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Welcome to Jamboree’s overseas education consultancy in Mumbai. We offer a complete range of services for students wanting to study abroad—from reviewing student profile to finally joining the foreign university. In short, we are an inseparable friend who stays by you till the time you arrive on shores abroad. We handhold you through every step of the way through profile building, university shortlisting, building your application essays, helping you with LORs and SOPs, preparing you for interviews, pre-departure orientation and even help you with financing, accommodation, visa and other value-added services.

We are among the top study abroad consultants in Mumbai with 17+ years of admissions counseling experience. Universities perform a complete review of the applicant's profile. So to successfully apply in universities abroad, you need much more than good test scores. Our profile review and enhancement service helps your profile stand out among thousands of your competitors.

If thousands of course and country options have you confused, Jamboree has a proven way to help. We take into consideration several factors like finance, aptitude, program preference, choice of country and placements on the basis of which we give you a tailored set of the most suitable universities where you have good chances of getting admission and scholarships. Our experienced team of writers and editors then get to work on your application essays and SOPs to help you put your best foot forward. You also receive university-specific personalized interview training sessions from our experienced counselors. All in all our goal is exactly aligned with yours - getting you to your best-fit program and university in your choice of country.

6 Reasons to Pick Jamboree

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Track Record

Assured Success

Unbeatable track record of 200,000+ admits at universities across the globe


Test Prep

Undivided attention by our mentors and faculty, delivering the highest test scores

Test Prep

Expert Team

Unlimited review sessions by our experts for application material at every stage


Insightful University Shortlists

Uninhibited and database-driven shortlisting to find your best fit


Comprehensive Financial Services

Thorough guidance on loans and scholarships with Jamboree’s value-added services

Visa Application

Visa Application

Once you’re admitted, Jamboree continues to stay by your side with guidance on documentation and visa services.

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We will carve a roadmap for your dream college

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We launch weekly batches

Find the right batch according to your schedule

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We will carve a roadmap for your dream college

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What Jamboree mumbai students have to say

Arjun Shah

Arjun Shah, GRE 340

Yes, I signed up for coaching at Jamboree. It helped me manage time and balance my studies...the reference material provided by my coaching centre also helped.

Gopikrishna Panicker

Gopikrishna Panicker, GMAT 740

My jump of 60 points from 680 to 740 was because of two components of the Jamboree training module - the online tests and the blue book. I realised after the first test that my reason for low score was the sentence correction questions - I went through the blue book especially the sentence correction questions in a 14-day time span.

Mekhla Shrivastav

Mekhla Shrivastav, GMAT 770

When I joined Jamboree, I started at a score of 690, what really helped me was the faculty of Jamboree. I did everything that the faculty at Jamboree asked me to do. The resources that Jamboree provides are very helpful, the red book, the blue book and the OG are like my bible.



I utilized Jamboree's counseling services for my ISB application and would like to appreciate their well structured process for every detail concerning the application. My counselor was very approachable with regards to any queries or apprehensions I had along the way. She was extremely humble and yet, to the point in her reviews/feedback.... As long as you know your story and the data points you want to highlight, the team at Jamboree will efficiently shape the content as per the B-schools' requirements. To condense, I would happily recommend it to anyone looking forward to building a strong B-school application read more

Pankita Tibrewala

Pankita Tibrewala, SAT 1390

I studied at Jamboree’s Andheri office for my SAT preparation. I also availed Jamboree’s admissions counseling services. My SAT preparation was structured, in depth and detailed with faculty available for doubt solving.

Jamboree’s admission counseling process helped me streamline my applications. I had multiple sessions with counsellor Ms.Vaishali on filling out, brainstorming and structuring my applications. My writer Ms.Nithya helped me come up with essays for my target schools. You have make the final edit though (speaking from experience). I will be attending UCSD as a freshman this September and I am pleased with the help and support I have received from Jamboree Andheri. read more

Drishtee Shah

Drishtee Shah, GRE

"Jamboree is the ultimate destination to learn how to excel in your GRE exams. The faculty is truly outstanding, and the batch size is so small that it feels like you're receiving personalized coaching.

