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How to Switch Fields After a Bachelor’s Degree

Did it take you some years of studying to figure out you didn’t like your major? Or did you find a subject which fascinated you so much that it’s become your dream job now? Whatever be the case, there are tons of people like you who aren’t sure about the field they’ve studied in, and are looking for a ticket to switch their career paths. In fact, most people don’t end up working in the exact field of their bachelor’s degree at all. Read more

Top 10 colleges worldwide offering Masters in Communication and Media Studies!

Can you imagine life without movies or music, or even just news? We are constantly in contact with the media and while the word ‘media’ usually sounds like news channels and journalism, it isn’t just that.

Media is YouTube’s one-pot recipes and 5-minute crafts. It is Netflix and Spotify that bring movies and music from all over the world, and it’s also the stock profiles you check every morning on CNBC. Media is Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, though these fall into a narrower category called social media. Read more

Flying to UK as an International Student in 2020? You’ll Need this Checklist!

Have you decided that you’ll be studying in UK? Are you just one step away from your dream college? Firstly, we admire you! While the whole world is looking for ‘safe’ options, you have decided to embrace this challenge and go ahead with your study abroad plans, this makes you a leader! And leaders are what the world needs! Read more

What is a Good GRE Score to Apply for a PhD in the USA?

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The land of liberty isn’t just about fried food and American football. The USA is consistently the most popular study abroad destination for students from all over the world. Wondering why? Take a look at any world university ranking list, the USA is sure to dominate it, and this is a direct reflection of the effort and investment the country puts into developing its education standards. With institutes that have a history spanning centuries, mixed with a modernized global culture, the USA is among the top in the world for technology, innovation and world-class programs! Read more

GMAT Score Below 680? Here’s a List of 15 Top B-Schools That You Can Get Into!

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The MBA is one of the most reputed degrees globally because it opens up opportunities in a ton of career paths while teaching you everything you need to know in today’s ever-evolving and dynamic world. Studying business develops you both as an individual and as a professional, it teaches you leadership, critical thinking and helps you build an analytical mindset. And these are exactly what we need to tackle the post-pandemic period. Read more

How Can Education Fairs Help You Make the Right Career Choice

Have you decided to study abroad? That’s great! But, which country did you pick? And what about the university? Are you flexible with the country or your course choice? To any student looking to study abroad, these questions can seem a little scary. It’s completely reasonable, after all, there are thousands of universities and courses available and you only get to pick one. If you’re curious about the best way to make this decision, we’re here to help. Read more

BTech. Programs in India that Accept SAT Scores

The SAT has been an age-long standard for undergraduate education abroad. But as the world approaches globalization, India doesn’t want to miss out. In recent years, many top-notch Indian universities in the fields of Engineering, Management and Liberal Arts have added an SAT component to their admission criteria. SAT score allows universities to assess a student’s potential and determine if they are a good fit for their institute. With three sections: Math, Reading and Writing & Language, the SAT performs a complete and accurate evaluation. For this reason, this standardized test is accepted in more than 4000 colleges across 84+ countries. So, writing the SAT now opens you up to a ton of options. Read more

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