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Welcome to Jamboree’s overseas education consultancy in Kolkata. We cater to all the needs of students who intend to study in India and abroad. We offer complete guidance and support to our students, all the way from reviewing student profile to finally settling down in a foreign university. In short, we are the invisible helping hand that stays by you and takes you step by step through profile building, university shortlisting, building your application essays, helping you with LORs and SOPs, preparing you for interviews, connecting you with education loan providers and other services and assisting you with pre-departure preparation.

We are the most experienced study abroad consultants in Kolkata with 17+ years of counseling expertise. We realize that universities conduct a holistic review of a student's application, so, so you need much more than good test scores to make it to your dream university abroad. Our profile assessment and enhancement service helps your profile stand out among thousands of other applicants and ensures that you put your best foot forward.

If you are confused about which country and what university to pick, Jamboree has a scientific way to help. We analyse several factors like budget, choice of program, preferred country and post-degree employment opportunities. So, our students are given a tailored set of the most suitable universities wherein the probability of getting admission and scholarships is significant. Our experienced team of writers and editors knows what works where. They work on your application essays and SOPs and after a series of iterations, a winning essay is born. Apart from these, you receive personalized interview training from our experienced counselors, financial planning advice and an informative pre-departure orientation. Our ultimate goal is to get you to your dream university in India or abroad.

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Track Record

Assured Success

Unbeatable track record of 200,000+ admits at universities across the globe


Test Prep

Undivided attention by our mentors and faculty, delivering the highest test scores

Test Prep

Expert Team

Unlimited review sessions by our experts for application material at every stage


Insightful University Shortlists

Uninhibited and database-driven shortlisting to find your best fit


Comprehensive Financial Services

Thorough guidance on loans and scholarships with Jamboree’s value-added services

Visa Application

Visa Application

Once you’re admitted, Jamboree continues to stay by your side with guidance on documentation and visa services.

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What Jamboree kolkata students have to say



Thank you Jamboree, with you, I could secure 110 in TOEFL

Namradeep Singh

Namradeep Singh, GMAT IIT Guwahati

Jamboree in Kolkata offers the best GMAT classes, and I had an amazing experience. The professors are not only friendly but their teaching methodology and analytical skills significantly enhanced my preparation. The online pre-recorded lectures and mock tests available on their great UI site are incredibly useful. I wholeheartedly recomme...nd Jamboree Education for GMAT preparation. read more

Priyansh Bharvada

Priyansh Bharvada, GMAT

For anyone seeking coaching classes for GMAT in Kolkata, Jamboree is the place to be. The coaching for GMAT is superb. With mentors like Mr. Deshik Banerjee for quants and Mr. Dipankar Biswas for verbal, their thorough study material and extensive practice sessions, one can ace the GMAT with the right guidance.

Rahul Saha

Rahul Saha, GMAT

Thank you to Jamboree for helping me become eligible for MBA competitive exams through their GMAT classroom course. The teachers' interactive sessions, the comprehensive study material, and their portal for live classes, along with the guidance of Dipankar Sir, Deshik Sir, and Arunabha Sir, were instrumental in my success.

yasha raj Bose

yasha raj Bose, GMAT

My experience with Jamboree for GMAT has been very positive. The guidance provided by Dipankar Sir, Deshik Sir, and Sanhita Madam has been invaluable. I highly recommend Jamboree's coaching classes for GMAT to everyone.

Soumya Patnayak

Soumya Patnayak, GMAT

Jamboree's GMAT course structure is well designed and compact, making it ideal for working professionals like me. With fantastic faculties for both quants and verbal, I managed to achieve a score of 690 in GMAT by putting in sincere efforts for 3-4 months. The post GMAT counseling services were also extremely helpful in university selecti...on and application processes. read more

Ayandip Chakrabarti

Ayandip Chakrabarti, GMAT

Jamboree's GMAT coaching with Mr. Deshik Banerjee's support has been exceptional. The faculty members have a good command of their subjects. Their admission counseling services are also prompt and well-coordinated. A highly recommended choice for GMAT coaching in Kolkata.

