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New Zealand enjoys a global reputation as one of the friendliest and safest countries in the world, and its 8 State-funded universities list in the top 3% of world university rankings. Fast visa processing, internships, part-time job opportunities, post-study work visa up to 3 years, and an opportunity for permanent residence make New Zealand the perfect study abroad destination.

Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand has a varied education system with 8 universities, 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, and several private institutions. These institutes offer world-class education and globally recognized degrees.

Also, the flexible entry requirements and rolling intakes with the possibility of admissions throughout the year provide great scope for international students to get admission in New Zealand. The country’s education system is controlled with a strong quality assurance system, which gives you the flexibility to choose the university and course of your choice.

Cost of Studying in New Zealand:

Education in New Zealand is affordable as compared to other popular study destinations. The tuition fee in New Zealand universities depends on the course and duration. Talking about the costs, the undergraduate degree in New Zealand costs around NZ$ 18,000 to NZ$ 40,000 per year, while a post-graduate degree would vary between NZ$ 20,000 to NZ$ 35,000.

Planning to Study in New Zealand?

Need more information about courses, tuition fees, admission process, and more about studying in New Zealand, contact the experts at Jamboree.

Here’s why you should choose NEW ZEALAND

as your study destination:

Indian students can apply for an admission in New Zealand by following the simple steps:

  • Choose the course & College
  • Plan the budget
  • Apply for the course in your shortlisted universities
  • If get acceptance, apply for visa

Study Program Cost (in NZ dollars)
Undergraduate $22,000 to $32,000
Postgraduate $26,000 to $37,000
Diplomas/PG-Diplomas $12,425 to $18,500

There are several reasons for why New Zealand should be a study destination for Indian students. Some of them include:

Quality education

  • Affordable cost of living
  • Better career prospects
  • Generous scholarship options
  • Internationally accredited qualifications
  • Ample research options
  • Post study visa options

You can apply for New Zealand visa directly through the New Zealand Government. In order to judge your eligibility, the government has formed a PR point system in which points are allotted. These include:

Employability: 60 points for current skilled employees for over a year. 50 points for people looking for a job or working for less than a year.

Work experience: the points range from 10 -30 depending on the number of years. Bonus points are provided for growth appraisals in your work experience.

Qualification: 50 points for the Bachelors’ degree. 55 points for the masters’ degree

Family ties: 10 points if someone from your close family members live in New Zealand

Age: 30 points for people aged between 20 to 29. The age points decrease with the increment in your age.

Securing 160 points will get you selected for ITA (Invitation to apply).

The universities in New Zealand offer two types of masters’ courses. Research Masters & Taught Masters’ degree. Out of these, the latter is very popular is pursued by international students.

Taught Masters’ degree: This degree prepares you for your professional career. You develop your skills through a structured coursework.

The tuition fee for an MBA degree is uniform across almost all business schools. The typical MBA course duration in New Zealand is 2 years; however, there are a few programs that can be completed in 1 year. MBA fees in New Zealand range between $31,000 and 50,000.

If you are planning to study in New Zealand for more than 3 months, you have to apply for a student visa. You can apply online, the steps are:

  • Read the student visa requirements on
  • Prepare your supporting documents
  • Open the immigration website and apply for the visa
  • Create a REAL ME login
  • Complete the online form & upload the documents

The documents you will require for Student visa in New Zealand are:

  • Your passport style photo in jpeg format
  • Electronic copy of the offer of place from an educational institution approved by the New Zealand Qualifications authority
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to live in the country
  • A written guarantee from an institution or person that suitable accommodation is available for you in New Zealand

However, if you are planning to take more than one course in New Zealand, you must apply for the Pathway Student visa. It covers up to three consecutive programs of study over 5 years with one or more qualifying education providers.

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