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How to Ace the MBA Interview for Admissions 2020-21

So, have you aced the test that your dream MBA program needs as a pre-req? Be it GMAT, GRE, CAT or any other entrance exam, universities use it as a means to filter out the masses. However, the test score isn’t all they look at, it’s usually only the first round. And there are several things that come afterwards like application essays, recommendation letters, SOPs and finally, an interview. While all the other components act as stepping stones, the interview is the final deal because it is what seals your admission. So, how to ace the MBA interview? And, what are the questions asked in an MBA interview? This 5-minute read might be what makes or breaks your dream business school interview, so stay focused. Read more

The Ultimate Dilemma: Should You do a Masters or Get a Job?

Almost out of college, but just as confused as you were at the beginning? Are you at that crossroad, where every college student wonders what to do after graduation? It’s a major life decision, and these decisions are as nerve-wracking as they come, because one choice and the entire path of your future changes. Like the 10th-grade decision of which subjects to pick, or the 12th-grade decision of which university to go to. And now, the all too familiar college student dilemma – should you do a job, or go for a master’s degree? The answer is personal, and unfortunately, we can’t make the choice for you. But what we can do, is help you make the best choice. Read on to know if your profile fits team experience or team education. Let’s get right to it. Read more

Top 10 Healthcare MBAs from Around the World

Back in the 1900s, the life expectancy of an average person was around 50 years, but now it is between 70 and 80 years. So, in the past century alone, the life expectancy of an average human being has grown by 50%. Another thing that has increased remarkably from the 1900s is the world population. According to the United Nations population census, the world population was about 1.6 billion in 1901. Today, it is 7.8 billion. Read more

All about pursuing an Executive MBA program in India

Are you stuck at work with a job that has been limiting your potential and seems to be going nowhere? It’s about time you fix that. And the best thing you can do at this point to boost your career by pursuing an Executive MBA program.

So, what is an executive MBA program? Quite simply, it is an MBA designed for executives, such as yourself. This higher education program is intended specifically to train executives or people with significant work experience. It helps working professionals increase their knowledge base and improve their managerial skills for a higher paying, higher-level job. An executive MBA might just be what separates a manager from being a managing director. Read more

How to Pursue a Masters in Entrepreneurship in Europe

Entrepreneurship isn’t just a label, it’s a lifestyle. – Richard Branson

The definition has always been the same – the ability to set up a business with a motive for profit, and this dream of being an entrepreneur is extremely common. But there’s more to it than just that. Sure, a business has a ton of technicality to it like a business plan, finding employees, raising funds and building a brand. However, at the heart of entrepreneurship, there are only two abstract things – a problem and an idea to solve it. Entrepreneurs are the problem solvers and transformers of the world. What a normal person sees an inconvenience, an entrepreneur sees an opportunity to fix. Let’s take a look at two such revolutionary ideas. Read more

10 Best Masters Programs for a Career in the Stock Market

Let’s talk stocks! Have you heard of the barter system? It has been around before money came into existence, so you can probably imagine how old it is. For centuries people have exchanged goods and services, and today’s economy just uses a modified, modernized and glammed-up version of the barter system. Read more

What is a Good GMAT Score for MBA Admissions 2021?

The MBA is one of the most sought-out business degrees ever. It makes way for multiple career paths and at the same time teaches you almost everything that is required both professionally and personally. A business education is a way to develop a range of people skills, analytical skills and experience first-hand what it takes to be a manager-leader. And in this post-pandemic world, manager-leaders are extremely important. Read more

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