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At Jamboree Education, we make sure to address not only your prep needs, but also admissions requirements. Our overseas education consultancy in Thane offers complete admissions support right from profile building to pre-departure preparation. Whether it UG, MS or MBA admissions, we make sure to help you target the best of universities are per your profile and your preferences. We take you step by step through university shortlisting, crafting and editing your essays as well as SOPs, helping you with your letters of recommendation, preparing you for your interviews and finally pre-departure preparations. We also help with accommodation, study loans, visa guidance and a host of value-added services to simplify your study abroad journey.

That our admissions strategy works, has been evident from our year-on-year successful admits in almost all study abroad destinations across the world - USA, Canada, UK, France, Singapore, Australia/NZ and others.

Our writers, editors and counselors are all experts in their field and are the key to making us the top study abroad consultant in Thane. With the single-minded focus of helping you reach your dream university, our admissions team works tirelessly till you receive your coveted acceptance letter.

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Track Record

Assured Success

Unbeatable track record of 200,000+ admits at universities across the globe


Test Prep

Undivided attention by our mentors and faculty, delivering the highest test scores

Test Prep

Expert Team

Unlimited review sessions by our experts for application material at every stage


Insightful University Shortlists

Uninhibited and database-driven shortlisting to find your best fit


Comprehensive Financial Services

Thorough guidance on loans and scholarships with Jamboree’s value-added services

Visa Application

Visa Application

Once you’re admitted, Jamboree continues to stay by your side with guidance on documentation and visa services.

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We will carve a roadmap for your dream college

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We launch weekly batches

Find the right batch according to your schedule

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We will carve a roadmap for your dream college

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We launch weekly batches

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What Jamboree thane students have to say

Suchdeep Juneja

Suchdeep Juneja, GRE 314

I had attended the GRE weekend batch and scored 314 in GRE, the coaching and the materials provided are sufficient to cover the syllabus and type of questions asked in GRE. Practice tests are also really good and at par the level of GRE.

Satyajeet Chouhan

Satyajeet Chouhan, GRE 305

Having 8 years of work experience post my masters, it had been a while away from college and things related to it. Initially, I was little reluctant to join them as I had no idea what soever about their teaching and reputation because they were completely new to me. It was only after attending their trial classes at Thane, I had decided t...o join them. The faculties are very welcoming and helpful in terms of taking efforts to explain concepts and different types of questions.
Their study material is what I liked the most. The tricks and shortcuts are very helpful in saving valuable time during the exams. Their question sets are what a student needs to attain good scores and improvise on them. Their computer lab and class rooms are always open for students willing to study and give mock tests. I would definitely recommend Jamboree Thane branch for GRE as well as GMAT preparatory courses.
read more

Indrajit Chall

Indrajit Chall, GMAT 710

Mr. Paramjit Das (verbal faculty) and Mr. Gaurav Jain (quants faculty) were my trainer/mentor during GMAT Prep. They are the finest faculties that I have come across in Jamboree Education Thane center. They are always very keen to understand the student's perspective on a particular problem and explains the problems in a very tailor made which helps the students to gain maximum knowledge. They are very motivating and will get the best out of every student they trains. They have created their own tricks and methodologies to handle situations head on and one ends up saving a lot of time in the GMAT exam. Both of them are highly recommended to anyone who wishes to ace the GMAT. I wish them the best for all future endeavors. read more

Shubhada Baikar

Shubhada Baikar, SAT 1550

I enroll in jamboree for my SAT preparation. It was a great experience learning in jamboree which pumped me to secure the score of 1550.

Prathameya Walimbe

Prathameya Walimbe, GRE

The faculty at Jamboree is truly exceptional and readily accessible. They offer a wealth of resources, and the program made a substantial difference in helping me progress from a state of virtual unfamiliarity with the GRE to obtaining a good score without much difficulty. I've been recommending Jamboree to anyone seeking to further their... education abroad, making it the best GRE classes in Thane. read more

Darsh D

Darsh D, GRE

I attended Jamboree for my IELTS and GRE preparation. The staff was quite helpful, providing proper teaching and GRE Preparation material for my exam preparation. It was also convenient to attend classes online through their online portal.

Khushi Bhattachary

Khushi Bhattachary, GRE

My journey with Jamboree has been a wonderful experience, from taking GRE and TOEFL classes to receiving counseling from their efficient management authorities. I am deeply grateful for their guidance and immense support, making it the best coaching classes in Thane for GRE.

