What are SAT and SAT Subject Tests? When should you take them? How should you prepare for them? And when should you apply with scores? If these questions have been bugging you for a while, read on…


SAT is an entrance exam for admission to undergraduate programs of most universities and colleges in the US. Administered by the College Board, this paper-based exam is conducted in centres across India in the months of October, December, March and May. SAT tests you on English reading and writing, mathematical and analytical skills. We recommend that students write the optional essay too. The Reading, Writing and Language, Math and the Essay components of the test together last for 3 hours and 50 minutes. SAT is scored on a total of 1600.
The complete score report is available online 15 days after the test date. Most colleges require you to send them official score reports directly from the College Board website. College Board sends your scores to four colleges free of cost. You can choose these colleges at the time of registration or up to 9 days after your test date. If you wish to send your scores after 9 days, there is an additional fee. Once colleges receive your scores, they may take anywhere from a week to a month to process your application and reach an admission decision.
Typically, Indian students start preparing for the SAT right after Class 10. Depending upon individual capability, students take 3 months or more to become exam-ready. It is not unusual for students to take the SAT twice in order to improve upon their scores. In any case, you should be ready with your application along with SAT scores at least 6-8 weeks before the college’s deadline. Read more