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AP Exams : What They Can Do For You

AP stands for Advanced Placement Program. This program allows high school students to take college-level courses and earn credits while still at school. Taking APs demonstrates high academic motivation and learning potential—skills that translate into success at the college level and beyond. AP classes are managed by the College Board which conducts the SAT as well. Each AP course ends with a college-level exam and is scored on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Read more

How to Create a Great Profile for Undergraduate Admissions

This post deals with the requirements of a successful undergraduate application and what colleges expect while evaluating prospective applications.

standard test

Standardized Tests

Firstly, colleges look at your scores on standardized tests such as the SAT, IELTS and TOEFL. This helps them find common ground for the students’ basic skillset in quant and verbal because different schools around the world have different standards for awarding board marks and percentages. Do ensure that you have a high score in whichever standardized test(s) you’re appearing for, and do remember that they are necessary criteria (though by no means sufficient) for admission.  For SAT preparation you can get in touch us for a free Counselling Session to answer all your queries on the SAT exam. Read more

How to Improve Your Profile for SAT College Application

Is class 9th too early to start building my profile for undergraduate colleges?
Is class 12th too late to start?
What can I do if I have low grades?

In this article, we will address all your questions regarding building and presenting your profile for undergraduate college applications. Read more

The NEW SAT: Experimental section or not?

The New SAT! Something that we have been looking forward to; the College Board has done a commendable job in that it has made the exam much more lucid.

For a few months, students thought that the administration of the New SAT had eliminated the experimental section. The tricky part was that the practice tests also had no experimental section. In an official announcement, the administration made it clear that ‘a few students would get an experimental section’. As was published in the ‘Advising and Admission Handbook’: Read more

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