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A brilliant score in your exam is definitely needed for admission to your desired university. But that is just one factor that universities abroad consider while assessing each applicant’s profile. They also take into consideration your academic scores at school and college level, extracurricular achievements, Letters of Recommendation (LORs), Statements of Purpose (SOPs) and application essays.

We, at Jamboree, fully realise the importance of each of these factors. We offer excellent admissions counselling support that has helped thousands of our students make it to their desired colleges abroad. Our counselling process is methodical, transparent and step by step. Each student has a unique profile. Accordingly, there is one university that fits you best. Our aim is to make sure that you get there!

About Jamboree's Admissions Counseling Services

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6 Reasons Why You Must Join Jamboree’s Study Overseas Consultation

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Unbeatable track record of admits at universities across the globe
Fourth reason pic
Undivided attention by a dedicated expert team of writers, editors and counsellors
Fifth reason pic
Unlimited number of iterations to application documents

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Unlimited number of iterations to university shortlists
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Unparalleled training on mock interviews: one-on-one, panel, informative, evaluative
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Unmatched visa counselling, pre-departure orientation and value-added service


Hemant Sharma
Carnegie Mellon
Samridhi Govil
BS Computer Science
Varun Singhal
MS Electrical Engineering
University of Pennsylvania
Vamika Singh
BS Economics
University of Chicago
Noyonika Roy
MS Chemical Engineering
Columbia University
Sameer Mathur
Manan Chugh
BS Engineering
Cornell University

Study Abroad Counselling: How it works

Profile assessment and enhancement
A good profile is the one that works where it's meant to: your desired college! Our sole aim is that your profile stands out among thousands of your competitors.
Shortlisting Universities
We assess your current profile carefully and based on our extensive experience and database, we give you 2 kinds of shortlists: tentative (if you don't have your exam score yet) and final (if you do have your exam score).
Preparing Application Documents—SOPs, Essays, LORs and CV
Your application introduces you to the university. It must be flawless and help you put your best foot forward.
Financial Planning
College website is your best source of information related to tuition fee and other expenses.
Interview Training
We always encourage UG, MBA and some MS aspirants to appear in interviews.
Visa Counselling
Your admission letter is a great accomplishment and a reason to celebrate. But your journey isn't over yet!
Pre-departure Orientation
As you are about to take your first step towards a glorious future, a thousand questions must run in your mind—What clothes should I pack for college? What books would I need? How much cash should I carry? and so on.

Interested in our Study Abroad Consultancy Services?
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