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SAT Exam Syllabus (2018-19)

SAT is a paper-based standardized test that is used as one of the entrance criteria for admission to universities and colleges in the US. School students from around the world take the SAT to showcase their college-preparedness and skills that they have developed at school. Read more

AP Exams : What They Can Do For You

AP stands for Advanced Placement Program. This program allows high school students to take college-level courses and earn credits while still at school. Taking APs demonstrates high academic motivation and learning potential—skills that translate into success at the college level and beyond. AP classes are managed by the College Board which conducts the SAT as well. Each AP course ends with a college-level exam and is scored on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Read more

How Volunteer Work With an NGO Can Help for Undergraduate Studies Abroad?

If you are looking at giving your SAT or your ACT and heading abroad for your undergraduate degree, congratulations! You will have a great time, from both a learning and lifestyle perspective. You will know that your application can stand out in many ways. You can have a stellar score on the SAT or the ACT. You can have great marks or grades throughout your school career. You can spend months on your essays, so that they reflect deep thought and intent to succeed better than anyone else’s do. Read more

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