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Jamboree Education is the top admissions consultant in Chennai. We have a legacy of high scores as well as great admits in universities like Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, Stanford, ISB. Our overseas education consultancy in Chennai has ensured that our students make it to their dream university anywhere in the world. Most good universities in USA, Canada, UK, France, Singapore, Australia/NZ and other top study destinations review your profile holistically and this means that having high test scores is not enough. You also need excellent statements of purpose, relevant LORs and effective resume showcasing your profile to your best advantage. Our overseas education consultancy in Chennai offers complete admissions support right from profile building to pre-departure preparation.

We specialize in providing customized services for profile improvement, resume building, university selection using pointers from your profile and your personal preference, drafting your application essays and SOPs, reviewing your letters of recommendation, helping you master university-specific interviews and finally, giving you pre-departure assistance.

In addition to the above, we help you with visa interview tips, study abroad loan guidance, accommodation support, discounted air tickets, sim card assistance and many other value-added services for your smooth transition to starting college life in your preferred country.

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Unbeatable track record of 200,000+ admits at universities across the globe


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Undivided attention by our mentors and faculty, delivering the highest test scores

Test Prep

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Unlimited review sessions by our experts for application material at every stage


Insightful University Shortlists

Uninhibited and database-driven shortlisting to find your best fit


Comprehensive Financial Services

Thorough guidance on loans and scholarships with Jamboree’s value-added services

Visa Application

Visa Application

Once you’re admitted, Jamboree continues to stay by your side with guidance on documentation and visa services.

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We launch weekly batches

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What Jamboree chennai students have to say

Gautham Kailash

Gautham Kailash, GMAT 740

Scored a 740! (V42, Q48) in my Gmat. I undertook coaching from the Nungambakkam branch. The program is comprehensive and structured from Day 1 and is aided by concise and well-compiled material. The faculty offer more support than you’ll ever need through individual sessions and Webinars, apart from the regular classes. Some of the nota...ble things that helped me were: Methods and tips on SC questions which save loads of time in Verbal (Faculty- Srivatsan), Approach to data sufficiency questions which helped overcome arguably the biggest roadblock in Quant (Faculty- JaiGanesh). I would definitely recommend this centre if you are looking to improve your approach to GMAT problems and optimize your strategy. read more

Deepthi Mohan

Deepthi Mohan, GRE 322

Took a month long GRE prep class and was able to score 320+ while working at the same time. The faculty were very accommodating and helped me navigate the prep easily.

I'd especially like to call out Suresh (Verbal faculty) for helping with mock tests before the exam. He took multiple extra sessions so I was comfortable before for the test.

Gopu, my quant faculty, was very patient in class and clarified concepts. As someone who hadn't used high school in a long time, doing this was useful for me.

The centre provides you with prep material and mock tests .The faculty also help you devise a study plan after attending their classes. While I did not have the time for comprehensive classes prep, I'd suggest students to take the classes at least 3 months before giving the test so they have sufficient time for studying after attending the classes. Space and resources are provided for individual preparation in the centre itself.
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Karthik. R. Annigeri

Karthik. R. Annigeri, ADMISSION MS Chemical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech

My experience with Jamboree has been very helpful in enabling me to pursue graduate studies overseas. The team of professionals including teaching faculty, councilors and writers provided valuable guidance with regard to completing the application process and securing good marks in the necessary examinations. With their great help and... support, I was able to get admits from Georgia Tech and Carnegie Mellon University for an M. S. program in Chemical Engineering. I am very grateful to Mrs. Saravanan, Mrs. Mukherjee and the various teachers in the Nungambakkam center for their guidance. read more

Paridhi Ramadive

Paridhi Ramadive, ADMISSION MS Bio Statistics from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

My experience with Jamboree has been really amazing. They have an excellent team with dedicated counsellors who are extremely approachable. They have been very helpful throughout the counseling process, especially following the deadlines. I was working as an IT professional and wanted to pursue MS in Bio-statistics and approached the...m for my counselling and admissions process. I got an admit from UNC Chapel Hill because of the continuous support and guidance. I greatly appreciate the encouragement and help offered by the entire team.   read more

