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Welcome to Jamboree’s overseas education consultancy in Indore. We have been in the study abroad industry for the last 17+ years. We offer end-to-end professional services for undergrad, MS and MBA admissions abroad, beginning with profile evaluation to helping you finally joining the University of your Choice. We handhold you through every step of your journey through profile development, university selection, building your application essays and SOPs, helping you with recommendation letters, preparing you for university-specific interviews and pre-departure orientation. In association with our partners, we also provide study abroad loan guidance, accommodation, visa help and other value added services.

At Jamboree, we understand that thousands of university and course options can be quite confusing to study abroad aspirants. Having to choose them while attending school or doing full-time work, is a daunting task. One mistake can put your career back by years! Jamboree has devised a proven way to help. We take into consideration several factors like your budget, academic record, aptitude, work experience, program preference, scholarship preference, choice of country and job placements on the basis of which we give you a personalised list of low chance, average chance and high chance universities that you should apply to.

Our experienced team of writers and editors then help you draft effective application essays and SOPs to help you put your best foot forward. You also receive personalized interview training sessions from our experienced counselors. All in all our goal is to help get to your best-fit program and university in your choice of country. Our enviable admissions record has made us the top study abroad consultant in Indore. Think study abroad. Think Jamboree!

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Unbeatable track record of 200,000+ admits at universities across the globe


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Undivided attention by our mentors and faculty, delivering the highest test scores

Test Prep

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Unlimited review sessions by our experts for application material at every stage


Insightful University Shortlists

Uninhibited and database-driven shortlisting to find your best fit


Comprehensive Financial Services

Thorough guidance on loans and scholarships with Jamboree’s value-added services

Visa Application

Visa Application

Once you’re admitted, Jamboree continues to stay by your side with guidance on documentation and visa services.

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What Jamboree indore students have to say

Animesh Mishra

Animesh Mishra, GMAT 700

I scored 700 in GMAT, and I credit this to jamboree Indore, the faculty are always there to support and help, the class environment is amazing and the doubt clearing sessions are game changing, the teacher are there to appreciate you on a good day and motivate you bad ones, they guided me through every concept and higher level questions w...ith ease and I'm real thankful for that, the non teaching staff is also very supportive, and always make sure that we the students get every necessary facility. The library and computer lab are perfect for self study, infact in the last month of my preparation Jamboree was my second home. In totality I have huge amount of respect for this place and I'll be ever grateful for their contribution. read more

Sagar Motwani

Sagar Motwani, GRE 317

A place to look forward for GRE aspirants. The main features here being personal attention and a reduced batch size which helps alot.

Pragati Gupta

Pragati Gupta , ADMISSION MS Computer Science from North Carolina State University, Texas A & M University College Station

I enrolled for GRE counselling program at Jamboree and they were of great help! They guided me really well throughout the application process. My counselor  was very friendly and available any day any time and ensured I got all my work done on time. The writers were amazing and never complained about any number of iterations I asked ...for. It has been a great experience yet. read more

Pramey Kabra

Pramey Kabra, SAT 1470

This is definitely the best coaching for SAT in Indore. The faculty is extremely dedicated to help you learn. They put in hours and hours of time to make sure that we completely understand the concepts. The materials provided for practice are excellent and enough to obtain a good score. I saw a change of 250+ points in my test after Jamboree. I would definitely recommend SAT test takers to join Jamboree. read more

Ananya Mangla

Ananya Mangla, SAT 1550

I had a wonderful experience here at Jamboree. The mentors give a wholesome environment and dedicated attention. I could turn to them for even the slightest queries. They made the entire process very easy and I am extremely thankful to all them for their guidance and help.

Simran  Julka

Simran Julka, SAT 1530

Jamboree was very helpful in the application process of US Universities. The counsellors helped by keeping me informed of all the deadlines and ensuring that my application work was up to date.

Ananya Saggi

Ananya Saggi, SAT 1510

Jamboree has been instrumental in my journey of studying abroad. Right from an extensive schedule of mock tests and revision classes, to a thorough analysis of the resumé, university selection, essay writing, application process and scholarship negotiation, the staff at Jamboree has offered their assistance every step of t...he way! They helped me score a 1510 on my SAT, a 114 on my TOEFL and admits to 10 out of 15 universities! They also helped me join my dream university: Northeastern University. Kudos! read more

Vasishtha Sohani

Vasishtha Sohani, GRE 330

I highly recommend all the GRE/IELTS aspirants to join Jamboree. It is the Best Institute in Indore which provides you with the perfect guidance to crack the aforementioned exams. I was able to score an overall 8 bands (a full 9 in Listening, 8.5 in Reading) in IELTS, with just 3 weeks of preparation. It wouldn't have b...een possible without the expert trainers at Jamboree. They are always there to help you out. I candidly appreciate the alacrity they show in solving your doubts. The course material and the mock tests prepares you methodically and comprehensively. Highly Recommended!! read more

Romil Makhija

Romil Makhija, GRE 323

I had a great experience while preparing for GRE and IELTS at jamboree. The faculties were magnificent as well as the material provided for preparation was also really excellent.