Arun Alo Chakraborty

Arun Alo Chakraborty, GMAT

Jamboree turned out to be a game-changer for my GMAT preparation. The guidance and support from Faculty have significantly boosted my confidence. I highly appreciate their constant support.

anisha bhimsaria

anisha bhimsaria, GMAT

Joining Jamboree for GMAT preparation has been an intense yet fantastic experience. The support from Deshik Sir and Dipankar Sir has been invaluable. Their guidance and the program's structure make achieving 650+ scores relatively manageable.

Aniruddh ?Rudy? Fatehpuria

Aniruddh ?Rudy? Fatehpuria, GMAT

Jamboree's admissions counseling, along with their GMAT coaching, has been immensely beneficial. They helped me avoid application mistakes and prepare for interviews, leading to my admission to my dream school. Without a doubt, the best place for GMAT preparation.


Ishteyaq, GMAT

Jamboree provides the best GMAT coaching in Kolkata. The difference in my understanding and preparation for GMAT became distinctly clear within a month of starting the classes. I highly recommend it for anyone aiming for GMAT success.

Shreyasi Ganguly

Shreyasi Ganguly, GRE IIT Guwahati

Jamboree has been an invaluable resource for GRE preparation in Kolkata. Their coaching classes for GRE are top-notch, with friendly and supportive faculty who use excellent GRE preparation material. My experience with Jamboree has been outstanding.

tannistha ganguly

tannistha ganguly, GRE

If you're searching for the best GRE classes in Kolkata, look no further than Jamboree. The faculty-student ratio here ensures personalized attention, and their systematic approach to problem-solving, coupled with the right GRE preparation material, is crucial for success.

Spandan Manna

Spandan Manna , GRE

Jamboree Education is the premier choice for GRE coaching in Kolkata. The teachers, especially Sangeeta Ma'am for Verbal coaching, played a significant role in helping me achieve a remarkable GRE score of 331/340 on my first attempt.

Jhinuk Banerjee

Jhinuk Banerjee, GRE

I enrolled at Jamboree for TOEFL and GRE classes, and I can confidently say that it's one of the best coaching classes in Kolkata for GRE. The faculty members are incredibly supportive and encouraging, providing top-notch GRE preparation material.

Aditi Ganguly

Aditi Ganguly, GRE

Jamboree's GRE coaching is outstanding, and it's the place to be if you're aiming to excel in the GRE in Kolkata. With teachers like Deshik Sir and Sangeeta Ma'am, I achieved a fantastic score of 170 in quants and 152 in verbal.

Agnish Paul

Agnish Paul, GRE

My experience with Jamboree's GRE course was exceptional. The teachers, especially Sanhita Ma'am, were highly experienced and provided unwavering support throughout the preparation. The study materials and faculty's professionalism make it an excellent choice for GRE coaching in Kolkata.

Debika Ghosh

Debika Ghosh, GRE

Jamboree's comprehensive support for GRE and IELTS exam preparation is truly beneficial. The faculty members and admissions counselors are highly knowledgeable and helpful. It's the best place for GRE and IELTS coaching in Kolkata.

Oishani Ghosh

Oishani Ghosh, GRE

I enrolled in Jamboree Kolkata for GRE and IELTS preparation, and it was a wise decision. Sangeeta Ma'am's guidance in the verbal section and Deshek Sir's expertise in quant helped me achieve my goals. The GRE preparation material and Jamboree portal were extremely beneficial.

Ritovas Biswas

Ritovas Biswas, GRE

Jamboree Kolkata's GRE and TOEFL preparation, along with their MS application program, is a complete package. The teaching staff's expertise, along with their portal and admission counselors, make the entire experience outstanding.

Medhasweta Sen

Medhasweta Sen, GRE

My experience with Jamboree Kolkata has been excellent. From GRE/TOEFL preparation to the MS application program, they offer comprehensive support. The teaching staff, portal, and admission counselors have made the process clear and hassle-free. It's the best choice for GRE coaching in Kolkata.

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