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At Jamboree Education, we make sure to address not only your prep needs, but also admissions requirements. Our overseas education consultancy in Hyderabad offers complete admissions support right from profile building to pre-departure preparation. Whether it UG, MS or MBA admissions, we make sure to help you target the best of universities are per your profile and your preferences. We take you step by step through university shortlisting, crafting and editing your essays as well as SOPs, helping you with your letters of recommendation, preparing you for your interviews and finally pre-departure preparations. We also help with accommodation, study loans, visa guidance and a host of value-added services to simplify your study abroad journey.

That our admissions strategy works, has been evident from our year-on-year successful admits in almost all study abroad destinations across the world - USA, Canada, UK, France, Singapore, Australia/NZ and others.

Our writers, editors and counselors are all experts in their field and are the key to making us the top study abroad consultant in Hyderabad. With the single-minded focus of helping you reach your dream university, our admissions team works tirelessly till you receive your coveted acceptance letter.

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Unbeatable track record of 200,000+ admits at universities across the globe


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Undivided attention by our mentors and faculty, delivering the highest test scores

Test Prep

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Unlimited review sessions by our experts for application material at every stage


Insightful University Shortlists

Uninhibited and database-driven shortlisting to find your best fit


Comprehensive Financial Services

Thorough guidance on loans and scholarships with Jamboree’s value-added services

Visa Application

Visa Application

Once you’re admitted, Jamboree continues to stay by your side with guidance on documentation and visa services.

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What Jamboree hyderabad students have to say

Shivani Agarwal

Shivani Agarwal, GMAT 750

My experience with Jamboree has been great the faculty is very supportive, you can reach out to them at any point of the day. Also, the course material that Jamboree has designs caters to the need of the exam.

Teja Donepudi

Teja Donepudi, GRE 326

Hi, i have taken coaching for GRE at Jamboree Begumpet in may 2018 in their fast-track program and have given the exam in july 2018 with a score of 326.(Q-169, V-157)

There are two things i liked very much about is the student teacher ratio, giving individual attention to every student, helping us analyse o...ur strengths, weaknesses and the areas we should be working on. Their full length mock tests, materials, sectional tests guide us in the right direction. The faculty are dedicated, experienced and accessible any day anytime. The other thing is their unique strategies for Verbal section which would help us solve a question of vocab like any other question on logic without having actually to memorize a lot of words. read more


Karthik, SAT 1540

Jamboree really helped me with Verbal, my verbal section score in practice tests before Jamboree used be around 590 but after Jamboree my score went up to 700+.

Preethi Shivani

Preethi Shivani, SAT

"Jamboree has been highly approachable and welcoming, addressing all sorts of queries and questions related to the SAT course I was eager to enroll in. Their online classes and practice tests provide ample preparation material to attain a competitive score. Although they have a standardized template for SOPs, they are open to modification...s when requested. When choosing colleges, it's essential to actively communicate our preferences for colleges and courses, or they will provide a list for us to choose from. This makes Jamboree one of the best coaching classes in Hyderabad for SAT and a great choice for students aiming for undergraduate studies abroad." read more

Bharath Sunder

Bharath Sunder, SAT

"My experience with Jamboree, Madhapur, in terms of SAT coaching has been fantastic. They greatly value the student's decision. The teaching faculty is very friendly, and the interaction with them is remarkable. The counselor is adept at selecting universities and provides very helpful clarification and support throughout, making it one o...f the best coaching classes for SAT in Hyderabad." read more

Annaji Rao Challa

Annaji Rao Challa , SAT

"My experience at Jamboree, Madhapur, has been exceptional. I appreciate their intuitive approach in valuing the student's decision. The teaching faculty is extremely friendly, and the level of interaction with them is remarkable. These factors make it one of the best SAT classes in Hyderabad."

Aleem Khan

Aleem Khan, GRE

"Jamboree Hyderabad  is efficient and cooperative; all GRE classes and modules are taught in the class itself. The environment in Jamboree's GRE classes is conducive to learning, and all the materials, vocab app, doubt sessions are very helpful. Highly recommended"

bhargavi ajjarapu

bhargavi ajjarapu, GRE

"I am glad to take coaching from Jamboree in both GRE and IELTS. I secured 323 in GRE and a 7-band score in IELTS. The faculty here is very supportive all the time from day-1 to the date of the exam, Would Highly recommend to everyone for the GRE Preparation."

Rohith Reddy

Rohith Reddy, GRE

"I am currently undergoing coaching at Jamboree Begumpet center in Hyderabad for GRE, and my experience so far has been impressive. The Faculty here is very friendly and expert in their subjects. The Non-Teaching Staff is also very cooperative in all aspects. Best place  for GRE Preparation."

Suma Babu

Suma Babu, GRE

"I have joined the Jamboree for GRE recently. I have been attending live sessions for quant as well as verbal. The instructors are very good at teaching. They solve the doubts of each and every student actively in the session itself. This impressed me a lot even the branch head of Begumpet, Mentors and everyone attend the call whenever a ...student is in need. Their way of approach towards the students impressed me to give a 100% rating. Totally everyone's effort is appreciable so far, I will suggest jamboree to everyone for their GRE preparation." read more

Shivani Sodagam

Shivani Sodagam , GMAT

" I highly recommend Jamboree to everyone. Its class schedules are very flexible, and it is a great place for IELTS and GMAT coaching for GRE Preparation in Hyderabad."

