Top 20 colleges for students with mid-level SAT Scores in May 2019 SAT

A sky-high score is something that every SAT aspirant wants. But not everybody is cut out for an SAT 1500 ...
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12 Questions you must ask your admission counselor!

A brilliant score in your exam is definitely needed for admission to your desired university. But that is just one ...
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what is a good sat score

What is a good SAT score in 2019 – 2020?

The SAT has four sections—Reading, Writing & Language, Math and Essay (optional). Reading and Writing & Language (together known as ...
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SAT prep - start early

When to start your SAT Prep – Start Early, Stay Ahead!

How early do I start with my SAT preparations? Is it too early to start when I have just completed ...
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how to get act scores

How to get ACT scores?

Hey, I just wrote my ACT, but sir, where do I check my ACT scores? When and how do I ...
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sat act superscore

How to ace the SAT/ACT?: SUPERSCORE!

Have you ever felt that you scored a little too low on the SAT? Do you want to score more? ...
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SAT Reading Passages

SAT Reading Passages: Where do they come from?

Have you ever wondered where the expert exam question-setters source their passages from, or at least tried to search for ...
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Study in Australia

A Quick Guide to Pursuing College Studies in Oz Australia is the 3rd most popular study destination, after US and ...
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Big Questions : ACT vs SAT

Most colleges in the US give you a choice of examination. You can either give the SAT or the ACT, ...
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what is lsat

What is the LSAT?

The LSAT, or the Law School Admission Test, is taken by students across the world who want to enter Law ...
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What is the PSAT? How is it different from the SAT?

The Preliminary SAT (PSAT) is a test conducted by the College Board in the US (the same organization that administers ...
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colleges india sat

Colleges in India that accept SAT scores

Typically, the SAT is taken to seek admission to undergraduate programs of colleges and universities in the US. Given the ...
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Study in Germany : 8 Reasons to Choose Germany for Your College Studies

Universities, courses, cost of living, visa, jobs and more! Germany is a name that is synonymous with innovation. Contact lens, ...
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sat syllabus

SAT Exam Syllabus (2018-19)

SAT is a paper-based standardized test that is used as one of the entrance criteria for admission to universities and ...
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AP Exams : What They Can Do For You

AP stands for Advanced Placement Program. This program allows high school students to take college-level courses and earn credits while ...
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Top 4 universities of Ireland, their eligibility criteria and application process

Top universities, scholarships, living costs, jobs and much more! While universities in the US have accepted fewer international students this ...
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ACT Exam: To Take or Not To Take?

The ACT is a computer-delivered test that is used for admission to undergraduate programs of universities and colleges in the ...
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5 Tips to Write an Unbeatable College Application Essay

Like it or hate it, it is here to stay. We’re talking about the good old college application essay. If ...
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How to Create a Great Profile for Undergraduate Admissions

This post deals with the requirements of a successful undergraduate application and what colleges expect while evaluating prospective applications. Standardized ...
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SAT vs SAT subject tests

What are SAT and SAT Subject Tests?

What are SAT and SAT Subject Tests? When should you take them? How should you prepare for them? And when ...
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Key tips to crack gmat (1)

How to improve your profile for SAT college application

Is class 9th too early to start building my profile for undergraduate colleges? Is class 12th too late to start? ...
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NEW SAT-Experimental section

The NEW SAT: Experimental section or not?

The New SAT! Something that we have been looking forward to; the College Board has done a commendable job in ...
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