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What is a work placement year and how to get it?

A work placement year is usually spent gaining valuable work/industrial experience during your term at the university. It may be a compulsory element of your curriculum and you could be required to complete it in the middle of your second and final year at university during a sandwich course. You may be assessed and get credit for the year in the industry too. Read more

An insight into a student’s life in Canada

Currently, the international student population in Canada stands at half a million. The rising popularity of Canada as a study abroad option for advanced education can be credited to various factors like a quality but affordable tuition, cities which are deemed safe, an option to work both during as well as after the study period and lastly the pathway to permanent Canadian residency make this country a favourite among international students. Having decided upon Canada, there are few decisions to be made regarding the accommodation, cost of living and working during the study period. Read more

When to start preparing for GRE, TOEFL or IELTS?

Competitive exams such as the GRE, TOEFL or the IELTS demand that you follow a systematic routine in order to excel and achieve your target score. The time required to prepare, your college deadlines and efficacy levels in different topic areas are key determiners of your preparation start date. With such exams, it is always better to work backwards, which would give you a perfect schedule to follow. Read more

Jamboree’s Study Abroad Loan Guide

Study in US, Canada, EU, Australia, NZ hassle-free with education loan

Not very long ago, studying abroad was an option only to the privileged few. However, with an increasing number of loans, scholarships and bursaries (grants) available, a large section of the so-called middle class can also now aspire to spread their wings. They can pursue degrees at prestigious institutes like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, Yale and other universities across the world without worrying about how to fund their education. Read more

IELTS Listening: Top Methods to Improve Your Score

“Are you a good listener?” Most of you will definitely say a ready ‘yes’ to that question, but sit back and think whether you are ready enough for the IELTS Listening Module. The IELTS Listening section is rather demanding if you are not used to the way native English speakers communicate, and it, therefore, becomes essential for you to work hard on your listening skills. With consistent effort, listening becomes a rather easy task, and there are specific ways in which you can improve this skill set; after all, since our childhood, we have been advised to ‘listen carefully’. Read more

IELTS Writing : How to Improve Your Skills

Writing is an art, and when you have to adapt what you write depending upon the scenario, writing becomes a science; and IELTS Writing is one such science. One must be aware of the nuances and what the exam demands from you. IELTS preparation requires that a student be clear, concise, and grammatically correct and that he or she avoid spelling mistakes. Let us take a look at a few pointers that will help you practice, and therefore, enhance your score. Read more

Germany Student Visa Application – Document Required & Things to Keep in Mind

Do you dream of studying in one of the most advanced countries in the world? With its state of the art infrastructure, astounding architecture, high-standards of education and breathtaking engineering, Germany is one of the most preferred destinations for students all over the world and offers a good scope in career growth. Read more

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