Mohak Jolly

Mohak Jolly, GRE

Jamboree's outstanding and supportive faculty helped me successfully conquer the IELTS in just one week. They provided all the necessary materials for study, and the faculty was highly supportive. In just 1-2 weeks, I completed my IELTS with a score of 8, and this expedited my admission process in less than a month. I'm delighted to recom...mend Jamboree for GRE prep in Thane. read more

Annapurna Pandita

Annapurna Pandita, GRE

I enrolled at Jamboree for the GRE course, and the experience has been exceptional. Jamboree boasts excellent teachers for both Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning. They provided guidance, solved my doubts, and imparted useful tricks and tips that helped me manage time effectively during the exam. These factors played a crucial role in my s...uccess on the first attempt. I wouldn't have achieved a great GRE score without the guidance of my teachers at Jamboree. Indeed, Jamboree is the best coaching class in Thane for GRE aspirants! read more

Dhrishya Menon

Dhrishya Menon, GRE

I joined Jamboree to help me prepare for my GRE/IELTS in Thane. The faculty-to-student ratio is excellent, allowing each student to address their doubts effectively. The tricks and tips provided helped me manage my time during both Quants and Verbal sections. Post-class preparation was instrumental in my progress.

Chinmay Khochare

Chinmay Khochare, GRE

The student-to-faculty ratio at Jamboree is favorable, providing personal attention from the faculty. All the teaching faculty and staff are extremely helpful. I joined Jamboree for GRE coaching in Thane and achieved a good result with their assistance.

Mihir Gandhi

Mihir Gandhi, GRE

I enrolled in Jamboree for a GRE classroom course at the Thane center, and it turned out to be the best decision for my pursuit of an MS degree. The comprehensive study material provided helped me secure a strong GRE score without the need for additional resources. The test series were sufficient in quantity and slightly more challenging ...than the actual GRE, giving me ample practice to adapt to the testing environment. Classroom teaching was outstanding, with ample time spent explaining concepts, solving problems, and addressing doubts. The support staff is also friendly and helpful. Overall, studying for GRE at Jamboree was an amazing experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to join coaching for GRE in Thane. read more

Ranjana Solanki

Ranjana Solanki , GRE

I enrolled in Jamboree for GRE. The faculty was incredibly supportive and provided great assistance with doubts and thorough concept clarification. The study material covered questions of all difficulty levels and proved very helpful. The post-class plan was well-structured to provide necessary and sufficient practice before the main test.... It is a good place to go for GRE Prep in Thane. read more

Rajitha Nair

Rajitha Nair , GRE

I joined the Jamboree for GRE and TOEFL. Studying for these courses was a truly beneficial experience. The small batch size allowed for increased concentration and personal attention. Ample test series were available for preparation, making it the best GRE coaching in Thane.

Heena  Makhijani

Heena Makhijani , GMAT

While preparing for my GMAT, Jamboree provided me with valuable assistance. What I appreciated the most was the guidance I received from Aparna Mam, my content Co-Ordinator. She reviewed my essays and helped me prepare for my admission interview. Jamboree was a significant help, and I highly recommend seeking their assistance, especially ...if you require content help and interview preparation. This makes it the best GMAT classes in Thane. read more

Malhar Mohite

Malhar Mohite, GMAT

I carefully chose Jamboree after considering various options. Their friendly office staff, helpful counselor, and knowledgeable teachers won me over. The GMAT coaching was comprehensive and well-structured, making it one of the best coaching classes for GMAT in Thane.

Raj Badiyani

Raj Badiyani , GMAT

Jamboree boasts one of the best faculties. After hearing this from many people, I joined Jamboree for GMAT and IELTS coaching, and I haven't been disappointed. The entire Jamboree team is very student-oriented. The faculty is approachable and ready to help whenever needed, even after the pre-assigned classes are over.

Madhura Shukla

Madhura Shukla , GMAT

I enrolled for GMAT and IELTS. The faculties for both of the courses were excellent and very helpful. The mock tests available for pre-exam preparations were really helpful and contributed to my excellent exam scores. The techniques taught by the faculties are amazing and significantly help with time management.

Bhagyashree Vispute

Bhagyashree Vispute, GMAT

If you're looking to excel in competitive exams such as TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, etc., Jamboree is the best place for you. I joined Jamboree for GMAT and TOEFL preparation. The best thing about this class, in my opinion, is the small batch size. The faculties were really good and helpful. They also provide sufficient mock tests to make us with the actual tests. Overall, it was a great experience, making it the best GMAT classes in Thane. read more

Saifullah Mustaqueemi

Saifullah Mustaqueemi, GMAT

Jamboree is one of the best educational institutions if you plan to study abroad! The GMAT faculties are highly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. helped me throughout the entire admission process, from selecting universities to applying. Overall, it was a great experience.

Venkatesh Seshan

Venkatesh Seshan, GMAT

I joined the Thane branch of Jamboree for GMAT coaching, and my experience with Jamboree has been fantastic. I learned many strategies to approach GMAT questions correctly. The best aspect of Jamboree is its small batch size, which allows personalized attention to every student in the classroom. Both the teaching and non-teaching staff ar...e highly supportive. read more

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