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Halfway from the east and the west of the world lies a tiny island nation – Singapore. Originally, about two centuries ago Singapore was a famous trading post for the East India Company and it enabled economic relations between both sides. Today, Singapore has come a long way from being just a mere economy connecting node. It has a self-sustaining and thriving economy, it’s ranked as the most open economy in the world and has one of the highest GDP globally. Singapore isn’t just an economic powerhouse; it is also an educational hotspot. With its world-class and quality education, Singapore has established itself as a popular study abroad destination. This diverse little country is a foreign student paradise with currently over 50,000 international students from around the world.

Why study in Singapore?

  1. Innovative economy – Singapore holds third place in the global competitiveness report by the WEF (2018) and is known to have a fabulous economy. Many companies have regional headquarters here, all thanks to Singapore’s business-friendly atmosphere and booming startup scene.
  2. Return on investment – Universities in Singapore offer a rounded education with both practical and theoretical aspects, making it a great study abroad location. This country is relatively more affordable than its partners in the west, with a comparatively lower cost of living for Indians. There are both expensive and inexpensive institutes, but the salaries after graduation make taking the leap worth it as students here usually breakeven before three years.
  3. Geographic Center – Singapore is at the center of the world, and education here has an eastern aspect along with a western viewpoint. Thus, allowing students to explore both global and Asian markets. Singapore is an entrance to South East Asia and an excellent choice for people looking to settle down there.
  4. Scholarships – Singapore is nicknamed the world’s greatest city, but it’s also the world most expensive city. However, tuition fees are relatively cheaper than in the west, and scholarships, fellowships and grants are plenty if you know where to look. Some of those available to bachelor’s students grant financial support in the form of tuition reduction, allowances, travel funding and living expenses like:
    1. ASEAN Foundation Research Scholarship
    2. United World Colleges (UWC) International Youth Scholarships
    3. The Singapore Scholarship of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore
  5. Quality of education – Singaporean government focuses on education innovation and its progressive education systems follow this vision. With universities in the global top 100 list, this country has outstanding programs that focus on innovation and technology teaching both, practicality and theoretical knowledge.
  6. Career prospects – Another reason that complements Singapore’s education system is the placement record. Universities in Singapore have strong industry connections and a global education network, employers actively seek out students that graduate from top schools here.
  7. Student life – Here comes the fun part. Singapore is a gem for foreign students, with its exotic cuisine, diverse people and strict safety policies. Although it is an expensive city, the cost is worth it for the quality of life you get. There are many tourist destinations in the city and it’s also a traveler’s paradise because of easy access to southeastern vacation spots. Students can also easily get a part time job that pays from $1000 to $2500 a month with added incentives.
  8. Culture – Singapore is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with a large number of them being international students alone. This island-nation has four official languages including Tamil and English. The locals here are extremely friendly especially to international folk, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.
  9. Now that we’ve got the ‘why’ out of the way let’s talk about the ‘where’ and ‘what’. Where can you do a bachelor’s degree? How much does it cost to study in Singapore? And what are the undergraduate programs offered?

Here are some of the best universities in Singapore for undergraduate studies, some of them even made it to the world’s top 100 list.

  1. Nanyang Technological University
  2. Nanyang is Singapore’s top technological university and has been #1 on the list of young universities in the QS world rankings since 2015. It offers many undergraduate programs in several fields such as science, management, computer science, IT, engineering, medicine, humanities and social studies.

