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How to Ace the MBA Interview for Admissions 2020-21

So, have you aced the test that your dream MBA program needs as a pre-req? Be it GMAT, GRE, CAT or any other entrance exam, universities use it as a means to filter out the masses. However, the test score isn’t all they look at, it’s usually only the first round. And there are several things that come afterwards like application essays, recommendation letters, SOPs and finally, an interview. While all the other components act as stepping stones, the interview is the final deal because it is what seals your admission. So, how to ace the MBA interview? And, what are the questions asked in an MBA interview? This 5-minute read might be what makes or breaks your dream business school interview, so stay focused. Read more

Joining College Online in Fall 2020? 10 Important Tips for Freshmen

With over 21 million cases worldwide and deaths heading to hit the one million mark, coronavirus pandemic has taken the whole world by storm. But the silver lining in this storm is the evolution of the digital revolution. We’ve reached a new level, a level that makes this shift not a luxury, but a necessity. Read more

All about pursuing an Executive MBA program in India

Are you stuck at work with a job that has been limiting your potential and seems to be going nowhere? It’s about time you fix that. And the best thing you can do at this point to boost your career by pursuing an Executive MBA program.

So, what is an executive MBA program? Quite simply, it is an MBA designed for executives, such as yourself. This higher education program is intended specifically to train executives or people with significant work experience. It helps working professionals increase their knowledge base and improve their managerial skills for a higher paying, higher-level job. An executive MBA might just be what separates a manager from being a managing director. Read more

Study in Singapore: How to Apply for a Bachelors in Singapore

Halfway from the east and the west of the world lies a tiny island nation – Singapore. Originally, about two centuries ago Singapore was a famous trading post for the East India Company and it enabled economic relations between both sides. Today, Singapore has come a long way from being just a mere economy connecting node. It has a self-sustaining and thriving economy, it’s ranked as the most open economy in the world and has one of the highest GDP globally. Singapore isn’t just an economic powerhouse; it is also an educational hotspot. With its world-class and quality education, Singapore has established itself as a popular study abroad destination. This diverse little country is a foreign student paradise with currently over 50,000 international students from around the world. Read more

How to Pursue a Masters in Entrepreneurship in Europe

Entrepreneurship isn’t just a label, it’s a lifestyle. – Richard Branson

The definition has always been the same – the ability to set up a business with a motive for profit, and this dream of being an entrepreneur is extremely common. But there’s more to it than just that. Sure, a business has a ton of technicality to it like a business plan, finding employees, raising funds and building a brand. However, at the heart of entrepreneurship, there are only two abstract things – a problem and an idea to solve it. Entrepreneurs are the problem solvers and transformers of the world. What a normal person sees an inconvenience, an entrepreneur sees an opportunity to fix. Let’s take a look at two such revolutionary ideas. Read more

SAT Countdown Begins: What to do in Your Last Month of SAT Prep?

You’ve decided to pursue your undergraduate studies abroad. And have been preparing for the SAT for a while now. And you’re confident and quite thorough with the strategies and concepts examined on the test. But do you know what you should do differently in your last month of preparation to get ahead of the competition? Read more

What do Investment Bankers do and How to Become One?

About two centuries ago, the construction of railroads and heavy industries caused the American economy to grow faster than manageable. Commercial banks at the time could not keep up with the industrial revolution, and people sought to find a solution that could help maintain growth. Investment banks were born. Read more

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