Anusha Puttaswamy

Anusha Puttaswamy, GRE

"The best education and counseling center hands down. I joined Jamboree for GRE admissions and a comprehensive package to pursue higher education in the USA. My first point of contact for admissions was Anmol sir. He was extremely helpful, guiding me extensively about the universities and assisting me in realizing one of my dreams. The GR...E courses are thoroughly covered with excellent study materials and informative administrative sessions." read more



"Jamboree's GRE classes in Mumbai were a significant help in understanding the concepts in a simplified way and improving my chances of achieving a good score. The faculty is friendly too, always ready to clear your doubts. Highly recommended for GRE preparation. I would highly recommend them to anyone preparing for the GRE. Thank you so ...much for your help." read more

Renvil Dsa

Renvil Dsa, GRE

"My experience after joining Jamboree Mumbai for GRE preparation was incredibly beneficial. The unique teaching skills helped me immensely, and I started understanding quant very easily. I must say jamboree has the best teacher I've ever met. Best Centre in Mumbai for the GRE prep."

Parisha Desai

Parisha Desai, GRE

"I studied at the Borivali Branch for GRE, and the faculty was very approachable, and we had a great time learning and they showed genuine interest in solving our doubts and helping us learn concepts clearly. Best Centre in Mumbai for GRE Prep."

Titus Faroz

Titus Faroz, GRE

"I joined Jamboree for my GRE and Admission Counseling, and the experience was exceptional. I'd like to mention my admission advisor/counselor. All my doubts were promptly cleared, and he was there with me throughout the whole process, from shortlisting universities to reviewing and applying. Jamboree offers the best Preparation for GRE."

Rajvi shah

Rajvi shah, GRE

"Jamboree Mumbai had exceptionally helpful, professional, and truly excellent at what they do. I enrolled for both GRE and IELTS. The teaching and non-teaching staff are remarkable, always assisting in every possible way to help us achieve our goals."

Srinidhi Sharma

Srinidhi Sharma, GRE

"I joined Jamboree Mumbai for GRE Preparations, counseling, and IELTS. They have an amazing faculty, top-notch administration, and comprehensive study materials. All the teachers are incredibly helpful, professional, and excellent at their jobs."

Tej Shah

Tej Shah, GRE

"I joined Jamboree in Mumbai for my GRE Prep. The entire learning process was presented to us in a very engaging manner. All the teachers were always ready to address our queries. They have an amazing faculty who made quants interesting. His teaching skills greatly helped me with quants. Their online portal was also highly beneficial.... I truly appreciate Jamboree Mumbai for their support." read more

Faizan Ahmed

Faizan Ahmed, GMAT

"I received excellent services from Jamboree for GMAT. It covers 1 year of all-round service. The support staff is very helpful, and the study material and student portal cover everything - from the very basics to the advanced level. It's the best education center in Mumbai for GMAT and IELTS."

Ashish Kamble

Ashish Kamble, GMAT

"I approached Jamboree Borivali for GMAT 3 months back. I must say that my overall experience has been fabulous. Each facilitator is thoroughly experienced to guide you in every aspect, be it coaching or counseling. Very pleased with the services and recommend any newbie like me who has no idea about GMAT or TOEFL to consult Imran at Jamb...oree, Borivali. All your queries will, for sure, be patiently answered."
read more

Taneesh Parmar

Taneesh Parmar, GMAT

"Good faculty for GMAT. The Faculty take time to teach a few exam-specific tricks that will help in GMAT and are very approachable, best coaching centre for GMAT preparations in Mumbai "

Gourishankar Panicker

Gourishankar Panicker, GMAT

"I took GMAT and IELTS training as well as admission counseling for my masters abroad from Jamboree Mumbai and I really appreciate the services and support by Jamboree's team for thorough guidance throughout the admission process and helping me with my queries so that I can make a sound decision in choosing the right college. Jamboree GMA...T guidance but also guidance in college selection and admissions." read more

Ayesha Rawat

Ayesha Rawat, GMAT

"It was a great experience with Jamboree Borivali. The counselor and center staff have helped me with proper guidance. Faculties are the best; they clear doubts at the level we can understand. Trust me, the best GMAT preparation centre is 'Jamboree Mumbai'."

Nisha Sharma

Nisha Sharma, GMAT

"The class is a good institute. People and faculty were good and helpful. In short, a perfect destination in Mumbai, if one is looking for cracking GMAT."

Christy Samuel

Christy Samuel, GMAT .

