The SAT Exams for 3rd June'23 were canceled in 2 Delhi centres - British School & Pathways Noida. If your exam is also canceled due to any other reasons, please call Collegeboard on Monday after 10:00 am EST at +1-212-713-7789 or 866-756-7346 for a retest or re-registration for August SAT.

SAT Private Tutoring Program

We Teach How to Ace the SAT exam
Annapurna Pandita GRE
Amit Dhebri GRE
Reeby Puthur GRE
Priyansee  palriwala GRE
Vaanshika mahindroo GRE


Harini SAT 1600 Aarsh Roongta SAT 1590 Aditi Malhotra SAT 1580 Ajayesh Natta SAT 1580 Aditya Reddy Dasari SAT 1580 Chinmayi Ramasubramanian SAT 1570 Somansh Sahoo SAT 1570 Pranavi Agrawal SAT 1560 Ayush Goel SAT 1550 Aanya Singh Dhankhar SAT 1550 Aayush Goyal SAT 1550 Arushi Manjunath SAT 1540 Arush Handa SAT 1540 Sayura Rohini Lokhande SAT 1540 Rohan Singh SAT 1540 Rishit Malpani SAT 1540 Ajitesh Vishwanath SAT 1530 Arush Vij SAT 1530 Karunyaa T.C.A. SAT 1530 Rishabh Chhapola SAT 1530 Karthik Rishi Jayakumar SAT 1520 Abhishek Roy SAT 1520 Anandi Survase SAT 1520 Anandi Survase SAT 1520 Swastik Agarwal SAT 1520 Tvisha Jerath SAT 1520 Arav Bhargava SAT 1520 Madiha Khan SAT 1520 Anupama Sriram SAT 1520 Niharika Naik SAT 1520 Nikita Channa SAT 1520 Gitanjali Penumatsa SAT 1510 Pragun Gupta SAT 1510 Anshul Kamble SAT 1510 swastik sharma SAT 1510 Trisha Nandakumar SAT 1510 Medhya Ravishankar SAT 1510 Siddhartha Attaluri SAT 1510 Siddhartha Chakilam SAT 1510 Nikhil Kumar Garg SAT 1510 Madhav Agarwal SAT 1510 Divij Butte SAT 1500 Bibas Kandel SAT 1500 Sanyam Agrawal SAT 1500 Rishaant Jain SAT 1500 Arnav Aggarwal SAT 1500 Aaryan Gaur SAT 1500 Abantika Bagchi SAT 1500 Asavari Deshmukh SAT 1500 Archit Malviya SAT 1500 Vanya Goel SAT 1500

What Do You Want to Study?

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SAT Private Tutoring Features

Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • Customized one-on-one tutoring sessions with highly experienced SAT faculty
  • Customized hour-based tutoring packages
  • 40+ hours of concept-based HD videos by expert SAT faculty
  • 100+ hours of webinars - Foundation sessions, Book 2 question discussion, Test discussion, Admissions information
  • Math and Verbal Refresher sessions just before SAT test date
  • Unlimited doubt-clearing sessions
  • Proctored Testing: 26 actual SAT test papers
  • Test discussion sessions for all the tests with the faculty
  • 11 verbal sectional tests designed to enhance your accuracy, speed and stamina
  • Detailed study plan customized to your target score and exam date
  • Test-taking strategy - 2 class-based full-length tests and test discussion

Our Students Can’t Stop Talking About Us

Kusha Maharshi

Kusha Maharshi

SAT Score - 1560

"I would thoroughly recommend it for SAT preparation. Classes helped me get a grip on all sections of the examination. I also got access to SAT prep tests and questions in the lab. A good experience, definitely."

Angad Johar

Angad Johar

SAT Score - 1500

"Jamboree offers plenty of one-on-one time with the faculty, which in my case was game-changing. I would bookmark questions from the dashboard and discuss them with my teachers."

Freiya Malhotra

Freiya Malhotra

SAT Score - 1490

"Utterly satisfied with everything from their faculty to the material they provided and the online student dashboard. Would 100% recommend Jamboree to my juniors."

Navya Uberoi

Navya Uberoi

SAT Score - 1460

"Jamboree did a great job managing my SAT classes alongside my school. Their faculty have a very fun and engaging way of teaching. Plus, the mock tests were especially helpful in giving the test-day experience"

Pankita Tibrewala

Pankita Tibrewala

SAT Score - 1390

I studied at Jamboree's Andheri office for my SAT preparation and admissions counselling services. My SAT preparation was structured, in-depth and detailed, with faculty always available for doubt-solving. Their admission counselling process helped me streamline my applications. I had multiple sessions with my counsellor Ms Vaishali on filling out, brainstorming and structuring my applications. I will be attending UCSD as a freshman this September and I am pleased with the help and support I have received from Jamboree Andheri.

Why Choose Jamboree for SAT Test Prep?

The best and the most experienced faculty for the SAT test prep

The most effective content for score improvement

Simplified teaching methodology to maximize your speed and accuracy

Regular progress tracking and discussion to strengthen your weak areas

Personalized attention through Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions

26 actual SAT full length tests with proctoring

Human Excellence Meets Artificial Intelligence

Interactive HD Videos

Interactive HD Videos

Get access to pre-recorded videos that cover all the concepts tested on the SAT, followed by practice quizzes.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Doubt Clearing Sessions

The online portal makes it easy to schedule doubt clearing sessions (general or 1-on-1) at your convenience.

Customized Study Plan

Customized Study Plan

Keep yourself on track with a customized SAT study plan based on your target test date. 

SAT Free Resources

SAT Quiz

Take the SAT prep test and begin your SAT coaching

Study Planner

Begin your online SAT coaching with this study planner prepared by our experts to help you with your SAT prep

Syllabus Download

Download the SAT syllabus now and get a head start on your SAT prep


It varies from student to student. In our experience, it takes anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to prepare for the SAT exam.
The SAT exam does not test your theoretical knowledge of Math or English or Grammar. It tests your reasoning ability. Jamboree does not teach you complicated math formulae or complex grammar rules; we teach strategies that help students solve the questions with speed and accuracy. So, if you follow the advice of your trainers, there is no reason to not get a good score.
Each session will be 2-hours long. You can clear your doubts with the faculty during the session.
The classes will be during our office hours. The schedule of the classes will be made in advance after discussing with you and the faculty.
The classes along with the doubt clearing session will be conducted in a live online 1-on-1 mode. Mock tests can be taken at home on the student portal or at the center for a more exam day-like experience.
Jamboree offers Admissions Counselling services that can cater to all your university selection and application requirements. In addition to those, we conduct regular webinars, info-sessions and chat sessions where you can get your admissions-related queries answered.
The study material and tests provided by Jamboree will be more than enough.
We are always available to address your queries, you can contact us at or at +91 9971285337. We’ll be happy to help.

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