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How valuable will a top foreign MBA be in 30 years?

Today, the undoubted pinnacle of achievement in the leadership or the business world is a top global MBA. Year after year, tens of thousands of the brightest minds in the world take the GMAT, score well on the GMAT, create an application, and wait to make it to the top 50 schools, worldwide. Read more

4 Reasons to Choose Jamboree Test Prep

1. 20+ years of training and admission experience. 2. Standardized classes : Our classes are standardized to the point that movement to another city (where Jamboree is present) will not hamper your course. 3. Study materials & Online testing platform 4. Support at 31 centres across India and abroad. Read more

Admissions Criteria for the best Business Schools

If you spend ten years collecting all the different rumours out there about what it takes to get into HBS, or Stanford GSB, or London Business School, you’ll end up with a million different recommendations. Of course, the actual set of key success factors for a Business School admit is much shorter. Here are 4 important points to keep in mind: Read more

What is a Good Score on the GMAT?

The GMAT score is complicated; there is no ?xed number out of 800 that will guarantee your admission to any Business school; and you need a good minimum score on the Analytical Writing. Assessment (AWA) as well. Here are some facts that will help you understand when someone says “it depends” when you ask them what a good GMAT score is. Read more

41 Jamboree Students Score 700+ on the GMAT Exam in August 2016

The GMAT need not be all that difficult. 

With the right methodology and techniques, a great GMAT score is all about commitment towards your prep. The GMAT test is a simulation of decisions made in a business environment, it incentives approximations and eliminations. Using these techniques, in addition to clever methods of checking, can cut down your silly errors by as much as 90%. Read more

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