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What is a Good GMAT Score for MBA Admissions 2021?

The MBA is one of the most sought-out business degrees ever. It makes way for multiple career paths and at the same time teaches you almost everything that is required both professionally and personally. A business education is a way to develop a range of people skills, analytical skills and experience first-hand what it takes to be a manager-leader. And in this post-pandemic world, manager-leaders are extremely important. Read more

The Best Combined Masters and PhD Programs in UK

Home to many iconic universities that are centuries old, UK is an attractive destination for higher education. The island nation has many notable colleges offering combined masters and PhD programs that can be taken up right after a Bachelor’s degree. So, what is a combined degree? And why must you consider it? Read more

The A-Z of a Masters in Cybersecurity

We live in a digital universe. In this day and age of smartphones, smart-homes and even smart-cities, we know for sure that the volume of data created in the world is rising rapidly. Did you know? An IBM study estimates that people are already generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, that’s 2.5 Million terabytes in 24 hours! Consequently, with all this data out there in the world, there is an increased risk of cybercrimes too. And since businesses hold large amounts of data, they are especially at risk of these cyberattacks. Read more

F-1 Visa Update: New DHS and ICE Policy Rescinded

In what comes as a major relief to international students taking university classes online, Trump administration has reversed the July 6, 2020 rule which strong-armed universities to open and forced international students on F-1 visas to return to US, amid rising coronavirus cases. Read more

5 Multi-Country MBA Programs to Explore

Over the years, MBA has become a widely sought-out degree because of the immense opportunities it unlocks. But why do students prefer to study an MBA abroad? Apart from the fact that some of the best business schools are spread across the world, studying abroad is a way to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to achieve more. 21st-century globalization has gotten all of us together and made the world an interdependent place. However, no country works the same way as another. And do you know what’s better than studying in one country? It’s studying in two! Read more

Emerging Destinations for Pursuing MBA in 2020-21

The ongoing pandemic has hugely impacted both organizations and professionals, but the world is slowly moving towards restoring order and adjusting to the new normal. Although we are unsure of how much damage can be undone, what we do know is that there will be a major shift in how the world works and now’s the time to prepare for it. A recent GMAC corporate recruiters survey (2020) shows that there is a huge growing demand for three managerial skills: managing strategy and innovation (67% growth), managing technology and tools (60% growth) and finally, interpersonal skills (57% growth). It also suggests that people who upskill now are the ones who’ll be at the top 3 years from now. Read more

What is the US Government’s New Policy on International Students, and How Does it Affect Me?

The United States has long been an attractive international student destination. International students are a key source of funding for both private and state universities. At some universities, international students account for a third of the student body at the undergraduate level, while at the graduate level, they represent the majority of students. More than a million international students were issued visas to study in the United States in 2019. Read more

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