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A Lesson in Commitment, From Columbia

Towards the end of his first semester at Columbia University, Gundeep Bindra got a mildly reproachful mail from his dean. It went,

Hey Gundeep, you’ve got a 2.7 in your semester and the minimum requirement to graduate is a 2.6. We are concerned about your studies. Is there anything that we as a department can do to help? Read more

Family biz or top MNC? Taking the middle path

For Mumbai University’s grad, Gauri Korday, joining the family business of manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations was a given from the start. It helped this young Mechanical Engineer develop a cross-functional skill set—handling shop floor production, helping technicians design new products, automating processes and managing the entire supply chain. Read more

Jamboree Reviews – GMAT Success Stories & Testimonials

                                                                                                        Garima Singh

I had an extremely positive experience with Jamboree. I enrolled in the online GMAT prep course and could score 730 with the correct guidance, practice questions and course material. The videos explaining the concepts were crisp and easy to understand. Later, I also used this centre’s help in drafting my essays and LoR for my target B schools. The response from my writer was swift and we could come with a compelling application in a short span of time which ultimately led me to crack my B-school admit. Thanks Jamboree for regularly following up with me throughout the application process and instilling confidence! Cheers 🙂 Read more