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What’s the Return-On-Investment of an International MBA?

Going abroad is expensive, but does the long term return justify it?

Although money isn’t everything, it surely is a major factor for your career choices. You could choose to do a MBA program for a number of reasons, but being able to progress in your career and pulling a heftier paycheck is certainly part of that decision. Read more

What Career Options Do You Have After an International MBA?

Boosting your career options is probably your top priority when you sign up for an MBA program. The program is almost as grueling as it is prestigious, and you will need to invest significant time and money if you want to complete it, so seeing the career light at the end of the tunnel is genuinely motivating. Read more

Here’s Why You Should Probably Ditch CAT for a GMAT Instead

Hundred of thousands of people across the country register every year for the Common Admission Test (CAT). Last year, the registrations hit a surprising 218,664 candidates  (That’s dropped from the years before, but more on that later).
It’s easy to see the need for this entrance test – millions of young Indians are trying to set themselves apart from the crowd and get an MBA from a prestigious university in the country. It opens up job opportunities which may not be available to an ordinary graduate or even a post-grad.
But for all the hard work and effort that goes into clearing CAT, does it really deliver the best possible career path for someone who wants to get into investment banking, consulting or marketing? Perhaps students are miscalculating the returns they are likely to get.
Issue with CAT
But that’s not an issue for enthusiastic young people trying to launch a career in India. If anything, tougher tests are a better way to set yourself apart from the ever expanding pool of applicants for jobs in this country. Another potential factor is the increasing popularity of the GMAT, the Graduate Management Admission Test offering better prospects to MBA aspirants in comparison. Read more

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