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The Virtues of the Specialised MBA

The specialised MBA’s added value is the provision of in-depth industry knowledge.

A specialised MBA degree must be specific to a certain sector within the wider economic context. The course curriculum’s main focus is acquisition of specialist knowledge in a particular field, which could range from aerospace to hospitality. The market value of this kind of postgraduate education is not to be underestimated. The type of sector-specific, in-depth knowledge that a specialised MBA confers on students, is necessary for career growth in certain niche sectors, such as luxury, or even information technology. Read more

Master’s or MBA: It’s not a Dilemma

You need to take a number of factors into account before choosing between Master’s or MBA.

Traditional Master’s or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees add substantial value in the eyes of employers. They are not, however, your golden ticket to success. Studying at such a high level requires serious commitment as the courses move away from the more passive nature of Bachelor’s degrees, where lectures are generally the focus, to collaborative studying where success is measured by one’s own will and motivation to learn and contribute. Read more

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