Sakshi Mehta

Sakshi Mehta, GRE 321

I will recommend Jamboree for their amazing classroom program. I was enrolled in Indore center for GRE and TOEFL. The course structure and gradual increase in level of advancement is great. The key factor of Jamboree are mentors, who are present all the time to solve your doubts. They are constant with taking followups from... you in case you miss out on anything. There level teaching and assessment is always on point. read more

Mohit Gulani

Mohit Gulani, GRE 312

I had a great experience at Jamboree Education classes. The faculties gives their full attention to the student. I would recommend everyone to join Jamboree if they are planning for higher studies.

Sonal Kulshreshtha

Sonal Kulshreshtha, GRE 311

I took up the online comprehensive program from Jamboree for GRE and TOEFL and I must say the lectures are very explanatory and covers variety of examples. The teachers are very approachable and provide useful tips and feedbacks. The tests designed are a little more difficult than the actual exam but are helpful nonetheless.... There are 8 FLTs which give precise sense of the final exam. The mobile app for learning words is very handy and makes learning words very easy. read more

Sakshi Jain

Sakshi Jain, GRE 307

It was a great experience and the educators and consultant were really helpful. A big thank you to all the teachers and faculty for their continuous guidance and support and for being patient. I felt really confident while giving the GRE and it wouldn’t have been possible without the jamboree team!

Kratik Pal

Kratik Pal, GRE 305

Nice teaching and very helpful and admission committee is also very good l. I had enrolled for GRE classes and I must say there is constant support thorughout the process. Lectures are very informative and admission process is very helpful

Shrijan Sharma

Shrijan Sharma, GMAT 770

The faculty here is great. Ever ready to help any time. Besides GMAT coaching I also took councilor and writer support and they guided me to how to use the GMAT score to get an admit and prepared me for the essay writing and the interview prep. My councilor Aparna Ma'am is very experienced in the business and has helped me in every situat...ion during my journey. So I would recommend heavily to going for Jamboree as a whole, starting from GMAT to entire journey till you get an admission. So a big thumps up. read more

Thanush kothamasu

Thanush kothamasu, GMAT

After extensive research, I selected Jamboree for my GMAT preparation in Indore, and my experience with the institute has been positive. The teachers are excellent and dedicated, even during online lectures. Jamboree's management has remained committed to uninterrupted learning during the lockdown. What sets Jamboree apart is the helpful ...and honest approach of everyone here. They offer flexibility, allowing you to retake missed classes or extend your study hours. The atmosphere is friendly, polite, and professional, which I truly appreciate, the best coaching centre in Indore. read more

Anushka Mehrotra

Anushka Mehrotra, GMAT

I highly recommend Jamboree, considering the quality of faculty, fee structure, student community, and learning environment. Best place to prepare for GMAT in Indore.

Apoorv Sharma

Apoorv Sharma, GMAT

I enrolled for GMAT at Jamboree, and the support they provide is excellent. The faculty members are always ready to assist with doubts and offer additional support. The online portal provides performance assessments to help improve weak areas. I recommend it to all MBA aspirants.

Shivesh Khandelwal

Shivesh Khandelwal, GMAT

I enrolled with Jamboree Indore for GMAT preparation in October 2019 and have been highly satisfied with their services. They offer an efficient and comprehensive curriculum, intricate study guides, and a helpful online study portal. The well-trained faculty at Jamboree Indore is extremely supportive, always going the extra mile to help s...tudents achieve a great score. Regardless of your batch timings, they are ready to provide assistance, and you can repeat classes with other batches if needed. I wholeheartedly recommend this institute for GMAT, GRE, or SAT prep. read more

Irshita Jain

Irshita Jain, GMAT

The faculty at Jamboree is exceptional and always available to help. In addition to GMAT coaching, I also received guidance on how to use the GMAT score for admissions, essay writing, and interview preparation. My counselor, Aparna Ma'am, is highly experienced and has been invaluable throughout my journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Jambo...ree for a comprehensive journey from GMAT to admission. read more

Shrijan Sharma

Shrijan Sharma, GMAT

I scored 610 on the GMAT, and I attribute this success to Jamboree Indore. The faculty was consistently supportive, and the class environment was fantastic. The doubt-clearing sessions were game-changing, and they guided me through every concept and higher-level questions with ease. The non-teaching staff is also very supportive, and the ...library and computer lab are ideal for self-study. read more

Akshay brijwasi

Akshay brijwasi, GMAT

The best aspect of Jamboree Indore is the small class size and personal attention. Preparing for exams like GMAT is made easier with a dedicated faculty team. I recommend all GMAT and GRE aspirants to visit Jamboree Indore.