S. Sayee Krishna

S. Sayee Krishna, ADMISSION MS Industrial Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of South Florida, Wayne State University

My experience with jamboree was very good. The faculties were amazing, helping and very dedicated. They are approachable any time and provide counselling round the clock.  I was working as a service engineer and wanted to pursue MS in industrial engineering and approached them for aid and counselling. I got admit from University... of South Florida thanks to their guidance and support. read more

Akshay D. Kumar

Akshay D. Kumar, ADMISSION Wright State University, Northeastern University

The colleges shortlisted by my counselor were perfectly categorized according to my goals and my profile. My SOP's, LOR's and Resume were the strongest points as I have a very average profile. Jamboree helped me in reaching for the stars. The essay writer and my counselor were available at any point of time and I am extremely satisfi...ed with the amount of work they put in to make my profile look amazing. I got an admit from Northeastern University, and I know that it is not because of my profile but because of how it was presented and explained in words. I would recommend all GRE aspirants to join Jamboree and get counseling from them too.  read more

Sudha. T.N.


My experience at Jamboree has been really amazing with excellent faculty and experienced counsellors who are easily approachable. The support extended by the team helped me in preparing for entrance test and documentation (essay, Letter of Recommendation and application review). I got admission into one of India’s premier business schoo...l and am very excited in taking up PGDM course in June 2018. Truly appreciate the encouragement and support of the entire staff of Jamboree. read more

J Vivek Adithya

J Vivek Adithya, ADMISSION MSc Power Engineering from TU Delft, Arizona State University, Virginia Tech (100%+GA), North Carolina State University

Jamboree has provided me with top quality service for admission counselling that helped me get admissions into reputed institutes like Virginia Tech and UT Austin for MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The counsellors are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and have offered their guidance right from admission selection, to he...lping prepare financial documents for universities. They have been an encouraging force at every step of my admission and I strongly recommend Jamboree for anyone aspiring to pursue Masters abroad. 
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Raagavi, ADMISSION MSc Sustainable Engineering Technology from TU Delft

I have got admission into TU Delft and DTU. I would like to thank Jamboree admissons for sparing their time and helping me prepare the required documents within the given time. There was quite a delay in sending the edited drafts, but still the documents were good. I would like to personally thank my counsellor and writer for helping me i...n timely situations. read more

Vigil. M

Vigil. M, ADMISSION MBA in Myra and Woxsen

Jamboree Annanagar is one of the best places for serious GMAT aspirants. My experience with Jamboree was really amazing. Faculties have been really helpful in clearing doubts all the time and class size allows students to get individual attention. They teach us some of the best and easiest methods to tackle GMAT questions. Jamboree has a dedicated admission counselling team which guides to advance through all the stages of admission process to best b-schools. I thank jamboree for their support and encouragement offered throughout my test preparation and interviews. read more

R.Dinesh Riju

R.Dinesh Riju, ADMISSION MS Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University

My experience with Jamboree has been extremely astonishing, an astounding group of devoted counselors who are greatly agreeable. They have been exceptionally useful all through the applications procedure, particularly catching up with deadlines. I wanted to pursue MS in Industrial Engineering and approached them for my admission process. ...I got admits from Arizona State University and SUNY Buffalo in light of the constant help and guidance. I greatly appreciate the support and help offered by the whole group. read more

Vivek Adithya

Vivek Adithya, GRE 325

Jamboree has provided me with top quality service for admission counselling that helped me get admissions into reputed institutes like Virginia Tech and UT Austin for MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The counsellors are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and have offered their guidance right from admission selection, to helpin...g prepare financial documents for universities. They have been an encouraging force at every step of my admission and I strongly recommend Jamboree for anyone aspiring to pursue Masters abroad. 

