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Masters (MS) in Ireland – An insight

With a rich cultural, architectural, philosophical, and scientific legacy, Ireland is an appealing choice for higher education. Regardless of its small land area, the expansiveness and extent of the Irish advanced education framework makes it an outstanding alternative for postgraduate studies in every single field of expertise. International students in science and engineering fields will profit by Ireland’s interest in scholarly research and affiliations between its state-of-the-art universities and multinational corporations. While those wanting to study humanities subjects like arts and philosophy will be doing their research in the cradle of English literature and birthplace of Nobel Laureates George Bernard Shaw and W.B. Yeats. Read more

MBA in Ireland – An Insight

Over the last decade or so, the Masters in Business Administration degree has slowly and steadily overtaken all the PhDs and Masters to become the most coveted and prized professional degree of today, particularly for those eyeing a career in management or as an entrepreneur. Introduced in the early 20th Century in the United States, there are more than 2500 MBA programs being offered around the globe today. MBA programs have come a long way since then to cater to the dynamic and evolving demands of economies. Read more

Why study in Ireland in 2019? – Work opportunities & universities in Ireland

Ireland is touted as Europe’s learning centre and proudly houses highly ranked, top-notch universities such as the Trinity College Dublin, National University of Ireland Maynooth, University College Dublin, University College Cork, and Waterford Institute of Technology, among several others. The country has always endorsed quality education, and today, educational attainment rates are among the best in the world. According to Mastersportal.com, over 85 per cent of the Irish complete secondary level education, and over two-thirds reach an advanced level. Read more

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