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Top Universities Accepting SAT Scores: Ranking and Cut-offs

Top Universities Accepting SAT Scores: Ranking and Cut-offs

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SAT is nearing a century and its popularity among high schoolers has grown off the charts. If you are planning to take SAT this year you might already have a dream college on the vision board and a target score. In this blog, we talk about top universities accepting SAT scores and their SAT score requirements. Here we go!


1. Universities accepting SAT scores in US
2. Top universities accepting SAT in Canada
3. Other Canadian universities accepting SAT
4. World’s top universities accepting SAT scores

Universities Accepting SAT scores in US

If you are aiming for a top university, most likely it is in the US. It’s hardly a coincidence since the United States heavily dominates all the top university rankings. Additionally, the variety of program choices, the flexibility offered to students, and job prospects are reasons why a sweeping number of Indian students enrol in US universities every year.

Curious to find out Harvard SAT score requirements or UCLA SAT requirements?  We’ll do you one better, here’s a list of the universities accepting SAT scores in US:

Universities Accepting SAT scores in US QS Ranking SAT EBRW Score SAT Maths Score
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1 720-770 770-800
Stanford University 3 690-760 700-780
Harvard University 5 730-790 730-800
California Institute of Technology 6 740-760 790-800
University of Chicago 9 745 775
University of Pennsylvania 13 700-770 720-790
Yale University 14 730-780 730-800
Columbia University 19 700-780 710-790
Princeton University 12 710-780 720-790
Cornell University 21 680-760 720-800
John Hopkins University 25  735 780
University of California, Berkeley 32 630-720 630-760
University of California, Los Angeles 36 620-710 600-740
New York University (NYU) 42 660-740 690-790

Top Universities accepting SAT in Canada

Canada is the go-to study destination for Indian students. Did you know over a million Indians live in Canada? Well, there are many convincing reasons to study in Canada but let’s tackle the strongest- top-ranking universities. Canada has built a reputation for quality education and for most of its top-ranking universities SAT is an admission requirement.

Although not all schools in Canada require an ACT or SAT score, there are still many universities that consider SAT scores for the admissions process. Either way, it’s always better to apply with SAT scores (even in test optional schools) to make a stronger case.

Given below is the list of top universities accepting SAT in Canada, their ranking, and average SAT scores, you’re welcome!

Universities Accepting SAT in Canada QS Global Rank SAT Requirements
University of Toronto 25 1,300 for Engineering 1,150 for other courses
McGill University 31 EBRW 670, Maths 580 (620 for Engineering programs)
University of British Columbia 45 Test Optional
Université de Montréal   118 (Minimum) SAT 1 – 730, SAT 2 – 700
University of Alberta 119 Overall-1200 or higher; No section below 600
McMaster University 144 Minimum Overall- 1200; No section below 600
University of Waterloo 166 Only required for Engineering Programs, No Bar
Western University 203 Minimum Overall Score – 1,190
Queen’s University 246 Test Optional
University of Calgary =246 Test Optional

Most of the SAT accepting universities in Canada ask for a higher SAT or Math sectional score for engineering and architecture programs than the rest. So if you are planning to apply for engineering courses in Canada, our advice? hustle a little harder!

Other Canadian Universities Accepting SAT

In the previous section we discussed the SAT requirements of the top 10 universities in Canada. Now let’s have a look at other prominent universities accepting SAT in Canada. Shall we?

List of Universities Accepting SAT scores:

Universities Composite SAT Score
Acadia University 1,100
Algoma University 1,100
Athabasca University 1,200
Capilano University 1,100
Carleton University 1380
College of New Caledonia 1,245
Dalhousie University 1,100
ST Mary’s University 1,140
University of Manitoba 1,100
University of Lethbridge 1040

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World’s Top Universities Accepting SAT Scores

SAT is an important component of your college application. Mostly, all top universities require ACT or SAT scores for their admission process. If you’ve taken SAT or you are planning to take SAT it’s safe to assume that you might be interested to know about top universities accepting SAT and their average score range. Well, you are in luck as here’s a list telling you exactly that!

Universities Accepting SAT QS Ranking  SAT Scores
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1 Reading and Writing 720-770,
Maths 770-800
University of Oxford 2 1470
Stanford University =3 Reading and Writing 690-760,
Maths 700-780
University of Cambridge =3 1460+
Harvard University 5 Reading and Writing 730-790,
Maths 730-800
California Institute of Technology 6 Reading and Writing 740-760,
Math 790-800
University of Chicago 9 1470-1570
University of Pennsylvania 13 Reading and Writing 700-770,
Maths 720-790
Yale University 14 Reading and Writing 730-780,
Maths 730-800
Columbia University 19 Reading and Writing 700-780,
Maths 710-790
Princeton University 12 Reading and Writing 710-780,
Maths 720-790
Cornell University 21 Reading and Writing 680-760,
Math 720-800
The University of Tokyo 23 1527
John Hopkins University 25 Reading and Writing 735,
Maths 780
University of Toronto 26 Reading and Writing 600-690, Maths 620-710
The Australian National University 27 1150-1480
University of California, Berkeley 32 Reading and Writing 630-720,
Maths 630-760
University of California, Los Angeles 36 Reading and Writing 620-710,
Maths 600-740
New York University (NYU) 42 Reading and Writing 660-740,
Maths 690-790
The University of New South Wales 43 1370-1540
Duke University 52 Reading and Writing 740,
Maths 770
Carnegie Mellon University 53 Reading and Writing 730,
Maths 780
Brown University 60 Reading and Writing 730,
Maths 750
Rice University 94 Reading and Writing 730,
Maths 775

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