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How much does your choice of undergraduate major abroad impact your career success?

Getting an admit into a big name college abroad for undergraduate studies is a great feeling – right post school, it is almost like a student is given entry to a sweet shop, and has access to the best courses, the best faculty, the best fellow students, the best fun times and the best long term options. In such a situation, there is an unlimited upside for a student who is able to find a course of study that is well suited both to his / her skills and interests. Read more

MS or MBA Abroad After Engineering?

We’re a nation of engineers. In fact, there are 214 engineers for every million people in the country right now, which goes to show how popular the stream is here. The country is pumping out engineers faster every year and millions of engineers will be faced with the same question at the end of their studies – Is it better to get a Masters in Science or complete an MBA? Read more

The Paradigm Shift: From Engineering to Management Consulting

As an engineer, there are a number of transferrable skills you can take with you as your career progresses. But there are few areas you could move into with more potential and scope than management consultancy. This branch of business spans across a broad spectrum of industries and projects, demanding the ability to adapt and learn on a daily basis. Read more

Getting your idea off the ground – engineering to entrepreneurship

In the last few years, entrepreneurship has come into focus as one of the most exciting areas of business.  The digital revolution has made it easier than ever before for people to translate their ideas into reality and develop companies with minimal resources. Read more

How to Manage Studying Expenses in USA?

When we dream of studying abroad one thing that bothers us the most is the cost of education. As students, we all want to get the best education but at the same time we worry about the cost we will have to bear once we go abroad to pursue our studies. Read more