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How big will your network be post an MBA abroad?

One of the biggest reasons why the best and brightest young people from across the world want to earn an MBA from the top Business Schools in the world – HBS, GSB, INSEAD, etc. – is because of the limitless networking opportunities it opens up. We often hear about these networks, and about how they can transform the professional life of the individuals who are lucky enough to be parts of them. But what exactly are these about, and why are they so powerful? Read more

What Career Options Do You Have After an International MBA?

Boosting your career options is probably your top priority when you sign up for an MBA program. The program is almost as grueling as it is prestigious, and you will need to invest significant time and money if you want to complete it, so seeing the career light at the end of the tunnel is genuinely motivating. Read more

GMAT VS CAT Comparison

Every year millions of students around the world prepare for entrance exams to get into a prestigious MBA program. Entrance exams were all developed to help MBA schools separate the best applicants from the worst when it came time to offer seats at their institutions. Basically, the test is an attempt to demonstrate readiness for the notoriously gruelling and  equally rewarding MBA program. Read more

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