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Be honest with yourself regarding your profile

“If you are an engineer, for you GRE-level math should be pretty easy. But that doesn’t mean that you take it lightly,” says Sania Nephade, an MKSSSC College of Engineering grad from Pune. She explains: “It was something that I did and later, I realised I shouldn’t have! So you can get a higher score in quant because that is your strength. Read more

You’re not really competing with anyone but yourself

“In a global corporate set-up, customer experience and design thinking mostly comes from the West, whereas transactional and commercial expertise is going to come out of China and India. Hence, there is a need to marry both,” says Kumar Bivudh from Gurgaon, when asked about his inspiration to pursue an MBA. Read more

On the Path to Achieving a Noble Goal!

Adventure enthusiast and an ardent Harry Potter fan, Swati Srivastava, is a multi-talented individual with interests in photography, travelling, origami and yoga. This spirited young lady with 5+ years of work experience as a senior software engineer and team lead in Infosys, decided to pursue an MBA to fulfill her goals of being a credit analyst in a multi-national commercial bank and eventually establishing a micro-lending firm back home. Read more

Ain’t No Dream Too Big, Ain’t No Dreamer Too Small!

With a long-cherished dream of studying aerospace engineering, Prachi Tomar, a student of Queen Mary’s School, New Delhi, set about preparing for college studies in the US at a very young age. “I wasn’t really sure as to how I would get there and how I would go through all the process, the paperwork,” says Prachi. “A friend who was already preparing for the SAT recommended Jamboree to me,” she continues. Read more

When Taking the Plunge Why Not Go to the Best!

“I started a bit late with my GMAT preparation—in November. And my aim was to take the GMAT in January!” says Yasser Tanvir, a Hindu College grad who also holds an MS in Operations Research from Virginia Commonwealth University. Post his Masters, Yasser returned to India and worked in marketing consultancies in the areas of brand development and market research. Read more

Seek help if you lack the discipline to prepare

“I’ve always been interested in research,” says Sukriti Verma, a Delhi Technological University graduate. “But the professors around me didn’t really promote it as much as I would’ve liked,” she continues. Sukriti keenly follows research activities at universities and research labs around the world. That is the primary motivation for her to study abroad. Read more

Staying Cool on the Test Day Matters

“I thank Jamboree for preparing me emotionally to study abroad!” says Hitarth Shah, a student of Class 12 at The New Tulip International School in Ahmedabad. Driven by his deep interest in Nanotechnology and its associated fields, Hitarth had very clear goals from the start. He wished to do a BS in Computer Science from a top university in the US so that he could lay down a solid foundation in pursuit of his goal. Read more

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