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Jamboree's overseas education consultancy in Nepal is the one-stop destination for catering to all admission requirements of Undergrad, MBA, MS and PhD aspirants to countries like USA, Canada, Europe, Australia/NZ and many others. Our expert team of highly qualified professionals understand the admissions process inside-out. We have consistently delivered stellar admits that have made us the top admissions consultant in Nepal.

We begin with one-on-one profile evaluation session where our expert counselor will go through your profile and suggest improvement tips. Depending upon your academic profile, country choice, budget and other factors, the counselor will recommend a list of 10-15 colleges to apply to.

Our expert writers and editors would then get to work on your application essays and SOPs keeping in mind the college specific requirements. Alongside we will also review your LORs and prepare you for college interviews. In addition to the above, we offer a host of value added services like visa interview tips, study abroad loan guidance, accommodation support, discounted air tickets, sim card assistance and many more.

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Track Record

Unbeatable track record of admits at universities across the globe


Expert Team

Undivided attention by a dedicated expert team of mentors, editors and counsellors


Application Review

Unlimited number of iterations to application documents


University Shortlists

Database driven shortlisting to find your best fit


Interview Training

Unparalleled training on mock interviews: one-on-one, recorded, informative, evaluative


Pre-departure Orientation

Unmatched visa counseling, pre-departure orientation and value-added services

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What Jamboree nepal students have to say

My friend suggested me Jamboree and when I first came to Jamboree, I had high expectations being India's No.1 institute. Jamboree certainly lived up to those expectations and delivered the best I could get. During my preparations for the TOEFL exams, I couldn't have gotten a score of 115 if it wasn't for Jamboree and its staffs. The teachers are friendly and always ready to help. I used the computer labs provided by Jamboree to further practice and enhance my score. read more



I am very happy about my decision of joining Jamboree. The thing I like very much about Jamboree is that the classes are conducted for 2 hrs. Different sections are covered in one class which really helps student to get ready for the actual test. It is because of those strengths I could perform well on the exam. read more



When it comes to abroad study and preparing for exams such as IELTS and GMAT, which are very crucial, Jamboree is the finest option available in Kathmandu. I really appreciate all the help I got from Jamboree team, especially from Mr. Ravi Bista in IELTS preparation and Mr. Mayur Tyagi in GMAT preparation. The help they provided in post-class preparation was the key factor that helped me acheive my target score. I got 7.5 overall band score in IELTS with each band not less than 7, and a cumulative score of 650 in GMAT. read more


Manish Joshi

I like to thank Jamboree Nepal for providing me with excellent teaching and testing resources, which helped me perform well on my GRE examination. I found the teaching environment to be extremely conducive and the teaching staff to be highly experienced. I also have a very high regard for the Jamboree Online resources, where one can easily access large volume of possible questionnaires with varying levels of difficulty. I like to thank Jamboree Nepal for all their help and support, and wish them all the best for their future endeavors. read more


Kapil Devkota

I had the best experience at Jamboree Nepal during my application days for US study. I took SAT and TOEFL at Jamboree. They have the best teachers in town along with exam oriented educational materials. Jamboree helped me a lot with proofreading my essays and searching universities based on my credentials. Definitely recommed everyone to visit Jamboree once. read more


Narayan Acharya