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How to Study in the UK

Want to study in the UK? But not sure how to proceed further? Here are seven simple steps that will enable you to discover everything you need to know from selecting the right university to applying for your visa.

STEP 1: University Screening

With endless choices accessible to you, as the UK right now houses more than 200 globally-recognized universities, the first thing you need to do is introspect and answer – what is your area of concentration? For example, a portion of the top UK colleges is a worldwide pioneer in technology, research, and development; while there are equally great opportunities in management, business, and economics. From Science and Commerce to Art and Entertainment; UK is a learner’s paradise. Read more

Cost of studying in the UK

Have you at any point wondered what the UK training could accomplish for you? In addition to a world-class globally-recognized degree, studying in the UK will offer you the chance to encounter another culture, cohort with distinct student fraternity and work under the aegis of eminent faculty members from all around the globe, with an ability to further advance your scholarly pursuits. Read more

Why Study in the UK – Perspective for Indian Students

The UK is one of the most popular study abroad destination in the world. According to UK Council for International Student Affairs, 4,42,375 foreign students were attending university in the UK in 2016-17. Comprising of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Scotland, the UK is increasingly becoming one of the first choices for numerous Indian students every year. So what is it which sets the UK apart from other acclaimed options such as the US, Canada, or Germany? What is the primary impetus behind the rising number of applications to the UK? Let’s elucidate some reasons which contribute to the crowning of the UK as a natural choice for Indian students in the pursuit of overseas education. Read more

How to apply for undergrad college abroad

Applying for college abroad has gained a lot of popularity among Indian students in the recent years. Pursuing undergraduate or graduate education abroad offers lucrative opportunities in terms of career growth, access to quality education, experiencing a new culture, broadening the mindset and improving future employment prospects. Although, many students might be reluctant to step out of the comfort zone that their country offers it is a journey that enables one to learn a lot about oneself, face challenging situations and emerge successful by having a better understanding about the world. As one would desire a positive study abroad experience, it is important to wisely invest time and resources in understanding this process so that one picks up a destination, program and university that matches ones interest, future academic and career prospects. Read more

12 Questions You Must Ask Your Admission Counselor!

A brilliant score in your exam is definitely needed for admission to your desired university. But that is just one factor that universities abroad consider while assessing each applicant’s profile. They also take into consideration your academic scores at school and college level, extracurricular achievements, Letters of Recommendation (LORs), Statements of Purpose (SOPs) and application essays. This is where, admission counselors or study abroad consultants come into the picture. Read more

What is a Good SAT Score in 2019 – 2020?

The SAT has four sections—Reading, Writing & Language, Math and Essay (optional). Reading and Writing & Language (together known as Evidence-based Reading and Writing) sections have a composite maximum score of 800 and Math section have a maximum score of 800. Total SAT score can lie between 400 and 1600. The optional Essay section is scored between 2 and 8, and its score is not included in the total SAT score. Read more

When to start your SAT Prep – Start Early, Stay Ahead!

How early do I start with my SAT preparations? Is it too early to start when I have just completed my 7th grade- well, we have our views and the earlier you start off with your preparation, the greater are your chances to score higher.

In India, we host a variety of entrance exams for Engineering, Medicine, and other subjects that are pursued by students. Coaching centers have bloomed all across the country, aiding students in their preparations to get into coveted colleges across the country. But, the SATs, on the other hand, are not given as much importance by parents. A lot of Indian parents tend to push things to the last minute and not give their children enough time to prepare. The benefits of starting your preparations early are multi-fold, and we would like to run you through the positives of an early-start. Read more

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