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Before anything, what is your reason to do PhD after MBA (Getting to add Dr. before your name doesn’t count!)

A PhD after MBA should be purely based on your interests as it alters the career opportunities that come your way after that. If you had the option to choose between an MBA and MCom after graduation, you would know that the choice was really about a career in corporate management or in academic domain. This is similar, except with higher stakes.

It does not imply that going for a PhD post-MBA will close career opportunities in corporate avenues, but it will certainly shape your career to be better suited for an academic domain, and even your corporate job will have a research undertone to it, such as research analyst or business development consultant that business giants like McKinsey, Endava, Boston Consulting Group, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock Associates, Securities Exchange Commission and Ernst & Young hire.

This blog discusses everything you need to know about PhD options abroad after MBA and how is it a good career option for you.

A PhD or a doctor of philosophy is the highest degree available in any given field and a Doctoral degree in Management does not just give you a competitive edge over an MBA, but also the opportunity to explore boundaries of the subject and conduct original research relating to the management field. The study of management draws from disciplines such as economics, psychology, and sociology. These are interesting disciplines for researching key aspects of management, including organizational behavior, organizational theory and strategy.

What are the Eligibility requirements for a PhD after MBA?

Other than the requirement of holding an MBA degree, the rest of the eligibility criteria are:

1. A good IELTS/TOEFL score to prove your English language proficiency.
2. A GMAT/GRE score is a must, depending upon the university you plan to apply to.
3. Academic transcripts and two-three letters of recommendation are also necessary.
4. More often than not, an interview is conducted either physically or via a video call to assess the student’s ability.
5. Depending on the university, candidates might be required to have a research idea or two ready to present to the university while applying.

How much time does it take to complete a PhD?

A PhD course in Management or Business, on an average, takes around three to five years to complete. The duration of the program and PhD program structure varies depending upon the country and university you select to continue your studies. Usually, the first two years cover the complete coursework that is part of the PhD program.

From the third year on, candidates can devote their time to identifying and working on their research problem, collecting and analyzing data and writing their dissertation thesis. This will be followed by qualifying exams or seminars or thesis defense or combination of the three as a final part of their PhD.

Why pursue a PhD abroad?

PhD is advantageous even in India, but a PhD abroad is loaded with upsides. Many students opt for a PhD abroad because of the following reasons:

✔ Wide Variety of research interests and topics for dissertations to choose from.
✔ World-renowned program supervisors, who are specialists in their academic fields.
✔ Substantial Stipend or Tuition Waiver to PhD students that amounts to $15,000 to $30,000 as compared to 25,000 to 28,000 rupees (less than $384) per annum in India.
✔ Increased facilities and exclusive access to museums, sites, information centers, archives or equipment.
✔ A well-funded network of Public Universities offering a number of academic instructors allowing students to choose from.
✔ Elaborate coursework of two to three years before dissertation research, enabling students to get in-depth knowledge of the subject.
✔ Option for lab rotations for students in their first year to effectively decide the lab they want to do their dissertation work in.
✔ Broad network and increased opportunities for placements in the top firms.

Top PhD programs after MBA

There are plenty of doctoral dissertation areas which are considered to be immediately marketable assets furnishing you with a competitive edge in today’s workforce. Following is the list of top PhD programs post-MBA offered by world ranking universities:

1. Behavioral Science
2. Accounting
3. Economics
4. Management Science & Operations Management
5. Marketing
6. Financial Economics
7. Finance
8. Econometrics and Statistics
9. Accounting & Management
10. Business Economics
11. Health Policy (Management)
12. Management
13. Organizational Behaviour
14. Strategy
15. Technology & Operations Management.

What are the employment opportunities after PhD?

PhD abroad post-MBA is a booster pack that gets you some of the most well-reputed and high-salaried jobs in the world.

A majority of students take up lucrative teaching opportunities in B-schools globally. There are also other esteemed positions including research associate, investment analyst, managing director, senior marketing manager, human resource manager, marketing manager, data analyst, business development manager, associate, business analyst, team leader, consultant and financial economist, that many students go for.

If you are thinking of breaking into academics or want to upgrade your career with a PhD from top universities abroad, we can help. Just a 15-minute session with our admission consultant will help you iron out your worries and give you a clear cut roadmap to chart a course to your dream PhD program. It’s free and absolutely worth your time!

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