Breathtakingly beautiful, New Zealand beckons many students who are looking for something beyond academics. For sports and nature enthusiasts, New Zealand is an awesome country to study in. This island country is a world farming leader and has thriving agro-tech and tourism industries. In addition to that, universities in New Zealand have a good reputation and some rank among the top universities of the world. Head to New Zealand for your studies if you are looking for:

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Here’s why you should choose New Zealand as your study destination:

  • High-quality education

    New Zealand has 8 major universities and all of them offer good quality education with latest curriculum and modern infrastructure. Popular streams to study in New Zealand are engineering and technology, business, tourism and hospitality.

  • Affordable programs

    Compared to universities in other countries, New Zealand universities offer more affordable programs. Add to that the favourable exchanges rates (1 NZD ? ? 45) and low costs of living, and it is no surprise that New Zealand has consistently been preferred by many Indian students looking for cost-effective studies abroad.

  • Job availability

    Studying in New Zealand opens up avenues for working in New Zealand and Australia. Most New Zealand universities have career development center which can help you format your resume and train you with necessary skills. However, connections and references really matter and staying in touch with your professors and seniors helps a lot when looking for jobs in New Zealand.

  • Stable economy

    New Zealand has a stable economy with agro-based, construction and manufacturing industries as its backbone. Service sector also contributes significantly to the country’s GDP. Thus, one can be sure that economic conditions would remain nearly same when one graduates.

  • Good quality of life

    New Zealand is known for its balanced lifestyle with working and recreation in equal parts. Moreover, it is not crowded or polluted making it an ideal place for people searching for quieter and cleaner avenues to settle in.

  • Friendly culture

    Kiwis are welcoming, generous and easy-going people. Cities like Hamilton, Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington are student-friendly with plenty of food and fun places to explore.

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