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The smart Indian student’s guide to getting into MIT

For over 150 years Massachusetts Institute of Technology has played a key role in science, technology, engineering and math-STEM education. This university is one of the world’s best institutes both in terms of academics and experience. Did you know? As of 2020, 97 Nobel laureates have been associated with MIT, what more do you need to prove its credibility. Read more

What to do a week before the SAT?

You’ve consistently been preparing for your SATs and are pretty confident about taking the test. You’ve watched the test date get closer and closer, 2 months, 1 month and now, 1 week to go. Firstly, congratulations on getting this far, and we wish you the highest of scores. But, do you know what to do differently in these last seven days to be the best and brightest version of yourself on D-day? Sure, you might have followed a plan for the entire duration of your prep, and it must have worked wonderfully. But the dynamics right before the test are a little bit different and following the same rigorous schedule might burn you out. The worse news is that the effect will show up in your final score. Read more

How demonstrating interest can help you get into your dream college?

You might have good grades, exceptional test scores, and fabulous extracurriculars. But, is it enough to get into your dream college? And if it isn’t, what can you do about it? Universities are primarily businesses, and like most companies have sales, academic institutions have a yield rate. Read more

Which minors to choose along with a Bachelors in Computer Science?

The US is a hotspot for everything tech, with the Silicon Valley home to some of the best companies worldwide like Google, Apple, Facebook and more. So, if you’ve chosen the US as your destination to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science, congratulations, you’ve made a great call. Read more

Flying to UK as an International Student in 2020? You’ll Need this Checklist!

Have you decided that you’ll be studying in UK? Are you just one step away from your dream college? Firstly, we admire you! While the whole world is looking for ‘safe’ options, you have decided to embrace this challenge and go ahead with your study abroad plans, this makes you a leader! And leaders are what the world needs! Read more

How Can Education Fairs Help You Make the Right Career Choice

Have you decided to study abroad? That’s great! But, which country did you pick? And what about the university? Are you flexible with the country or your course choice? To any student looking to study abroad, these questions can seem a little scary. It’s completely reasonable, after all, there are thousands of universities and courses available and you only get to pick one. If you’re curious about the best way to make this decision, we’re here to help. Read more

BTech. Programs in India that Accept SAT Scores

The SAT has been an age-long standard for undergraduate education abroad. But as the world approaches globalization, India doesn’t want to miss out. In recent years, many top-notch Indian universities in the fields of Engineering, Management and Liberal Arts have added an SAT component to their admission criteria. SAT score allows universities to assess a student’s potential and determine if they are a good fit for their institute. With three sections: Math, Reading and Writing & Language, the SAT performs a complete and accurate evaluation. For this reason, this standardized test is accepted in more than 4000 colleges across 84+ countries. So, writing the SAT now opens you up to a ton of options. Read more

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