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Looking for job change? MBA. Looking for better salary? MBA. Looking for growth opportunities? MBA. Looking to be your own boss? MBA. Indeed, MBA seems to be the universal answer for all those who are raring to go into overdrive on the career front.

And if you have set your sights on getting an MBA in the land of dreams a.k.a. the United States of America, then congratulations, you have already set the ball rolling towards success-osphere! Because this country virtually invented the MBA degree: it was first offered at Harvard Business School in 1908.


1. Why study MBA in USA?
2. How to apply for MBA in the USA?
3. Essential Eligibility Criteria for MBA in the USA
4. Cost of pursuing MBA in the USA
5. Diverse Pool of MBA Specializations
6. Jobs after completing MBA from the USA
7. Scope of earning during learning

Why study MBA in USA?

When you look at top 10 companies of the world by revenue generation and market capitalization, the US single-handedly bags 5 spots! The States is a world in itself and it offers you:

  • Top ranked universities & colleges
  • Cutting edge course specializations
  • Globally respected degree
  • Faculty who are stalwarts in the field
  • Cultural diversity
  • Best learning experience
  • Earn while you learn opportunities
  • STEM MBAs: know what they are
  • Best industry-academia interface
  • Best research avenues
  • Opportunity to network
  • Higher salaries – Read Why do MBA graduates receive such high salaries?

How to apply for MBA in the USA?

The first and foremost thing to do to apply for an MBA at some US-based university is research. Such research will clear the clutter and provide you with some great business schools and universities to your liking. You should be on the lookout for GMAT score requirements, fees and scholarships, application essay questions, MBA interview format and of course, deadlines for various rounds; Read MBA Admissions: Round 1 vs Round 2 which round should you apply in?

Once you’ve got a handful of options by your side, you should send the admission inquiry emails to the selected universities and business schools. After receiving the replies, if you stand clear of their eligibility requirements, fill the application form, which is primarily available online on their official websites and pay the application fees and submit it before the deadline. You can send you GMAT scores to B-schools directly after finishing your test.

Essential Eligibility Criteria for MBA in the USA

Here we give you a basic outline of the eligibility criteria that most US universities and business schools follow. But you should check with your selected university personally to avoid any misunderstandings.

Cost of pursuing MBA in the USA

The average cost of a 2-year MBA degree in the USA is around $195,000. Many B-schools offer scholarships to international students who wish to pursue MBA in the USA. Additionally a majority of students take study abroad education loans to fulfill their dreams of pursuing an MBA from US universities and business schools.

Here is the list of some scholarships and financial aid options:

  • Harvard University- Need-Based Fellowships
  • Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship
  • Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship
  • Chicago Booth: The India Trust Fellowship
  • JN Tata Endowment Scheme for Higher Education of Indian Students
  • Emerging Economy Fellowships for University of Pennsylvania, Wharton
  • The Board of Overseers China & India Fellowships for Columbia Business School

Also check out Top 11 scholarships for Indian students to pursue MBA abroad

Diverse Pool of MBA Specializations

US-based universities and business schools offer a bag full of specializations that a student can choose for their 2-year MBA degree. Such additional disciplines help you gain some extra in-depth knowledge of business work factory. Such domains include the field of interest like Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Operation Management, Consulting, Finance and many more.

Jobs after completing MBA from the USA

There is no doubt that there is a tremendous demand for MBAs all around the world. Professional work domains like Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Economics, Strategy, Business Development and others can offer you some fat paychecks based on your specialization and skills.

Scope of earning during learning

There’s hardly any student who, while pursuing an MBA from the United States of America, does not work while studying. International students who possess an F-1 or M-1 visa are allowed to work on campus for 20 hours a week while the session is on and 40 hours a week during holidays and term breaks. Students generally take up jobs like research associates, teaching assistants, peer tutor, library monitor, tour guide, tech support, etc.

We hope we were able to dispel some doubts regarding pursuing an MBA in the US. If you are thinking feasibility, we assure you that as long as the businesses and economies grow, so will the demand for MBA graduates. Connect with our experienced counsellors and US specialists for deeper insight into pursuing your MBA from US and getting your customized MBA admissions plan. Just a 15 minute call can make all the difference. Try it now!

So, live your life and live your dreams!

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