Heena Dharia

Heena Dharia , GMAT

"I took GMAT coaching from Jamboree Hyderabad. The faculty is very helpful and supportive. Also, the study material they provide is consolidated and structured. Besides the faculty, non-teaching faculty has been very supportive and encouraging throughout my entire journey with Jamboree. I highly recommend Jamboree to all GMAT aspirants, B...est place for GMAT Preparation." read more

Aman Shaikh

Aman Shaikh , GMAT

" Jamboree has the best teaching staff, who are very well-experienced And the library facility is the best thing for the GMAT Preparation. I would recommend Jamboree Hyderabad for every GMAT aspirant out there."

Imran Ali Syed

Imran Ali Syed , GMAT

"I'm a working professional and have enrolled in GMAT Preparation  at Jamboree, Hyderabad. It's been very tough and hectic to manage the workload and my preparations but the Jamboree staff was very helpful in each and every step. I scored 690 in GMAT. The most awesome thing is I have also enrolled in the Admissions They have a wonderful admission committee.Jamboree is a one-stop point for all directions and support from GMAT to Targeted University."
read more

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain, GRE

. "Jamboree is the best place tin Hyderabad o start your coaching for any competitive exams, Especially for GRE Preparation. The staff and the faculty are excellent. They concentrate on each student very well and teach the exact things in the easiest way required for the exam."

K. Sai Naga Teja

K. Sai Naga Teja, GRE

"I had completed my coaching at Jamboree Begumpet center in Hyderabad for GRE, and my GRE score in Quant section is 170. The Faculty here is very friendly and an expert in their subjects. The Non-Teaching Staff is also very cooperative in all aspects. The Jamboree faculty here is just awesome; we just need to follow them for best GRE Prep...aration." read more

Niveditha PS

Niveditha PS, GRE

"I have enrolled for GRE Preparation as well as counseling. Personally, I would recommend Jamboree if you're looking for the best counselors who can guide you and shortlist your dream Universities. choosing Jamboree was one of my best decisions, Best coaching Centre in Hyderabad."

Shaik Mohammed Rayan

Shaik Mohammed Rayan, GRE

"with Jamboree's support I've completed my GRE (319) and IELTS (7) coaching here. My quant/verbal scores are 168/151. I'm glad I took my coaching from Jamboree for my GRE Preparations. The faculty is good and supportive all the time. The materials are well prepared, and it was a good experience at Jamboree Hyderabad."

Mathapathi Sumukhi

Mathapathi Sumukhi, GRE

"Jamboree Hyderabad is a great platform to acquire the best required knowledge. Jamboree coaching for GRE is completed in a very short period, giving us ample time to practice, through which you gain practical knowledge and ace the tests. The Jamboree materials are very helpful. My experience with Jamboree was great, and it helped m...e a lot."
read more

Yash Jain

Yash Jain, GRE

"Jamboree Hyderabad is a great place for competitive exam preparation. I had personally taken up GMAT Preparation offered by the institute and was extremely satisfied with the faculty and the administrative team. There is a lot of guidance and attention paid to each student's needs and goals. I would definitely recommend Jamboree to anyon...e looking to appear for exams like GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL." read more

Rajat Goyal

Rajat Goyal, GMAT

"The study material for GMAT from Jamboree is excellent. The level of practice questions is the same as that of the actual exam. Teachers are well-trained and very helpful. The online doubt clearing session is a great feature. Overall, I will definitely recommend Jamboree for GMAT coaching in Hyderabad for GMAT Prep."

Ganpathi Sailendra

Ganpathi Sailendra, GMAT

"An excellent coaching center for GMAT Preparation in Hyderabad!! I had a good experience studying there. The faculty as well as the study material provided were thorough and up to the mark. The guidance provided by faculty post-completion of classroom instruction was good. The support given by other staff towards overall selection o...f an MBA school is noteworthy." read more

Neha Vij

Neha Vij, GMAT

"I joined Jamboree Begumpet after a lot of research in the March weekend batch. It turned out to be a great decision. The faculty is very focused on increasing your GMAT score instead of generally improving your math and English skills and giving time for doubt clearing and general guidance for GMAT preparationwas available and even on very short notice." read more

Aditya Tavora

Aditya Tavora, GMAT

"Your one-stop for a good GMAT Preparation and best score. The coaching center will provide you with all the ammunition you require to get a solid GMAT score. From state-of-the-art online resources and an excellent study lab to really helpful faculty and center staff, joining Jamboree Begumpet and following their study plan is your best! It took me from a 570 in my first GMAT attempt to a final score of 710!" read more

Mithra Peri

Mithra Peri, GMAT

"Excellent coaching for GMAT Preparation with the detailed material required to score above 700 for GMAT. The faculty’s knowledge on the subject, one-on-one assistance, and even post-class sessions help every GRE, GMAT, TOEFL aspirer to reach their best number.”

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