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Top 5 Reasons to Take the GRE Exam


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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is the most widely acknowledged standardized test for master’s, doctoral, and fellowship programs at leading universities in the United States and around the world. This exam is unique in that it can be taken at any time of year, and students can choose to send only their best GRE scores. For students who have earned their undergraduate degree and want to continue their studies abroad, taking the GRE opens a world of opportunities. The GRE is accepted by over 1000 graduate schools in the United States alone. Furthermore, leading colleges in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Europe consider GRE results to be an important element of your application.

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1.    Widespread Acceptance
2.    User-friendly Testing Features
3.    Compensatory Benefits
4.    Score Reporting & Validity
5.    Additional Perks

Here are some of the most beneficial aspects of taking the GRE test:

Widespread Acceptance

For graduate admissions, the GRE is the most extensively used exam. In 94 countries, the GRE is accepted by over 1300 business institutions for MBA and other professional graduate programs. Top law schools in the United States accept the GRE for J.D. (Juris Doctor) programs. Around 50 law schools in the United States now evaluate GRE scores for admissions, including Harvard, Yale, and Columbia.

The widespread acceptance of the GRE has several benefits. Not only can students apply to a wide range of graduate programs, but it also gives them time to think about their final program choice. Students can also apply to dual degree graduate and professional programs such as JD/MBA with a GRE score.

Students interested in pursuing master’s or doctorate degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, or English Literature can also take the GRE Subject examinations.

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GRE results are used to determine eligibility for scholarships and other forms of financial aid at a variety of graduate schools and fellowship programs. A good GRE score improves your chances of being awarded a scholarship.

User-friendly Testing Features

Only the GRE allows you to skip, mark, review, and edit your answers on a computer-based test. This allows users to retry questions that they had trouble answering the first time around. Students can use the GRE Score select function to send only their top scores to prospective graduate programs. Students have plenty of opportunities to prepare for the GRE and get a desirable score because GRE general tests can be taken up to five times per year with a minimum gap of 21 days between two consecutive tests. The GRE is one of the most user-friendly tests in the world because of these unique features.

Furthermore, there is no upper age limit on the GRE. This means that anyone can take the GRE at any time in their lives as long as they pay the 205 USD registration cost and have a bachelor’s degree.

Compensatory Benefits

The GRE exam pattern contains portions that assess a candidate’s general ability and aptitude to complete a graduate program, including as analytical writing, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. In most graduate applications, GRE scores are given more than a 20% weighting. GRE results provide you a different view on a candidate’s abilities. Various components of a complete graduate application for admission include undergraduate GPA, work experience, letters of recommendation, and so forth. A competitive GRE score (300+) might, however, make up for a low GPA.

To imply that GRE scores alone can guarantee admission to a particular program is an exaggeration. A good GRE score, on the other hand, increases your chances of admission. Many graduate institutions offer scholarships to admitted students who have a strong GRE score.

Score Reporting & Validity

The GRE score is valid for five years. This gives students enough time to apply for graduate school admissions once they have taken the test. Additionally, for a small charge, GRE scores can be transmitted to several colleges. Official GRE scores are available 10-15 days following the test date. Students, on the other hand, can view their rough score right after the exam and choose whether to transmit it to the authorized institutes or not.

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Have you taken the GRE before?

Additional Perks

It is not simply taking the GRE that aids students in establishing a great career; it is performing well on the exam that brings out the most advantageous parts of the exam. A poor GRE score may result in the denial of your student visa application in the United States, but a high GRE score may make your visa application easier to approve. If an employer requests it, ETS (Educational Testing Services), the GRE’s organizing body, will give your test scores to them, enhancing your chances of getting hired.

Furthermore, with so much free and low-cost study material available for GRE preparation, all that is required of students is perseverance and a well-planned study program. Many test takers claim that the GRE is not as difficult as the GMAT or LSAT. Although the verbal component of the GRE can be difficult for non-native English speakers, with consistent practice and the correct study materials, performing well on the GRE is not impossible.

Taking GRE can open doors to umpteen opportunities. However, cracking GRE is not as easy as it may sound. So, it is a better idea to take assistance from Jamboree, an organizing sending thousands of students to their dream college for master’s & PhD programs. Visit our nearest centre of connect over a call with jamboree consultants, and give wings to your dreams.

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