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MBA in Germany: An Insight

As per QS world rankings (2019), Germany hosts some of the world-class, global B­ schools, ranked in top 100. These programs offer an international curriculum and opportunities to work on capstone projects. This has enabled Germany to carve a niche, in terms of offering the best education in the field of Business and Management studies/ MBA. Germany is the fifth most popular destination among study abroad aspirants because along with being offered lucrative jobs, applicants can also choose from a wide range of specializations such as Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, International Healthcare Management, and Technology Management. Therefore, given the benefits of pursuing an MBA in Germany, by 2020, the number of foreign students studying in Germany would be ~ 350,000. Read more

Why study in Germany?

Germany presently stands as the most significantly inhabited country in the European Union and is regarded as a rapidly increasing economy, carrying the merit of being one of the globe’s leading importer and exporter. Sectors such as telecommunications, healthcare, tourism, industry, and agriculture are the outlets of massive profit influx and are perennially on the lookout for a skilled workforce. Having deep-rooted ties in art and culture since antiquity, it has churned out legendary figures such as Ludwig van Beethoven and Immanuel Kant. More recently, Germany is famous for being the land of Gerhard Ertl, Bernard L. Feringa, Harald zur Hausen (Noble prize laureates), Peter Sloterdijk (Philosopher and cultural theorist), Ole Wittmann (popular Art Historian). Read more

How to Apply to Study in Germany for Free?

According to 2018 International Students in Germany Survey, 374,951 international students were accepted at German higher educational institutions for the winter semester for 2017-2018 academic year. Resultantly, this means that out of all the students studying in Germany, about 13% are international students, thus, occupying a sizeable amount in the student community. The country has only seen a progression in the number of students vying to reserve a spot at one of its universities and the number of international students increased by 4.5% as compared to 358,895 students for the winter semester 2016-2017. A significant chunk of these international students in Germany comes from a select range of countries, which includes China, India, Russia, Austria, Italy, France, Cameron, Ukraine, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Talking about Indian students, between 2016-2017, the Indian population witnessed the most prominent growth by 16% amongst all international students in Germany. Read more

Germany Student Visa Application – Document Required & Things to Keep in Mind

Do you dream of studying in one of the most advanced countries in the world? With its state of the art infrastructure, astounding architecture, high-standards of education and breathtaking engineering, Germany is one of the most preferred destinations for students all over the world and offers a good scope in career growth. Read more

Explore TU9 Universities in Germany

Germany has always been a top destination for technical education. This is because it is home to world-class universities offering cutting-edge programs and research opportunities to students from around the world. Check out 8 Reasons to Choose Germany for Your College Studies. Read more

Study in Germany : 8 Reasons to Choose Germany for Your College Studies

Universities, courses, cost of living, visa, jobs and more!

Germany is a name that is synonymous with innovation. Contact lens, airbags, X-rays, MP3, glue stick…Germany’s contribution to making our day to day life simpler goes on and on. In consonance with its zero-emission mobility vision by 2030, the country aims to become the lead market and provider for electric mobility. That’s good news for electrical, chemical, ICT and allied sectors and great news for prospective job seekers, many of whom are international students. Read more

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