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How big will your network be post an MBA abroad?

One of the biggest reasons why the best and brightest young people from across the world want to earn an MBA from the top Business Schools in the world – HBS, GSB, INSEAD, etc. – is because of the limitless networking opportunities it opens up. We often hear about these networks, and about how they can transform the professional life of the individuals who are lucky enough to be parts of them. But what exactly are these about, and why are they so powerful? Read more

Financing your MBA abroad

Again and again, we hear about how expensive MBA programs abroad are: the numbers are quoted time and time again, by aspirant and their relatives alike. And we agree that the amounts are hefty, and that they should in no way be taken lightly.

But we also know that, in our experience, it’s been the most worthwhile investment that our students have ever made in their lives. Without exception, people have come back from the top schools and told us that it made sense. The same people often sat with us a few years previously, and we pored over scholarship tables together. Read more

MS or MBA Abroad After Engineering?

We’re a nation of engineers. In fact, there are 214 engineers for every million people in the country right now, which goes to show how popular the stream is here. The country is pumping out engineers faster every year and millions of engineers will be faced with the same question at the end of their studies – Is it better to get a Masters in Science or complete an MBA? Read more

How to Finance Your MBA Abroad?

While you are considering which B-School to attend, alongside building your application, you will want to take time and consider which are in your budget and explore various funding options available.

In this blog/article, you will find information pertaining to funding options and tips on choosing a B-School based on your budget. Read more

Why MBA?

At first glance, the answer to this question might seem obvious. The MBA is the world’s most sought after degree, and there are many good reasons to go to one of the world’s best Business Schools. But here are some points that will help you decide if an MBA is the perfect degree for yourself, and what kind of MBA you should look at. Read more