Also, I would like to use this testimonial as a subtle opportunity to inform you that I have received an admit from the University of Texas, Austin about 5 minutes back.
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Sam Christopher

Sam Christopher, GMAT 710

The support I received from the centre was phenomenal. The materials given to you is not vast but it covers all relevant topics required for the exam and it was more than enough to help me get a score of 710 (Q48 V40) in the GMAT exam.

Anjali Rajgopal

Anjali Rajgopal, IELTS 9

Mr. Sam of Jamboree Adyar (Chennai), was extremely patient in helping me address the elusive aspects of the IELTS, which were imperative to getting a Band 9. Regardless of the volume of students in the session, I always got personalized attention. It was the Jamboree community's overall commitment that helped me achieve the 9 I wante...d. read more

Varun Ramesh

Varun Ramesh, GRE

Jamboree in Chennai excels as the premier coaching center for GRE preparation. The faculty and staff at Jamboree are highly cooperative, providing comprehensive study materials and an efficient online portal. This platform allows students to tailor their preparation and assess their performance using a dedicated timetable. I wholeheartedl...y recommend Jamboree Chennai to anyone seeking the Best GRE classes in Chennai, coaching classes for GRE, and superior GRE Preparation material, whether they are preparing for GRE! read more

Deepshika Raghuraman

Deepshika Raghuraman, GRE

The study material provided by Jamboree Chennai centre proved immensely helpful. The diverse teaching styles of the faculty were instrumental in grasping complex concepts and preparing for the exam. The extensive access to library resources thoroughly equipped me for the final exam, with detailed explanations for each question. Overall, I... would strongly recommend Jamboree to students aiming for a remarkable GRE score, as it truly offers the Best coaching classes in Chennai for GRE prep. read more

Adhitya Narayan Rajkumar

Adhitya Narayan Rajkumar, GRE

It's challenging to find the right words to praise the quality of education provided by the Jamboree coaching centre for GRE prep. I attended both GRE and TOEFL classes, achieving excellent scores in both exams. The teachers were exceptional, readily available to assist, and the staff's courtesy exceeded expectations. They went above and ...beyond to organize classes and mock tests. I highly recommend Jamboree to all GRE aspirants, as it undoubtedly offers the Best coaching classes in Chennai for GRE. read more

Nivedita Jaishankar

Nivedita Jaishankar, GRE

The GRE Coaching at Jamboree is an excellent institute for GRE preparation. The faculty is highly competent and supportive, offering classes for GMAT and SAT as well. The branch is efficiently managed, and the study materials provided are of a high standard, perfectly adequate for the exams. Choosing Jamboree means selecting the Best ...coaching classes in Chennai for GRE..
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Manjari chaturvedi

Manjari chaturvedi, GRE

My overall experience with GRE preparation at the chennai center of Jamboree was positive. The academic and non-academic staff were helpful and effectively accommodated students' needs. The study material provided with the course was more than sufficient to achieve a good score in the exam.

Ghayathri Suriyamoorthy

Ghayathri Suriyamoorthy , GRE

Jamboree is a top-notch institution for GRE preparation, offering the Best GRE classes in Chennai and GMAT prep. The faculty and staff go the extra mile, simplifying complex topics and motivating students to aim higher and work diligently to achieve their goals. The support from the faculty and management is exceptional, and their detaile...d books and materials significantly aid in GRE preparation. I highly recommend Jamboree for GRE and other international university exams. read more

Akash Balakrishnan

Akash Balakrishnan , GRE

For admission counseling, the counselor guided me throughout the process, assisting with university selection and SOP writing. Anyone seeking higher education and requiring counseling and preparation assistance cannot go wrong with Jamboree. They offer the Best coaching classes in Chennai for GRE and comprehensive guidance in the admissio...n process. read more

Anupama Sunil

Anupama Sunil , GRE

I attended Jamboree for GRE and admission counseling. Even though I was already prepared for GRE while studying for the CAT, I found the study material at Jamboree to be of high quality. The study material was especially beneficial for TOEFL preparation, surpassing the official material provided by test makers. Jamboree also conducted val...uable mock tests, enhancing my preparation significantly, indeed the best centre in Chennai. read more

Dilip Dravid

Dilip Dravid, GMAT

Joining Jamboree for GMAT was a fantastic experience. The teaching staff is exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. The center is well-organized and disciplined, contributing to a nice and helpful exam preparation experience, indeed a great place in Chennai for GMAT preparation in Chennai.