    This research-intensive institute has 33,000 students across all schools and is one of the most diverse and global universities of Singapore with every 8 in 10 of its students going abroad at least once. It is also known for its beautiful university campus that is constructed sustainably. NTU offers students multiple types of programs like double degree programs, double major programs and undergraduate research programs. Some of the most popular courses at NTU are:

    Course Duration
    Material Science and Engineering 4 $13,000
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering 4 $13,000
    Bachelor of Business with Minor in International Trading 4 $13,000
    BFA in Art, Design and Media 4 $13,000
    Chemistry and Biological Chemistry 4 $13,000
    Aerospace Engineering 4 $13,000
    Civil Engineering 4 $13,000
    Medicine 5 $55,000
    Computer Science 4 $13,000
    Psychology 4 $13,000
    Communication Studies 4 $13,000

  3. National University of Singapore
  4. NUS is the oldest research university in all of Singapore and holds #1 in the country. So obviously the competition is fierce. This university is currently ranked 11th in the QS world university rankings 2019 and rightly so. It has the largest university campus on the island spanning over 490 acres. It’s so huge that they have their own bus network, multiple university housing systems and many academic buildings that are sleek and modernly designed. Another cool thing about NUSs campus is the University town. UTown is the hub of all student life, with study spots, round the clock activities, a gym, an infinity pool and countless food canteens, this is NUS’s exclusive campus club house. Apart from the amazing student life, NUS is also known for its academic rigor. Here are some numbers to prove it.

    – #7 in the world for engineering and technology subjects

    – #6 for civil engineering

    – Top 10 for social sciences and management programs

    The top courses at NUS are:

    Course Duration
    BBA 3 $15,000
    Civil Engineering 4 $13,000
    Electrical Engineering 4 $13,000
    Chemical Engineering 4 $13,000
    Computer Engineering 4 $13,000
    Law 4 $20,000
    BA Architecture 4 $14,000
    Global Studies 4 $13,000
    Social Science 4 $13,000
    Psychology 4 $13,000
    Communication Studies 4 $13,000

  5. Singapore Management University
  6. At the center of downtown Singapore, lies a big beautiful green campus with 10,000 students. SMU is Singapore’s third institute to make it to the global list of top universities. This university offers undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs across all 6 of its schools including schools of accountancy, business, economics, information systems, law, and social sciences. SMU has also been ranked the 8th best young university in the world and it is gaining a lot of popularity among young business aspirants.

    Course Duration
    Bachelor of Business Management 4 $18,000
    Bachelor of Accountancy 4 $18,000
    Bachelor of Science (Economics) 4 $18,000
    Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) 4 $18,000
    Bachelor of Laws 4 $20,000
    Bachelor of Social Science 4 $18,000

  7. Singapore University of Technology and Design
  8. With a design centered, multidisciplinary curriculum, SUTD recently topped the list of emerging engineering universities in the world. The university is relatively new, it was established in 2009 and is closely associated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The collaboration covers exchange programs, curriculum development, guest lectures and the construction of the International Design Center. The best programs that SUTD offers are innovation and design oriented like architecture and engineering.

    Course Duration Cost
    Bachelor of Engineering (Information Systems Technology and Design) 3.5 years $20,000
    Bachelor of Science (Architecture and Sustainable Design) 3.5 years $20,000
    Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering Product Development) 3.5 years $20,000
    Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering Systems and Design) 3.5 years $20,000

  9. Singapore Institute of Management
  10. SIM is a half-private and half-government institute with a number of its courses falling under government affiliation. The business degree here is one of the best in the country and many students come from around the world seeking it. SIM has tie-ups with many renowned institutes such as University of London, University of Birmingham, University at Buffalo and University of Manchester among others. It offers plenty of study abroad programs, making for a truly global education.

    The top programs offered here are:

    Course Duration
    Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics 3 $32,000
    Bachelor of Arts Communication 3 $46,000
    Bachelor of Arts Economics 3 $50,000
    Bachelor of Arts (International Trade) 3 $50,000
    Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) 3 $34,000
    Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) 3 $34,000
    Bachelor of Business (Marketing) 3 $34,000

These are but a handful of universities in Singapore, and there are a lot more institutes in the glamourous lion-city with unique programs meant for you. All you need are good SAT scores and application support to make it to your dream Singapore university. Get in touch with our career counseling experts today.

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