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About Jamboree’s Admission Counseling Services in Jaipur

Study Abroad Counseling:

How it works

Profile Assessment and Enhancement
Shortlisting Universities
Preparing Application Documents
Financial Planning
Interview Training
Visa Counseling
Pre-Departure Orientation

Profile Assessment and Enhancement

A good profile is the one that works where it’s meant to: your desired college! Our sole aim is that your profile stands out among thousands of your competitors. We make sure to: Match you...

Shortlisting Universities

Over 15 years of counseling thousands of students and building a vast network of university contacts, we know exactly what works where. We assess your current profile carefully and based on our extens...

Preparing Application Documents

Your application introduces you to the university. It must be flawless and help you put your best foot forward. We, at Jamboree, know the utmost importance of your application documents. We have stand...

Financial Planning

College website is your best source of information related to tuition fee and other expenses. How we help you is by providing you with a checklist and a complete set of sample forms—financial ce...

Interview Training

We always encourage UG, MBA and some MS aspirants to appear in interviews. If shortlisted by the university, we train you rigorously and give you crucial pointers on spoken English and content to make...

Visa Counseling

Your admission letter is a great accomplishment and a reason to celebrate. But your journey isn’t over yet! You need to make sure that you get your visa. We step in to help you with your visa ap...

Pre-Departure Orientation

As you are about to take your first step towards a glorious future, a thousand questions must run in your mind—What clothes should I pack for college? What books would I need? How much cash shou...

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4/18, Shivanand Marg
Malviya Nagar, Jaipur
Rajasthan – 302017
Phone: 0141-2525799 
Mobile: +91-9571003222
Weekend - 10 am to 8 pm
Weekday - 11 am to 8 pm

Success Stories

Hemant Sharma
From Jaypee University of Engineering and Tech Admitted to Carnegie Mellon GRE Score 325
Devangana Arora
From VIT University Admitted to York university (Schulich) GMAT Score 700
Pragati Gupta
From Maulana Azad National Institute of Tech Admitted to Texas A & M College Station GRE Score 323
Madhur Dixit
From Vellore Institute of Technology Admitted to London School of Economics GMAT Score 720
Prem Chandra
From National Institute of Technology, Durgapur Admitted to Olin Business School - Washington University GMAT Score 710
Navneet Poddar
From Malaviya National Institute of Technology Admitted to NYU Tandon School of Engineering GRE Score 316
Jayant Bedwal
From Malviya National Institute of Technology Admitted to University of Texas at Austin GRE Score 329
Pallav Kothari
From Amity University Admitted to University of Michigan - Ann Arbor GRE Score 315
Piyush Jain
From National Institute of Technology, Trichy Admitted to Georgia Institute of Technology GRE Score 319
Rishika Sinha
From Malaviya National Institute of Technology Admitted to University of California, Berkeley GRE Score 316
Rajat Mehndiratta
From Memorial High School Admitted to Carnegie Mellon University SAT Score 2400 (Old SAT score)
Sakshi Choudhary
From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Vidyashram Admitted to Purdue University SAT Score 1380
Abhimanyu Singh
From Cambridge Court High School Admitted to University of California, Los Angeles SAT Score 1390
Mihir Somani
From Jayshree Periwal High School Admitted to Purdue University SAT Score 1440
Anuj Modi
From University of Wisconsin-Madison Admitted to University of Wisconsin-Madison GMAT Score 660
Simran Dua
From University of Rajasthan Admitted to University of Calgary GMAT Score 620
Anirudh Bindal
From Manipal University Admitted to London Business School GMAT Score 700
Shiven Garg
From BVB Vidyashram Admitted to Chinese University of Hong Kong SAT Score 1380
Reyansh Jain
From Jayshree Periwal High School Admitted to UT Arlington SAT Score 1230

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