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Here’s to joyful beginnings and year-long success!

As we step into a brand new year 2020, it is time to reboot. Whether you are a student or a working professional; whatever stage of life you are at, it always helps to introspect, to reassess your priorities and to set/reaffirm your goals. Just setting goals is not enough, you must also inculcate the self-discipline to achieve them. This can prove to be a challenging task despite the best of intentions! Read more

Take your exam just as another mock

“I had planned on giving the GMAT last year,” says ISB-hopeful Govinda Lalwani, “but my job was being an impediment.” A computer engineering graduate from Pune University, Govinda had some years ago, gone the self-preparation way, taken the GMAT and scored a 620. “At that time I didn’t have anyone telling me what to do while preparing. I ended up repeating stuff and it reflected on my score,” he regrets. Read more

Sharpen Your Mental Math Skills for High SAT Score

For DPS Indirapuram student, Ankur Devra, the SAT journey has been all about hard work and consistent practice. “Don’t underestimate the SAT,” Ankur cautions, “Although many students say that SAT is easy in comparison to Indian exams, it is actually not. It may look easy curriculum-wise but once you start doing the questions you can easily run out of time.” Read more

Analysing Your Performance on a Daily Basis Helps

Aiming to do a PhD in Astrophysics from a good university in US or Canada, Purnima Narayan from Pune joined Jamboree’s GRE Live Online classes. In just two-and-a-half months of preparation, she scored a decent 320 on the GRE.

Asked about the unusual choice of online GRE prep in Pune where two Jamboree centers are present, she explains, “As I knew I was going to travel during prep time, I needed to be able to attend the classes from wherever I was. I wasn’t really skeptical about online training because I was pretty comfortable with video calls, typing and chatting. Moreover, the interface and instructions were pretty clear.” Read more

Full ride for international students not a myth! Here’s proof…

Coming from rural Shirdi, Suyash Sakhare moved to Mumbai to prepare for the SAT. “It was terrifying for me to come to this big city. Jamboree helped me make the transition smoothly,” he says, grateful for customized support that extended beyond the classroom. Read more

GMAT is a Test of Logic and Temperament

A BITS-Pilani Computer Science Engineer, Ameya Deshpande, had been working with CISCO Systems for the past five years when he decided to pursue an MBA abroad. Choosing the self-preparation way a year ago and not finding much success with it (he scored a GMAT 670), Ameya joined Jamboree. Read more

Develop The Art of Test-taking

“I cannot prepare at home. I mean, I barely study at home!” confesses Ajinkya Demda, explaining how he found the lab and library at Jamboree Pune center particularly useful, once his GRE classes were over.

On why he chose Jamboree, this Pune University engineering grad says, “I figured that as Jamboree has 35 centers, I would be competing on a national level during mock tests. This would give me an idea of where I stand.” Read more

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