You're joining the debate team, playing the cello, doing community service, and also painting, but why? 

It is true that top universities assess your profile holistically, including your academic profile and SAT scores, but hogging extracurriculars does not help. No matter where you look for ideas to stand out in the admissions pool, hundreds of other students are already looking there!

So, how exactly do you improve your profile for a bachelor's abroad?

That's where Jamboree comes into the picture. With 27+ years of experience in helping students get into their dream universities, we understand how different aspects of your application play a role and, more importantly - SAT and Undergraduate Admissions Abroad.

So, what's the hold-up? Join us in an exciting webinar featuring Vineet Gupta (Founder and Trustee, Ashoka University), Pranav Gupta (Director, Jamboree Education) and a panel of our young students, including Karanvir Vinayak (University of Alberta) and Nikhil Garg (University of Alberta).

This interactive seminar is a chance for students and parents to meet, mingle and ask all their doubts with seasoned industry experts and Ivy League graduates.

What's more? Discussions on:

  • Importance of SAT/ ACT in your application
  • What do colleges look for in your application
  • How to enhance your college application for Ivy League colleges
  • What scholarships and funding options are available?
  • Q&A session with experts and student panellists 

Oh, and did we tell you it is FREE? Register before the slots run out!

DATE: 29th January 2023 ( Sunday)

TIME: IST 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.



Vineet Gupta
Founder & Trustee, Ashoka University 

Vineet is an astute professional with 20+ years of study abroad counselling experience. His mentorship has led thousands of students to their dream colleges, with many making it to top universities like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford, MIT, etc. Vineet is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from IIT Delhi. He is also one of the founding members of Ashoka University and Plaksha University.


Pranav Gupta
Co-Founder and Director, Jamboree Education

A well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist & veteran in the study abroad sector, Pranav Gupta has been pivotal in leading the expansion of admission counselling at Jamboree. Pranav pursued his MBA from the university of Kansas, USA and is the founding member of Ashoka University & Plaksha University..

Nikhil Kumar Garg

Nikhil is a lively 18-year-old who joined Jamboree for SAT prep and admissions counselling services. He achieved a score of 1530 on the SAT and multiple admits to universities, including Illinois State University, Iowa State University, Guelph University, Alberta University, and the University of Victoria. Nikhil was also awarded scholarships worth $48,000 from nearly all of them. 


Karanvir Vinayak

Karanvir is a versatile 18-year-old who joined Jamboree for SAT prep and admissions counselling services. He achieved a score of 1350 on the SAT and landed multiple admits from universities, including the University of Alberta, Arizona State University, University of Buffalo, and the University of Illinois, Chicago.


About Jamboree 

Jamboree is the leading institute offering specialized classroom and online test prep solutions for study abroad entrance exams like GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS. Since 1993, we have trained 170,000+ students at 35 centers located in India and Nepal. We conduct regular info-sessions, webinars, in-center events, seminars and fairs to facilitate students in their study abroad journey. We also provide excellent admissions counseling and a wide range of value-added services.