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Job opportunities after an MBA

An MBA can turn out to be a very costly affair, in terms of the tuition fee, living costs and the fact that you’ll not be working for the duration of your MBA and hence it’s extremely important to understand the Post-MBA opportunities in terms of jobs, salary and the career growth. Read more

Emerging MBA Destinations in the world

“Change in all things is sweet – Aristotle” as the famous saying goes change is indeed a very sweet thing and brings with it newer opportunities as evident from the trends in the emergence of B-Schools from destinations once unheard or thought of in the MBA sphere, Most of the top B-Schools in the past few decades have been from the USA for obvious reasons such as financial mobility, booming economy, job opportunities and of course the “American Dream” , however in the past few years there have been some new Management Schools rising from different parts of the globe in sync with the shift and adjustments in the economics of the world , some of the most notable ones being Indian Schools of Business , University of Hong Kong , National University of Singapore , INSEAD , HEC- Paris etc. Read more

Types of Networking in MBA & Why is it Important

“Why do you want to pursue an MBA?”

If you pose this question to any MBA aspirant, you will get a diverse range of replies. Some might see an MBA as an essential step to achieve their career goals while some may wish to an MBA purely for monetary gains. Very rarely, one would come across an MBA aspirant who would state Networking as the main reason for wanting to do an MBA. However, if the same question is posed to a person who has started his MBA, of the many reasons he would give for enrolling for an MBA course, networking would probably be right up there. Read more

MBA in Germany: An Insight

As per QS world rankings (2019), Germany hosts some of the world-class, global B­ schools, ranked in top 100. These programs offer an international curriculum and opportunities to work on capstone projects. This has enabled Germany to carve a niche, in terms of offering the best education in the field of Business and Management studies/ MBA. Germany is the fifth most popular destination among study abroad aspirants because along with being offered lucrative jobs, applicants can also choose from a wide range of specializations such as Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, International Healthcare Management, and Technology Management. Therefore, given the benefits of pursuing an MBA in Germany, by 2020, the number of foreign students studying in Germany would be ~ 350,000. Read more

How to Apply for an H1-B Visa in 2020

Of late the H1-B visa has been constantly in news for one reason or the other. For those who don’t know, H1-B visa allows foreign workers to stay and work in the US while being employed in speciality occupations. These occupations require specific skills and are mostly related to STEM fields—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. If you are a STEM-graduate you are eligible for an OPT extension. The United States Centre for Immigration Services (USCIS) website lists STEM courses and speciality occupations. Read more

What is Rolling Admission? (2019)

What is rolling admission? In essence, rolling admissions are different from your regular admissions when it comes to one component: THE DEADLINE! Regular admissions have a hard deadline, which means that your application is evaluated only once all the applications are received, after the stipulated deadline. Rolling admissions, on the other hand, are evaluated on a rolling basis, which means an applicant’s profile is assessed until the slots for a particular course are filled in completely. Read more

An insight into a student’s life in Canada

Currently, the international student population in Canada stands at half a million. The rising popularity of Canada as a study abroad option for advanced education can be credited to various factors like a quality but affordable tuition, cities which are deemed safe, an option to work both during as well as after the study period and lastly the pathway to permanent Canadian residency make this country a favourite among international students. Having decided upon Canada, there are few decisions to be made regarding the accommodation, cost of living and working during the study period. Read more

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