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Studying abroad is a life-altering experience, whether it’s for pursuing your MS or Ph.D. You are exposed to new cultures, experiences, teaching methods and lifestyles. It is a journey of mixed emotions-on one hand, you are so far away from home and on the other, you are so close to some of the best minds in the world. The journey of studying abroad begins at home. Make sure that on this journey of personal and professional growth, you do not falter along the way to your dream university.

Most universities abroad follow a stringent multi-step Ph.D and MS admissions process. Whether you are a student or a working professional, the master’s admission process often becomes overwhelming. With a focus on required tests such as IELTS or TOEFL, it is likely that you will miss out on important details, or fail to pay equal attention to other aspects of the application process such as SOPs, LORs, admission essays, etc. One misstep and your application is sent to the rejection pile. With great competition for a limited number of seats, you would want to submit nothing but an exceptional application for your masters admission, especially if you are aiming for top MS or Ph.D programs at reputed universities.

MS and Ph.D admissions can be a complicated process. But don’t worry! At Jamboree, we have simplified your admission process. Since you have limited time at your hands, our best admissions consultants will do the scouting for you. All you have to do is fill out a form and we shortlist the best universities based on your profile. There’s more! We keep an eye out on deadlines, build your application essays (as per individual university requirements), review your LORs, help enhance your profile and prepare you for university-specific interviews.

Studying abroad can be a costly affair and we understand that. Therefore, our value-added services in association with our partners help you get the best study loans available in the market along with insurance options, sim cards, forex cards, student travel tickets and even student accommodation support. Our goal is the same as yours-to get you that acceptance letter with the maximum possible scholarship.

You’re at the right place at the right time. Get in touch with our expert counselor and full proof your study abroad plan with Jamboree. We offer you the best admission counseling for MS and top Ph.D admission consultants in India. No one does it better than us!

FAQ's on "MS/Ph.D Admission Counseling"

Here is a list of top universities to check out for Ph.D admissions-

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of Oxford
  • Stanford University
  • Cambridge university
  • Harvard University
  • California Institute of Technology–Caltech
  • Imperial College London
  • ETH Zurich
  • University College London
  • University of Chicago

The following is the list of documents usually required by universities at the time of Ph.D or MS admissions-

  • Academic transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Application Essays
  • CV/ Resume
  • IELTS, TOEFL, and other test scores

and other documents as specified by the individual university.

At Jamboree, we aim to make things easier for you. We offer a broad range of study abroad services which include-

  • Profile evaluation
  • Shortlisting and applying to universities
  • Admissions counseling
  • Building LORs, SOPs, admission essays
  • Interview training
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Services related to finance
  • GMAT, GRE, SAT classes

and other value-added services. The list is endless; connect with our counselor and we’ll tailor the right services for you.

Universities usually require an English proficiency test such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. scores at the time of application. Students from non-English speaking countries including India, are required to submit these scores. On the other hand, if students have done their high school and bachelor’s in English medium and can provide the supporting documents, they might be exempted from standard English language tests.

The countries usually preferred by Indian students to study abroad are-

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Ireland

When pursuing masters abroad, the total cost of your course will depend on a lot of factors. Your tuition fee will vary according to the university chosen and your cost of living will depend on the city, lifestyle, housing, transportation, and other everyday expenses. Our expert counselors will help you figure out the total cost of your education based on the universities shortlisted for you.

We recommend you start as early as possible. This will help you research better and make informed decisions. Studying abroad is a responsible task with its own returns and you should leave no room for error. Start at least a year (or intake) in advance so that you are ready in time for your application with your essays, LORs, SOPs, etc. We are, of course, there to help you and make things easier for you so that you can submit a winning application.

Why do you want to play cricket on your own when you have Kapil Dev to teach you? It’s not just a better game, it’s also more runs, perfect balling, and more wickets down!

MS/PHD Admission Counselling FAQs

As per QS world rankings (2019), Germany hosts some of the world-class, global B­ schools, ranked in top 100. These programs offer an international curriculum and opportunities to work on capstone projects. This has enabled Germany to carve a niche, in terms of offering the best education in the field of Business and Management studies/ MBA. Germany is the fifth most popular destination among study abroad aspirants because along with being offered lucrative jobs, applicants can also choose from a wide range of specializations such as Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, International Healthcare Management, and Technology Management. Therefore, given the benefits of pursuing an MBA in Germany, by 2020, the number of foreign students studying in Germany would be ~ 350,000.

About Jamboree's Admissions Counseling Services

Study Abroad Counseling:

How it works

Profile Assessment and Enhancement
Profile Assessment and Enhancement

A good profile is the one that works where it’s meant to: your desired college! Our sole aim is that your profile stands out among thousands of your competitors. We make sure to: Match your profile with desired colleges Identify gaps in your profile Recommend activities to fill that gap Showcase your extracurricular profile effect...

Shortlisting Universities
Shortlisting Universities

Over 15 years of counseling thousands of students and building a vast network of university contacts, we know exactly what works where. We assess your current profile carefully and based on our extensive experience and database, we give you 2 kinds of shortlists: tentative (if you don’t have your exam score yet) and final (if you do have your...

Preparing Application Documents
Preparing Application Documents

Your application introduces you to the university. It must be flawless and help you put your best foot forward. We, at Jamboree, know the utmost importance of your application documents. We have standard questionnaires that you must answer to give us an idea of how to leverage your achievements to the best possible advantage. We hold numerous brain...

Financial Planning
Financial Planning

College website is your best source of information related to tuition fee and other expenses. How we help you is by providing you with a checklist and a complete set of sample forms—financial certificates, affidavit, bank statement, referrals, loan-sanctioning letter—needed by the university from you, your parents and the bank. We also ...

Interview Training
Interview Training

We always encourage UG, MBA and some MS aspirants to appear in interviews. If shortlisted by the university, we train you rigorously and give you crucial pointers on spoken English and content to make you well-prepared and confident about yourself, your interests and your reasons to apply to that particular college. After each mock interview, the t...

Visa Counseling
Visa Counseling

Your admission letter is a great accomplishment and a reason to celebrate. But your journey isn’t over yet! You need to make sure that you get your visa. We step in to help you with your visa application and paperwork. We also hold mock interview sessions to prepare you for your final visa interview at the embassy.

Pre-Departure Orientation
Pre-Departure Orientation

As you are about to take your first step towards a glorious future, a thousand questions must run in your mind—What clothes should I pack for college? What books would I need? How much cash should I carry? and so on.   Jamboree holds a Pre-departure Orientation session every year where we address these kind of questions and a lot m...

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