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Community colleges are public-funded educational institutes in the US. Also known as junior colleges, technical colleges or city colleges, they offer 2-year Associate of Arts(AA) or Associate of Science(AS) degrees. Many of them have a special agreement for the transfer of credits to 4-year universities. This agreement, often known as an articulation agreement, follows the ‘2+2 process’ in which a student takes the first two years of undergrad classes at the community college followed by two years of university studies.

In this process, the bachelor’s degree awarded has the name of the 4-year university only. Since their tuition fee is significantly lower than those of 4-year universities, community colleges have emerged as a popular option among international students who are looking for cost-effective undergrad education in the US.

Before you decide to join a community college make sure that you have all the details regarding:

  • Whether they have a transfer of credits agreement with the 4-year university of your choice
  • Whether the 4-year university of your choice will accept credits from that community college
  • Minimum GPA requirement for credit transfer
  • Number of credits that are usually transferred

International admissions office and website of the colleges that you are considering are best sources of above information.

According to the US Department of Education, there are 1,462 CCs in the US. Here’s a list of 10 community colleges that you can consider if you are looking for promising and cost-effective UG study options:

  1. East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program, California
  2. New Mexico Military Institute, New Mexico
  3. Victor Valley College, California
  4. Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah, Utah
  5. North Central Kansas Technical College, Kansas
  6. Snow College, Utah
  7. Northwest Iowa Community College, Iowa
  8. Southeast Community College, Nebraska
  9. Georgia Military College-Milledgeville Campus, Georgia
  10. De Anza College, California

Rankings are based on graduation within 3 years and transfer rates to 4-year universities. Source:

Need more information about Community Colleges in the US? Check out these websites:


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