Raja Narayanan

Raja Narayanan, GMAT

The service I received was exceptional. The faculties are highly experienced and professional. This center provides individual attention to each student. I wholeheartedly recommend Jamboree Nungambakkam to everyone preparing for GMAT, as it offers the Best GMAT classes in Chennai and comprehensive GMAT Preparation material.

Vignesh Narasimhan

Vignesh Narasimhan, GMAT

Jamboree’s Nungambakkam centre is the ultimate destination for GMAT preparation. The faculty is friendly, encourages students to ask questions, and provides a straightforward approach to solving questions. The center manager's motivation is a great support for achieving high scores and gaining admission to desired colleges. The GMAT mat...erials are exceptional, covering the basics and guiding students with dos and don'ts. read more

Diwakar Suruli Samy

Diwakar Suruli Samy, GMAT

The support I received from the center was phenomenal. The materials provided are not extensive but they cover all relevant topics necessary for the GMAT exam, proving more than sufficient for me to achieve a score of 710 (Q48 V40) in the GMAT.

Sam Christopher

Sam Christopher, GMAT

Jamboree is undoubtedly the best place to receive GMAT training. The staff is friendly, and the study materials available are of top-notch quality. The class structure is excellent and adheres to schedules. The ambiance is comfortable, and the trainers give their best. If you want to study for GMAT, Jamboree is the ideal choice, offering ...the Best GMAT classes in Chennai. read more

Priya Gunasekaran

Priya Gunasekaran, GMAT

Jamboree supports you throughout your journey. Each course structure is designed to yield results as students commit themselves to hard work. GMAT materials and post-class preparation guidance are invaluable for your preparation. If you aim for success, then you must join Jamboree for the Best GMAT classes in Chennai.

Prasanna Balaji

Prasanna Balaji, GMAT

I attended GMAT coaching, and the overall experience was pleasant. I learned many new concepts, and the staff from admission counseling provided significant help, Best stop for GMAT preparation in Chennai.

Abhishek Bhaumik

Abhishek Bhaumik, GMAT

Jamboree offers powerful material and teaches effective strategies for GMAT. The teaching faculty and non-teaching staff are incredibly helpful. I would wholeheartedly recommend this place for GMAT coaching. It's truly the Best coaching classes in Chennai for GMAT.

Meghna Reddy

Meghna Reddy, GMAT

I took GMAT classes and had IELTS mocks at Jamboree. They have highly energetic faculties who can assist in problem-solving effectively. It is a great place for all the GMAT preparation in Chennai that I will suggest to everyone who wants to prepare for GMAT.



I've recently completed my IELTS exam with an overall band score of 8 after an 8-week preparatory course at Jamboree. Jamboree and the able faculty helped me a lot. The format was explained and common pitfalls were demonstrated. Not to forget the mock tests. It clearly helped me in identifying my scope for improvement. There are adequate ...test materials to keep trying till one can feel comfortable with their score. Since the sample materials are calibrated to real test standards, the margin of gap between mock scores and real scores is very minimal. The other area where Jamboree helped me is the diversity in the group setting. People from different backgrounds and strengths are available to learn from. A fruitful experience on the whole in my pursuit towards a good IELTS score. read more



The TOEFL coaching classes from Jamboree helped me a lot to score 103 in TOEFL. The faculty here is extremely supportive and always gave me time for doubt sessions. It is only because of the teachers here that i was able to score perfect. Overall, Jamboree worked as an important catalyst in my preparation TOEFL. Thank You Jamboree.  ...      read more

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