SAT Classroom Training Program

We Teach How to Ace the SAT exam
Harini SAT 1600 Aarsh Roongta SAT 1590 Aditi Malhotra SAT 1580 Aditya Reddy Dasari SAT 1580 Ajayesh Natta SAT 1580 Somansh Sahoo SAT 1570 Chinmayi Ramasubramanian SAT 1570 Ayush Goel SAT 1550 Aayush Goyal SAT 1550 Aanya Singh Dhankhar SAT 1550 Rohan Singh SAT 1540 Arush Handa SAT 1540 Arushi Manjunath SAT 1540 Sayura Rohini Lokhande SAT 1540 Rishit Malpani SAT 1540 Ajitesh Vishwanath SAT 1530 Arush Vij SAT 1530 Rishabh Chhapola SAT 1530 Tvisha Jerath SAT 1520 Arav Bhargava SAT 1520 Anupama Sriram SAT 1520 Karthik Rishi Jayakumar SAT 1520 Abhishek Roy SAT 1520 Anandi Survase SAT 1520 Swastik Agarwal SAT 1520 Niharika Naik SAT 1520 Nikita Channa SAT 1520 Madiha Khan SAT 1520 Madhav Agarwal SAT 1510 swastik sharma SAT 1510 Trisha Nandakumar SAT 1510 Nikhil Kumar Garg SAT 1510 Pragun Gupta SAT 1510 Anshul Kamble SAT 1510 Gitanjali Penumatsa SAT 1510 Medhya Ravishankar SAT 1510 Sanyam Agrawal SAT 1500 Arnav Aggarwal SAT 1500 Rishaant Jain SAT 1500 Vanya Goel SAT 1500 Abantika Bagchi SAT 1500 Asavari Deshmukh SAT 1500 Aaryan Gaur SAT 1500

SAT Classroom Training Features

  • 40+ hours of concept-based HD videos by expert SAT faculty
  • 100+ hours of webinars - Foundation sessions, Book 2 question discussion, Test discussion, Admissions information
  • Math and Verbal live Refresher sessions just before SAT test date
  • Jamboree’s study material - 2 books
  • Unlimited doubt-clearing sessions
  • Proctored In center tests - 26 actual SAT test papers
  • Test-taking strategy - 2 class-based full-length tests and test discussion
  • Test discussion sessions for all the tests with the faculty.
  • 11 verbal sectional tests designed to enhance your accuracy, speed and stamina
  • Detailed study plan customized to your target score and exam date
  • IELTS or TOEFL classes (in-center or live), complete study material and full-length tests
  • Complimentary interaction session with Admissions Expert on 'Application & Profile building strategy' Parent orientation webinars
  • Well-stocked library with important SAT reference books
  • Course validity of 1 year with options of repeating classes, testing, doubt clearing

Our Students Can’t Stop Talking About Us

At Jamboree, I was able to develop the specific skills required to score well on the SAT. I feel that Jamboree's authentic content and experienced English faculty were available at all hours and were extremely helpful in helping me tackle my weaknesses.

Vishwakrit Choradia

SAT Score: 1550

Jamboree really helped me with Verbal, my verbal section score in practice tests before Jamboree used to be around 590 but after Jamboree my score went up to 700+.


SAT Score: 1540

I aimed at getting a good SAT score and Jamboree helped me achieve it. Their SAT program has a planned and well-designed curriculum that catered to all my preparation needs. The faculty was well experienced and greatly supported me through my journey.

Naima Gupta

SAT Score: 1540

Working with me is the most grinding task because I have a complete let go attitude, but Jamboree invested so much time and effort in me and my application. Jamboree has left an extremely positive and affirmative impact on me that I'll recommend it to everyone.

Koushank Ahuja

SAT Score: 1520

A wonderful institute with amazing teachers! They make your preparation smooth and cater to all your personal needs. I'm thoroughly impressed with their services and indeed would acknowledge the huge role that they have played in helping me get 1520.

Suhani Yadav

SAT Score: 1520

Great faculty and staff! Very helpful and encouraging! The teaching and practice material is up to date and they also have a very well-organized syllabus. Overall a great institute! I highly recommend Jamboree for SAT prep.

Sera Gandhi

SAT Score: 1500

Jamboree has not only been an SAT prep Institute for me, it has been an experience. The personal affection I got here was unparalleled. Irrespective of scores, the teachers encouraged me to focus on learning as a result of which, I was able to improvise myself to a great extent.

Hitarth Shah

SAT Score: 1490

This is definitely the best coaching for SAT. The faculty put in hours and hours of time to make sure that we completely understand the concepts. I saw a change of 250+ points in my test after joining Jamboree.

Pramey Kabra

SAT Score: 1470

I prepared for the SAT with Jamboree for a month before I gave the test. Under the guidance of the stellar faculty at the center, I was able to jump my score by about 150 points. The teachers really helped me clear concepts that were previously ambiguous, and it benefited me a lot. read more

Nehansh Saxena

SAT Score: 1450

Why Choose Jamboree for SAT Test Prep?

The best and the most experienced faculty for the SAT test prep

The most effective content for score improvement

Simplified teaching methodology to maximize your speed and accuracy

Regular progress tracking and discussion to strengthen your weak areas

Personalized attention through Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions

26 actual SAT full length tests with proctoring

Want to know more about the SAT, like eligibility, fees, test structure, test dates

Human Excellence Meets Artificial Intelligence

Interactive HD Videos

Get access to pre-recorded videos that cover all the concepts tested on the SAT, followed by practice quizzes.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

The online portal makes it easy to schedule doubt clearing sessions (general or 1-on-1) at your convenience.

Customized Study Plan

Keep yourself on track with a customized SAT study plan based on your target test date. 

SAT Free Resources

SAT Quiz

Take the SAT Mini Quiz to get a better idea of how you will do on the SAT. 

Demo Videos

Get free access to videos which cover tips, tricks, knowledge, and concepts to help you ace the SAT.

Study Planner

Identify your strengths and weaknesses for different concepts tested on the SAT. Discuss your performance with faculty and get a personalized SAT study plan.

Syllabus Download

Download the SAT syllabus to get acquainted with everything that SAT will test you on. 

Full-Length Practice Test

Jamboree's SAT practice tests have been specifically designed for students who want to gauge their test preparedness. 


The SAT exam fee for Indian students is USD 109
Digital SAT will be conducted seven times a year: March, May, June, August, October, November and December.
It is one of the various criteria that admission committees looks at. However, a good SAT score does improve your chances of getting admission and financial aid.
You can register online or by mail. The detailed information about registering for the SAT can be found at
SAT can be taken an unlimited number of times.
Your SAT score will be valid for 5 years from the date the test was taken.

The Digital SAT is scored on a scale of 400-1600. The sectional break up is:

  • Math: 200 - 800
  • Verbal: 200 - 800
Scores of Digital SAT are expected to be delivered within a few days of you taking the exam.
Most of the universities consider ‘super scores’ for admissions. Super score is the sum of your highest sectional scores across all your SAT attempts.
You should be ready with your SAT scores at the time of applying to universities. The College Board also says that sending scores very early shows colleges that you are a very interested applicant.

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