"The faculty at Jamboree Mumbai is good for GMAT. I would highly suggest career counseling services and GMAT classes at Jamboree to everyone preparing for the exam"

Amit Rajput

Amit Rajput, GMAT

"Jamboree in Borivali provides the best GMAT classes in Mumbai. The coaching classes for GMAT are exceptional, and the preparation material is top-notch. It's undoubtedly the best coaching classes in Mumbai for GMAT."

Anvesh Inamdar

Anvesh Inamdar, SAT

"It was a good overall experience with faculty members having in-depth knowledge and being very helpful. The rest of the staff and support staff also contributed to proper growth and development, I highly recommend everyone Jamboree Mumbai for the SAT prep."

Vishmay Patel

Vishmay Patel, SAT

"Jamboree is a great place to kickstart your career abroad. It was good experience for SAT Prep, The faculties are very supportive and cooperative. They take a personal interest in resolving queries and doubts, ensuring that all the concepts are clear and aiming for every student to perform beyond expectations."

Nishant Kishor Pokalwar

Nishant Kishor Pokalwar, SAT

"I’m really happy that I chose Jamboree Mumbai as my platform for the SAT preparation, It was a great overall experience. All the staff and teachers were so kind and helpful, Thank you for being supportive and friendly throughout my admission process journey. I would strongly recommend this institution for anyone looking for an easy ad...mission process." read more

Akshay Ajay Sharma

Akshay Ajay Sharma, SAT

"The faculty experience at Jamboree was good, and the teachers are also very helpful and supportive for SAT preparations and the online portal is really helpful for mock tests. Faculty’s valuable inputs and timely guidance, made the entire application process hassle-free."

Shravani Shahane

Shravani Shahane, SAT

"I joined Jamboree Mumbai for my SAT preparation. I found SAT verbal a little tough in the beginning, but my teachers helped me through it. With the practice resources provided by Jamboree and a lot of help from the faculty, the preparations and concepts became a lot easier."

Yashashri Ambade

Yashashri Ambade, SAT

"I joined Jamboree Centre in Mumbai to prepare for my SAT Preparation. The staff here is very helpful and friendly. Jamboree provided useful resources to help me prepare for the examination. The classes are very beneficial, With the help of frequent mock tests, I was able to understand all the concepts thoroughly. I am an international st...udent from Egypt, and I haven’t encountered any difficulty throughout." read more

Surya Maheshwar

Surya Maheshwar, SAT

"My experience has been wonderful. I would like to extend my gratitude to the counselor who really helped me guide me at every step. Jamboree also helped me with my LoRs, SoPs, and other applications with writing assistance."

Jay Koli

Jay Koli, SAT

"Jamboree in Mumbai is a great place to kickstart your career abroad especially for SAT preparation. The faculties are very supportive and cooperative. They take a personal interest in resolving queries and doubts, ensuring that all the concepts are clear and aiming for every student to perform beyond expectations."

Anish Goel

Anish Goel, SAT .

"My experience at Jamboree Education Andheri while preparing for my SAT was fantastic. With the guidance of the dedicated faculty, I was able to achieve a score of 1410. The support and expertise of the staff were invaluable throughout my preparation. I highly recommend Jamboree Education Andheri for anyone looking to excel in the S...AT." read more

Dev Kotain

Dev Kotain, SAT

"The pace of teaching in Jamboree Mumbai is perfect for SAT preparation, Doubt clearing sessions were conducted very well. The teaching techniques were excellent and easy to understand. The book material provided was great. The teachers are also very friendly and approachable for doubt clearing, Highly Recommendable ."

Harshavardhan Patekar

Harshavardhan Patekar, SAT

"The teaching was exceptional and up to the mark. The faculty and staff are highly qualified and very friendly. They address every doubt a student has and are extremely helpful throughout the course."

Adhij Vartak

Adhij Vartak, GRE

"I enrolled for the GRE program with them, opting for offline classes. They have truly excellent faculties for both Quants and Verbal, helping us understand the basic concepts and enhance problem-solving skills through different approaches. You can always approach them for doubt solving as well. Additionally, they provide comprehensive st...udy material and an online portal, which is incredibly helpful. Indeed a great place to study for GRE in Mumbai" read more

Radhika Arora

Radhika Arora, GMAT 760

"Sometimes its not only the study resources, but the coaching and mentoring that makes all the difference. Coming to Jamboree gave me that morale boost and a defined action plan to work on. That's all I needed."

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