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GRE / GMAT are popular exams amongst bright Indian students looking to study in the world’s best universities. But did you know that these scores are widely accepted in India also? Yes, you apply for study in India programs with a GRE / GMAT Scores. Due to its quality and accuracy in evaluating students, the GRE and GMAT scores are now being accepted for graduate and doctoral business programs by top B-schools in India. On the similar lines, SAT, the standardized test required to pursue undergrad abroad, mostly in the US & Canada, is also getting accepted by some of the best Indian universities as part of their admission process.

The study in India is full of stiff competitions as top universities accept students based on national or state level entrance tests but top institutes like IIMs are opening their doors for students that fulfill the international criteria with excellent GRE / GMAT score. Globally accepted standardized test scores could also get you into top notch colleges, if your plans to study abroad didn’t turn up well. The exposure to industry standard practical hands on- approach and high quality education in India is on par with top universities abroad.

Various prestigious colleges across the country offer programs, where students are accepted based on their profile and GRE / GMAT / SAT score.

Benefits of Study in India

Cost Effective

The primary benefit of study in India is the cost effective nature and wide ranges of colleges available for higher studies. The colleges that accept global standardized test scores have quite significant tuition fees but the cost of living in India provides more financial flexibility.

High quality Education

The quality of India education is top nouche, the Indian Undergraduate and graduates get accepted all over the world. The only lacking is the global exposure and international standard practical teaching methods but Indian institutes are steadily starting to back strong theoretical fundamentals with a global practical approach.

University Alumni Network in India & abroad

The thousands of Indians abroad who have their alma mater in India and went on for further studies and jobs abroad could be great support to students of Indian Universities. The Alumni network building culture is also on boom at top Indian Universities. Alumni reference in India could also boost your future job opportunities.

Acceptance across the world

Indian degree is widely accepted across the world with high credibility. An undergraduate Degree from a renowned college in India could also boost your profile if you wish to pursue further studies abroad.

Here’s why you should choose India

as your study destination:

All brackets of education cost and programs are available in India. Most prestigious Indian colleges charge between 1,50,000 INR and 4,00,000 INR or more per academic year. Degrees that require the frequent use of facilities, like medicine or engineering, generally cost more as compared to other Bachelor’s & Master degree programs. As for PhD students, about 2,00,000 - 4,00,000 depending upon the research department and university.

Yes, there are many prestigious colleges that accept GRE. GRE has been very crucial to getting accepted in top colleges abroad. Nearly every university in the USA and UK accept the GRE, the globally accepted standard for admissions. It is also accepted by many graduate and doctoral business programs across India.

Yes, for some of their PGDM and ePGP programs Indian Institute of Management accepts GMAT or GRE. Elite Colleges like IIM- A started accepting valid GRE apart from GMAT and CAT scores for admission to its ePGP programs.

Yes, a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university is valid abroad. In fact, it could shape up your career if you wish to study abroad for postgraduate programs. The Indian education standards are accepted around the world. All you need is a strong academic profile backed by English language proficiency Test like IELTS or TOEFL score and standardized test score like GRE or GMAT.


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