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Top 4 Universities of Ireland, their Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

Top universities, scholarships, living costs, jobs and much more!

While universities in the US have accepted fewer international students this year, European universities are making hay and are attracting bright students from all over the world. Correspondingly, we have registered a surge in the number of students inquiring about universities in UK, France, Germany and Ireland. Read more

Beat the GMAT with Smart Studying Strategies

We are all used to the same, old-fashioned ways of studying for our examinations. But, when you use out-dated techniques, you cannot get the desired output. Most students are stuck with the same methods and strategies, be it in graduate, post-secondary, or high school level studies. But, we are all aware of a talented few who can rise and shine, in spite of putting in half the amount of effort and time as you. Read more

Why GMAT Will Get You Better Opportunities

GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test offers candidates an opportunity to apply for admissions in the top business schools of the world for MBA (Masters of Business Administration) programs. This standardised computer-adaptive examination evaluates the level of written expression, critical reasoning, qualitative, and analytical skills of every candidate. These are the skills that are apt predictors of the success in management and business studies, along with roles like a business decision maker or a manager. Read more

Key Strategies That Can Help You Get the Perfect GMAT Score

If you are thinking of taking the GMAT, you will probably be wondering how you can get a high score on it. Is it possible to get a perfect score in GMAT, and how many students actually get to be those lucky ones? In this blog, we are going to discuss the ideal GMAT score and the strategies that can help you get the desired score. Read more

Tips to Prepare Well for The GMAT

Getting a good score in GMAT can be quite challenging. There are thousands of people who aspire to study in the most reputed business schools in the world. With so many students applying to take this examination, you cannot afford to be unprepared.

Many people also take the best GMAT preparation classes to get the upper hand. Planning is essential when you are planning to crack GMAT. With the help of this blog, you will be able to unlock the top tips that can help in maximising the standard of your preparation for GMAT. Read more

5 Tips to Write an Unbeatable College Application Essay

Like it or hate it, it is here to stay. We’re talking about the good old college application essay. If you’re eyeing an education abroad, you may have heard this a hundred times, if not more, that you need to make your application ‘stand out’. After all, the college application is your personal statement that helps the admissions committee understand why it should accept you. And so you must make certain that you put your best foot forward. Read more

Canada Calling! Study in Canada

What’s common between a BlackBerry and an egg carton?

They were both invented in Canada! A country where talent and ingenuity are respected and students from all over the world are welcome. Canada is fast turning into the country of choice for more and more Indians because of a superior standard of living and of course, the presence of one of the largest Indian diaspora anywhere in the world. Here are some reasons for studying and working in Canada: Read more

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