition fee to the university before departure
  • Pay an accommodation deposit
  • Shop for appropriate clothes, utensils, etc., which may not be easily available abroad
  • Prepare the documents needed for international student clearance at university

c) Documents you need to keep with you.

  • SEVIS fee receipt. (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System fee is the one-time fee, for students pursuing a full course in the US for each continuous, uninterrupted period of F-1 Visa or J-1 status
  • Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status)
  • Immunization documents (as applicable)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Forms
  • Scholarship or Aid documents (if any)
  • Original Transcripts – Attested mark sheets, degree certificate, project report, test scores and language test mark sheet
  • Xerox (at least 3 copies) of all relevant documents like mark sheet, visa, and scorecard etc.
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d) When you arrive at the University

  • Get international student clearance by the university
  • Attend academic induction sessions at your college
  • Attend international sessions during the orientation week
  • If you haven’t opened a bank account, open it with a local bank that has a branch on-campus
  • Register with the local police (if required)
  • Register with doctor/health center
  • Collect your ID card
  • Complete online registration on the student portal website

Relocating to a different country could be very challenging, but if well-planned, can keep you safe & secure abroad. A pre-departure plan will help you settle easily, and let you focus on studies rather than getting distracted by paperwork, locating accommodation or managing finances. Jamboree value-added services provided along with SAT, GRE or GMAT, prepare candidates for such hassle-free quality foreign education. Get in touch with our counselors to know about the several services that we offer to the students.

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