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What Our Students Say

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Yash Kumar from Delhi  |  GRE Score – 332

“I wanted to inform you that I just gave my GRE Exam a few weeks back and got 332. I want to thank Jamboree for all its support. Your program is great.”

Narendran Sundar from Chennai  | GRE Score – 325

“I want to thank Jamboree for its fabulous materials for GRE preparation. Their approach is completely organized, comprehensive and easy to follow. Special mention to the tutor for her constant motivation and support. 15-week, intense, fast-track schedule worked wonders and I feel that is how GRE is to be cracked. Thank you again!!”

Sanchit Sharma from Delhi  |  GMAT Score – 730

“I started preparing for GMAT on my own. However, after spending about a month I was stuck at the same 680 level and that’s when I thought of joining Jamboree. I took my time taking practice sessions at other institutes as well but the NFC staff and teaching style impressed me the most. Amit sir deserves a special mention. I believe he’s the senior most member of the faculty and the BEST for quant. His teaching style coupled with his determination helped me reach the 50 level in quant. Overall, I was quite happy that I joined Jamboree and would recommend this to others as well. Best of luck!!”

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Abhishek Vijaykumar from Bangalore  |  GMAT Score – 710

“I first approached Jamboree for a consultation session and they put me on the road to the GMAT. My experience in jamboree was unlike that of any other educational centre in the past. The teachers were not only professional and knowledgeable but also friendly and approachable. The unique factor that I experienced in every class was the mutual enjoyment felt by both the teachers and students. The classes were enjoyable as the teachers established an environment where interactions were always welcome. But by far the most impressive aspect of Jamboree was the amount of personal attention that every trainer pays to each student, trainers share their phone numbers or email ids on which they are frequently accessible. Jamboree also provides comprehensive study material, which covers every important topic and question type, several times over. The webinar sessions provided a platform for all me to clear my doubts from the comfort of my own home. There was never a worry of missing classes as classes could be attended at very flexible hours in different batches. In my opinion Jamboree is your best option if you’re looking to beat the GMAT.”

Saurabh Banga from Noida  |  GRE Score – 328

“I would like to express my gratitude to Jamboree as it played a cardinal role in securing a high score in the GRE. The material they provide was instrumental in improving my verbal and quant skills through practicing a multitude of questions. Also, the faculty was competent in elucidating the nuances of the way to answer questions correctly. Lastly, giving practice tests at the center helped me to identify and overcome my shortcomings. Thanking Jamboree for their assistance! “

Aashish Singh from Mumbai  |  SAT Score – 2150

“I loved the way Jamboree teachers helped me throughout. I scored a 1640 on my 1st mock test and Jamboree pulled it up to 2150! Also the Jamboree college admission counselors are fantastic. Thanks to the great score and the hard work my counselor put in, I got into 2 ivy leagues (Cornell and University of Pennsylvania) out of the 4 ivies I applied to. Apart from that, I also got accepted at Georgia Tech, UIUC, UCSD, Purdue and Drexel. 100% recommend them”

Karan Narula from Delhi  |  GMAT Score – 730

“I approached Jamboree because I wanted the most experienced people in the field to guide me through my GMAT journey. Jamboree helped me in every way possible, providing extensive and at the same time relevant course material and extremely useful classes covering all the topics. They provided unlimited doubt classes, step by step guidance and assisted me throughout the procedure. I would recommend Jamboree to all the people who want to be associated with a trusted guide and mentor for their GMAT.”

Jamboree student, Anshuman Singh, receives an award from Dr. G. Viswanathan (Founder and Chancellor of Vellore Institute of Technology) for obtaining the highest GRE score.

Ishmeet Kaur from Delhi  |  SAT Score – 1920

“The Sat classes at JAMBOREE were really helpful and guided me a lot. There were regular mock tests and discussions. The teachers used to teach lots of tricks and common mistakes which really helped me during the exam. Doubt sessions were held regularly.”

Sharang Kapoor from Bangalore  |  GRE Score – 325

“Just like all engineers in India I was solid at quant and very weak at verbal (vocabulary part). Jamboree’s vocab list was very well organized with all similar words grouped under a parent category. Furthermore the mocks were also very close to the actual GRE and taking them at the center simulated the actual GRE environment. Also I would like to thank faculty for being so supportive and always being available to solve my doubts.

Akanksha Shridhar from Mumbai  |  GRE Score – 324

“Extremely satisfied with Jamboree. The faculty members are really helpful and they make sure they are available all the time to answer doubts. Also very accommodating batches, especially since they let me transfer from Mumbai to Pune to complete my course.”

Anirban Ganguli from Kolkata  |  IELTS Score  – 8

“My experience with Jamboree has been good. The study materials were very helpful for my preparations and my IELTS teacher’s guidance was amazing as well.”

Yeshwanth Ashokan from Bangalore  |  IELTS Score  – 8

“One of the best places to go for IELTS coaching in Indira Nagar(Bangalore) area! Jamboree helped me in getting a pretty good score. Overall the place is a convenient and comfortable place to attend classes. The library over here is also a very good place to improve one’s vocabulary. I would recommend this place.”


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