Rajeev Singh

Rajeev Singh, GMAT

The quant and verbal faculties are highly effective, and doubts are addressed promptly. The classroom teaching program simplifies understanding the basics and GMAT preparation. I highly recommend Jamboree's classroom program for GMAT aspirants.

Himanshu jha

Himanshu jha, GMAT

Jamboree Indore provided me with an outstanding platform for GMAT preparation in Indore. The faculty is incredibly supportive, and the online portal is excellent. It is the best choice if you aim to excel in the GMAT.

Vedant Sinha

Vedant Sinha, GMAT

Jamboree Indore offers good quality study material and an online portal, making it a recommended choice for GMAT preparation. The staff is friendly and supportive.

Sonal Kulshreshtha

Sonal Kulshreshtha, GRE

I enrolled in Jamboree's online comprehensive program for GRE and TOEFL, and I must commend the lectures for their thorough explanations and a wide array of examples. The teachers are highly approachable and offer valuable tips and feedback. The tests, while slightly more challenging than the actual exam, are still beneficial. With 8 Full...-Length Tests (FLTs), they provide a precise sense of the final exam. Additionally, the mobile app for learning words is incredibly convenient, making word learning a breeze. read more

Prachi Gupta

Prachi Gupta, GRE

I registered at Jamboree for GRE, and the bonus of TOEFL/IELTS coaching was a pleasant surprise. The faculty possesses in-depth knowledge of the exam's question types, and I wholeheartedly recommend Jamboree Indore to those aspiring to study at reputable universities abroad.

Pratyush Singh

Pratyush Singh, GRE

I joined Jamboree Indore during the lockdown for GRE classes. The online classes ran seamlessly, thanks to the great support from the Indore team. Even now, I have the flexibility to attend physical classes if needed within the 12-month validity period. I wholeheartedly recommend GRE aspirants to consider Jamboree Indore for their prepara...tion. read more

Rajeev Singh

Rajeev Singh, GRE

Jamboree Indore stands out with its small batch size and personalized attention. Preparing for a demanding exam like GRE becomes manageable with a dedicated faculty team. Special thanks to the Jamboree Indore team for their unwavering support. I recommend all GMAT and GRE aspirants to pay them a visit.

Hemant Sharma

Hemant Sharma, GRE

My experience at Jamboree Indore while preparing for GRE was truly exceptional. Consequently, I achieved an impressive GRE score of 325, with just about two months of preparation. The experienced and well-trained faculty, along with rigorous course material, were my primary resources. The classroom experience was equally satisfying due to... the small class size, ensuring individual attention. Moreover, the faculty's willingness to go the extra mile and organize personalized doubt-clearing sessions was invaluable. Furthermore, the access to the library for disturbance-free study enhanced my overall experience. In summary, my time at Jamboree Indore was immensely rewarding, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone preparing for GRE. read more

nikita bansal

nikita bansal, GRE

Jamboree Indore offers the best GRE coaching in the city, featuring updated study material and an online portal. The supportive faculty and staff members, along with the option to switch from live to physical classes and repeat them within the validity period, make it a definite recommendation.

Kratik Pal

Kratik Pal, GRE

The teaching at Jamboree Indore is commendable, with constant support throughout the admission process. I enrolled in GRE classes, and I must acknowledge the informative lectures and helpful admission committee.

Tanya Pamnani

Tanya Pamnani, GRE

I highly recommend this coaching institute based in Indore, which is undoubtedly the best GRE coaching institute in the area. They provide updated study material and an online portal, and the faculty and staff members are remarkably supportive and cooperative.

Kartik Kulshreshtha

Kartik Kulshreshtha, GRE

Jamboree offers the best GRE classes in Indore, featuring outstanding study material and mock tests. The well-trained faculty and staff members make it an ideal choice for your GRE preparation.

Aditya Bisht

Aditya Bisht, GRE

What sets Jamboree apart is their expertise in GRE and TOEFL preparation. They understand precisely what students need to succeed in these exams. If you are specifically targeting these exams, there's no better choice than Jamboree in Indore for GRE Prep.

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