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How to write SOP for winning scholarships?

A Statement of Purpose or SOP describes your life’s journey and all the events that finally led you to the need for further upgrading your knowledge and skills through higher education. It’s an essay that covers every aspect of who you are, what you did, how you did and what you want to do. Read more

How to justify BTech backlogs while applying for MS in the US?

Decided to study abroad but are backlogs holding you back? This is quite a common situation and trust us, you aren’t doomed. Whether you had a personal reason such as health or family commitments that caused you to miss an exam, or you simply couldn’t measure up to it in performance, backlogs don’t necessarily mean that you are poor in academics. There could be a ton of reasons, and the best way to go about justifying them is to be upfront and honest. Read more

How is the job market in Canada for an MS student?

We all know Canada as the land of snow, ice hockey and Maple trees, but there’s another side to this country, its education. Canada is one of the top study-abroad hotspots, right alongside Australia, UK and the USA. While each country has its merits and demerits when it comes to education, Canada doesn’t seem to get enough recognition. It is often overlooked in comparison to its neighbour south of the border, the USA. But the truth is that Canada trumps all the other countries in a multitude of factors, with cost being one of the major ones. So, let’s first understand why Canada is a fantastic place to pick and the many benefits of studying in the nation that has the famous Niagara Falls. Read more

How to become a professional game designer

Minecraft, Call of Duty, Super Mario and even our all too familiar online Ludo, are proof enough that the gaming industry is a fast-growing field in today’s market. Did you know? Mario was invented in the 1980s with a ton of resources and brainpower. But now with great developments in designing software, user-friendly platforms and coding languages, the gaming industry has seen an exponential rise over the past couple of years. So much so, that a recent study by Microsoft estimates that by 2022 this industry might be worth $196 Billion. But, given the current COVID situation where we’re confined to our homes and thanks to the improved internet connectivity, there’s a good chance the number might actually be higher. Read more

How to switch fields after a Bachelor’s degree

Did it take you some years of studying to figure out you didn’t like your major? Or did you find a subject which fascinated you so much that it’s become your dream job now? Whatever be the case, there are tons of people like you who aren’t sure about the field they’ve studied in, and are looking for a ticket to switch their career paths. In fact, most people don’t end up working in the exact field of their bachelor’s degree at all. Read more

How can education fairs help you make the right career choice

Have you decided to study abroad? That’s great! But, which country did you pick? And what about the university? Are you flexible with the country or your course choice? To any student looking to study abroad, these questions can seem a little scary. It’s completely reasonable, after all, there are thousands of universities and courses available and you only get to pick one. If you’re curious about the best way to make this decision, we’re here to help. Read more

How to write a winning statement of purpose for graduate school

Is grad school your next step? Have you chosen your dream-university? If the answer is yes, then congratulations, you’ve already made it halfway. Now, all that’s left is for you to create a killer application that will guarantee you a place at your dream university. Read more

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